In this video, Analyst Andrew Tonner talks about Apple's next big thing: the iTV, which should be a revenue driver for the company in the future.

Analysts at Morgan Stanley expect the customer base for the smart TV to be around 10% of iTunes account holders. Even with a low selling price, that could mean $68 billion in additional revenue for Apple, which in turn would yield a rough EPS of $18. Andrew also points out that the iTV could lead consumers to use more Apple products, including the iCloud and iTunes.

In short, the iTV could be massive for Apple in terms of revenue and future growth opportunities. Check out the video for more details.

There's no doubt that Apple is at the center of technology's largest revolution ever and that longtime shareholders have been handsomely rewarded, with more than 1,000% gains. However, there is a debate raging as to whether Apple remains a buy. The Motley Fool's senior technology analyst and managing bureau chief, Eric Bleeker, is prepared to fill you in on both reasons to buy and reasons to sell Apple and what opportunities are left for the company (and your portfolio) going forward. To get instant access to his latest thinking on Apple, simply click here now.

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