Ford's 2015 F-150 Will Be a Game-Changer

Ford Atlas concept. Source: Ford. 

If you told Detroit's Big Three they could dominate only one segment out of the entire U.S. market, they would choose the full-sized truck segment -- 100% guaranteed. That's where the money is. And that's what makes the next two years -- when the segment's market share could be up for grabs -- very interesting for Ford (NYSE: F  ) , General Motors (NYSE: GM  ) , and Chrysler.

Among those automakers, Ford's next generation F-150 is going to strike the right balance of fuel efficiency, design/innovation, and raw towing power. That's why I believe it will be a clear winner against its competition. Sorry to disappoint you loyal GM and Chrysler fans. Here's a quick breakdown of the details.

Fuel efficiency
All three companies are taking the recent fuel-efficiency trends to heart, and using them well. The Ram 1500 sports the best-in-class miles per gallon, while the Ford EcoBoost engine has won over the American public. GM is fighting with the argument that its trucks require the least cost to own over a lifetime.

The kicker there is that GM's new EcoTec V8 option for the 2014 Silverado will be getting only 1 more MPG than the current F-150. That can't even match this year's version of the Ram 1500. In contrast, Ford's next-generation F-150 is expected to use lighter materials to reduce enough weight that it could boost fuel efficiency by as much as 20%. That could be enough to reach CAFE standards out as far as 2025 -- an impressive leap ahead. 

For 65 years, Ford's F-Series has been a continuous success story, and its model in 2015 will be no different. Its aggressive new look will draw you in as a consumer, and its interior and innovative features will seal the deal. Here's a glance at the interior and a couple of features to consider.

Ford Atlas concept. Source: Ford.

  • It offers a trailer backup assist to park a trailer like a pro.
  • It has hidden cargo ramps and integrated tie-downs in the cargo box floor.
  • Its tailgate step turns into a cradle to carry longer pieces of cargo.
  • It has a high-power outlet in the cargo box to recharge tools.
  • It includes lane-keeping and blind-spot information systems.

You get the idea. This truck is fully loaded. Click the link to get the rest of the 65 points of innovation.

Silverado vs F-150
The battle lines have been drawn between these two trucks competing for America's best-selling vehicle. GM does have a couple of advantages going for it. It has a one-year head start before the next-generation F-150 hits the road. In addition, GM is reintroducing two midsize trucks, essentially rebranded versions of the Canyon and Colorado, which could take away some F-150 consumers who no longer have a smaller option from Ford. 

Bottom line
Let's also keep in mind that the truck segment is extremely loyal and that Ford recently placed No. 1 in Polk Automotive research. I don't think those two advantages will be enough for GM, although they will make things competitive. GM is certainly going to need every second of that yearlong head start if it wants to get a leg up on Ford's next-generation truck.

I think the new F-150 will be a heck of a work truck -- it will look mean while doing it -- and its MPG will be improved enough that it could remain a viable daily vehicle. If Ford executes the finished product as I expect, it's going to be a game-changer and could drastically increase Ford's market share in the full-size truck segment.

The best investing approach is to choose great companies and stick with them for the long term. Ford has been that for me over the last few years, and I believe the great story will continue. The Motley Fool's free report "3 Stocks That Will Help You Retire Rich" names stocks that could help you build long-term wealth and retire well, along with some winning wealth-building strategies that every investor should be aware of. Click here now to keep reading.

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  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 12:22 PM, darylz71 wrote:

    Fuel Economy fuel economy blah blah blah! It's a truck! Fuel Economy is for a Prius! Even if the Furd Fifthteenthousand is better than GM or Ram truck's it doesn't change the fact that it is WAY over priced! You have to make over 50K a year just to afford the freakin thing if your a homeowner as well in my area. I see nothing to the advantage of the F-150 to make me pay 3 times the price. Anyone who does is on crack!

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 12:27 PM, LungsOfSteel wrote:

    Oh, a show car that's supposed to up the ante?

    Please let us know when you're back to reality, Fools. In the meantime, ask the Ford folks what they think of the EcoBoost in a truck - chances are they'll think it's underpowered.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 12:38 PM, indy06 wrote:

    Ummm.. 3 times the price??? GM/Dodge going between 30-50k, you are telling me F-150's are running the 90-150k range? Funny you should mention crack..

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 12:56 PM, Bobz74 wrote:

    Sure these trucks are awesome but who wants to or even can pay $55,000 to $60,000 for a "work" truck? To haul mulch, bricks, firewood, lumber? And by the time you strip everything off of it to bring the price down the awesomeness is not so much.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 1:07 PM, Work2SnowSki wrote:

    I could be wrong, but I understand that even just a new hood for one runs in the $1,500+ range because they are solid aluminum. Sounds like they will be targets for scrap metal thieves.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 1:37 PM, sashafrash wrote:

    Available with a manual transmission?

    If not, we'll keep driving our 20-year-old F150

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 1:38 PM, westphilly wrote:

    I've been shopping with my oldest son who is in the market for a new truck to replace his 20-year old 300,000+ miles F-series. Just spoke with him, and he informed me that DarylZ is truly on something the rest of us are not.

    As info, the base prices are: Ram -$23K, Chevy - $24K, and F-150 - $25K. Doesn't sound 3 times higher to me.

    He also said, if you want to waste your money on the non-essential items (leather seats, CD player, chrome trim, etc.) that you can easily spend $50+K. $90K? What Ford are you buying?

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 1:41 PM, kschlag wrote:

    Trucks have an interesting demographic. While the historical perception and the one the automakers are trying to desperately hang onto is that they are for true grit, manly types, who do hard work and need a rugged truck to get the job done. That being said, many people who are buying these trucks want to be identified with this perception but couldn't be further from it. This is the other half of the automaker marketing strategy. Make the trucks softer to give them appeal to those who really don't need (or even want) a truck but want to be perceived as someone who does, hence all the creature comforts that have shown up over the last three or so decades.

    If you don't believe me, just stand on the side of the road in anytown USA and count the number of trucks you see going down the road with nothing in the bed and nothing being towed. Also take note of how many have given up cargo capacity (short bed or bed cover) to gain passenger capacity or creature comforts.

    It's really quite sad when you think about all the squandered money (capital, operation, and maintenance) over what it would cost for a more sensible vehicle when in reality the largest thing most of these trucks will ever haul is their owner's ego.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 1:48 PM, Cody700 wrote:

    It's clear to me that most of the replies I have read here are those that don't own an F150 and don't know what they are talking about. The F150 has always been a better work truck than what GM or Dodge offers. And Toyota isn't even in the park with their trucks. F150's will continue to own the segment, and the Atlas will seal the deal for sure. Ford should go through with the plans for the F100 that thehy had a few years ago. I think they have it by another name in Australia, but not here. Getting rid of the Ranger was not a big deal to me, but something a bit larger than the Ranger, but smaller than the huge F150 would fit like a glove, and calling it the F100 would allow them to count the sales in the overall picture of best selling F-series.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 1:52 PM, Cody700 wrote:

    kschlag you don't have a clue. Just because you don't like pickup trucks doesn't mean that you are right about what you write. You are delusional and can't see beyond the end of your nose. You can do anything with an F150, or the others that you can with your "sensible" vehicle and so much more. Some people have to have only 1 vehicle, and these new 4 door luxury trucks allow people to do it all with 1. Try that with your Prius or other "sensible" vehicle.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:03 PM, Expert01565 wrote:

    Umm lol cody700 first of all I have owned all of them and Ford is deff not my top pick, you are clearly just a ford fan boy.. second, Ford is the Number 1 selling truck because of its FLEET Status and thats a fact, Does not make them the BEST, You obvs have never owned a New Ram cause they deff have the F-150s Number, and if you look at NON fleet sales, the RAM outsells and also GM does to, but hey they do outsell Toyota,, If your going to trash talk atleast get your facts right, And AGAIN just because they call it the number 1 seller does not make it BETTER..lmao GET A CLUE

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:05 PM, Expert01565 wrote:

    and also Not sure if youv'e noticed or not, BUT FOOL is way to BIASED, They deff have a thing for FORD..

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:28 PM, NickD wrote:

    Want luxury buy a car.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:37 PM, IamBrian26 wrote:

    A Base model XL runs you around 25K after rebates. A Top of the line Platinum runs you about 49K after rebates.

    They are expensive, but most new vehicles are across all brands.

    F-150s are good trucks. They tow more than most any other half-ton pick-up and they have reasonable gas mileage (17 city, 21 Highway - Ecoboost V6). As for being "underpowered", the Ecoboost tows more than the 5.0 V8 which has won multiple awards.

    Just letting you know the facts!

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:38 PM, txase wrote:

    From what I read on hear not many of you use a truck on a day to day basis..There are basically two classes of trucks..One for utilitarian use and one for those of us who haul, as in horses, campers, car trailers whatever..If you drive cross country as I do pulling a 4 horse slant load trailer you're not buying an're running a 1 ton..And yes, 60k for a loaded truck with all the amenity's works just fine for me when you've got 8 and 9 hr. days behind the wheel..As far as those who just want something to run around in and do errands it all depends on how stylishly and emenity driven you are..Fords new F150 would be my pick as it is light years ahead of the new Chevy whose body style looks just like the old Chevy..GM screwed up bigtime with this new/old design and when Ford comes with theirs in 2015, GM will wish they'd spent more time in the design room..And yes, I currently drive a loaded 1ton GMC..And yes, I will definately wait on the Ford..

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:43 PM, not12say wrote:

    Go back to the year 2000 and you will see virtually the same concept based on the moniker, 'The Super Chief'. The fact is that the Ford f-150 clearly loutsells EVERY offering from trhe Ford Motor Company.......can't say why for sure except that it just plain works.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 2:46 PM, towerz wrote:

    I once owned a Dodge Megacab I bought new in 2007 for $46k. Leather, sunroof, in dash cd changer/mp3 infinity sound, fully loaded. I was paying such a high payment I was afraid to use the darn thing for fear that I would scratch it. It was like a luxury car and sadly, trucks are now a status symbol in mid-America. People pay athousand bucks a month on payment and insurance, but live in a crappy trailer house. It doesn't make sense. I now own a 13 year old Chevy pick-up and I can afford to use it as intended. When I destroy it, I will buy another just like it. Lesson learned.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 3:14 PM, elramone wrote:

    Wait till you see the 2015 Toyota, will eat this thing for breakfast. I think they have an add with Toyota and ford in a tug and the ford is going backwards. Toyota has much better mileage and resale. Nice try but just keep giving mullalley and boys 75 mil a year and they can buy all the propaganda they want

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 3:18 PM, Heroldsux wrote:

    If This thing has an Aluminum Frame....It Cant be Straightened,and can only be sectioned with expensive/specialized equipment .Therefore you are looking at frame replacements for moderate collisions.,or expensive repairs.A steel frame costs a few thousand just for the frame,an aluminum frame would cost twice as much to replace.....Wait till you get your first Insurance quote...Liability is expensive too. Hope it doesn't happen.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 3:46 PM, reallychilly wrote:

    LOL. Nobody is going to get excited about the release of a new Ford.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 3:46 PM, Jeffkory wrote:

    Not again. I feel sorry for the dealership mechanics- every time ford has a new vehicle the mechanics get TSB's { technical service bulletins } even before the new vehicles hit the lots. Ford already knows ALL the problems with the new vehicles but produces them anyway hoping they won't have a problem until after warranty- I know I worked for ford for 16 years as a mechanic in michigan. A ford mechanic will never starve that's for sure. I owned 2 new fords both were under warranty- thank god. I'm retired now and would never own another ford.. BTW- If you combine gm and chevy trucks together- they outsell ford and in my experience have way less problems and last way longer- Just saying...I had a great living fixing the fords though..They been burning down homes for over 50 years now..

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 4:19 PM, RIDER96 wrote:

    Sweet lookin sheet metal, pertty, pertty, but who wants another monthly note with this crazy economy we have. I currently own two trucks, both used and in top mechanical condition as I am,by trade a mechanic, well actually I'm a Hydraulics Technican but what does it matter? If I can keep a ship going and a rig functioning then I can keep my trucks going too. Don't know how it happened but I've ended up with two dodge's ovr the years, one is a 95 ram 2500 with the indestructible cummins diesel and the other is a 98 short bed with the 318 gas burnner. love em both and plan on wearing them out and then maybe, just maybe, I'll look for another, not new but maybe close, like couple years on them, that way the major bugs should be gone and it will be down to just normal maintiance, it works for me.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 4:23 PM, mistacy wrote:

    reallychilly, "LOL. Nobody is going to get excited about the release of a new Ford." What, your head is in your butt hole? Ford doesn't have enough Fusions on the lots to satisfy demand. Wouldn't you say some people are excited about it? You probably think you are the center of the world. Well you are not alone on this planet. & plenty people like Ford products.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 4:40 PM, Corygold wrote:

    I find it interesting to read all the comments on here. Everyone has invested so much in their ego's that they get offended when their brand is attacked. The truth is that during different times in the past 20 years all of the big three had great trucks. I personally prefer GM vehicles although I'll drive anything I can get a good deal on. The older Ford powerstroke (7.3) was an amazing motor. GM's small blocks (and the Isuzu diesel) have been legendary since the introduction of the LSx motor. Dodge's Cummin's will just keep running. It all comes down to a matter of opinion as to which you prefer. What I still can't believe is that after all this time there is not a single company that builds a light duty diesel pickup like they have in every other country. Instead we get these American elephants, which I actually like, although I will be the first to admit they are not necessarily practical. Just a thought :-)

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 5:12 PM, Desertdog1 wrote:

    If you don't want a truck then don't buy one. WTF. For those who do Ford is the way to go. I don't give a shave about gas mileage. But when I want to go where I want to go no matter the weather or terrain my 4x4F150 takes me there. And when the fool in the Kia smacks into my rear bumper I merely step past his totally crushed pos, wipe off my bumper, collect his insurance info (if any) then Im on my way.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 5:29 PM, MrDrew2u wrote:

    Ford is proof that no matter how you dress a pig,it is still a pig.My F-150 fall apart from the inside out so fast,that ford could not keep up with it .a 2005

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 6:11 PM, guysisson wrote:

    I work on all makes of vehicles for a living and there is a reason that Ford has been America's favorite truck for 37 years. They build the best truck.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 6:31 PM, chickmagnt311 wrote:

    Sharp looking truck. Would be nice to see that design with a heavier duty truck, you know, the real work trucks. A diesel would be a great addition too. My biggest beef with trucks is the apparent lack of attention to aerodynamics. Attention to aerodynamics can increase the fuel efficiency by much more than these little gadgets that add to the price of the vehicle. I guess we're still stuck on coolness factor instead of the practicality factor.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 6:48 PM, wayne1175 wrote:

    dear ford and would be buyer, I own a ford F150 yr 2000, so far it has almost cost me my life the air bag failed to deployee in a frontal collission, other problem like the Rust problem and the spark plugs shooting out of it the cruise controle starts a burning smell ow and its latest recall the fuel tank straps ,that cause the gas tanks to start to leak or fall off what ever is first, the exaust studs rust off and will cost about 4 thousand dollars for work done at the dealerships to fix exhaust leaks, the differential cover on the rear rusted threw and had to replace that as well unlimited rust coverage is a farce, is there a way ford would like to make this right by trading me a new Ford for my defective one if your out there reading thisFord do contact me. ow and the short in the tilt steering is because of the green wirer not being long enuff and it pulls out just a little bit but remains inside the connector,the materials and some designs need to be better as well watch the gastanks fastner it does crush part of the tank on asembly at the factory and a few other thnigs. for those of you who think I would just get ridd of it well I worked 70 hr s a week to buy this thing and now cant aford to buy another vehical after being disabled spinal injurys during the accident in that truck that caused it Ill know more in the comming months if there perment and can go back to work there talking a fusion at the surgens office 7 herniated discs, and yes I have a reason to build a better safer stronger truck then Fords current enginiers i wouldnt wish this on anybody. talk is cheap in writing is better

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 7:49 PM, tnybutdangerous wrote:

    lets make this simple for everyone. if you're a truck guy, you've probably already found your brand of truck that you love. stick with it if you want. all this article is saying is what's coming out for ford. if you're not impressed... fantastic. stick to your truck. if you're impressed... look into it. why do men have to try to complicate the simplest articles. i'm impartial on all trucks. my husband drives a ford only because he likes "american" trucks... yada yada. but he's a mechanic and isn't afraid to say that there's other trucks out there that are just as good, but he'll never buy anything else. not because they're any lesser quality, but because his mind is set. if yours is set. stick to it. my logic is... if a truck runs, that's a damn good truck. i will say though, that is definitely a sexy truck up there. ;)

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 8:13 PM, jfelano wrote:

    It's always great on paper.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 9:07 PM, demon34 wrote:

    Just bought a 2013 F-150 4 x4 XLT pretty loaded for about $34K plus Tax. Has leather, backup camera, super crew, spray in boost..sync, thing is awesome. Its pretty badass..would like to see a little better fuel economy but can't complain, its a truck

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 9:34 PM, ScamuelJones wrote:

    If this pickup is as big a POS as my last Crown Victoria, it will be one of the biggest losers in Ford's history! The Crown Vic only has 73000 miles and it already has a half dozen paint blisters that have come up and the paint peeled off! Then Ford has the gall to try to sell me an extended warranty on it! BEWARE of anything Ford, boys and girls!

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 10:07 PM, btc909 wrote:

    Let me guess 60K fully equipped.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 10:08 PM, trippp1954 wrote:

    I traded in my 2004 F-350 in Feb 2012 for a 2012 F-150 Eco boost. When I bought my F-350 in July 2004 diesel fuel was cheaper but flipped in 2005. With my Eco boost I get better mileage then I did in my F-350 (F350 19 mpg F150 22 mpg driving both trucks the same way) and my Eco boost will almost tow as much as what my F-350 diesel did (F350 rated at 11,000 pounds towing F150 rated at 10,500 pounds towing) My F-150 only weighs 300 pounds less then my F-350. My F-150 is my only vehicle and my F-350 was paid off before I traded it in so my payments are not that bad. Also with the money I save on gas now instead of diesel fuel (diesel fuel was costing me between .60 to 1 dollar more per gallon) you can say my payments are even lower because of my savings on gas. I live in the north where we get a lot of snow, that is the primary reason why I have a 4x4 truck. I owned a half ton chevy before I bought my F-350. There is no comparison between a Chevy and a Ford and a big difference between the two trucks. I will always own a Ford over any other truck at this time. I have a 26 foot travel trailer and my Eco boost tows it just fine.

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 10:56 PM, arkauto wrote:

    I have a 9 bay auto and truck shop. And I have a great love for GM and FORD products.They have made me a very wealthy mechanic, I will continue to buy and drive my Toyotas,

  • Report this Comment On May 11, 2013, at 11:18 PM, lineman262 wrote:

    85% of the things mention above, Dodge Ram has in their 2013 models. Ford is about 2 years behind. With that being said, I do understand that what one does, they all do. I'm just happy to see the big three recovering. Also, I'm happy to see the high tech in trucks.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 12:17 AM, stockwatcher0153 wrote:

    A light diesel pickup truck in North America, it's all I'm asking for, a light diesel pickup truck in North America.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 2:00 AM, autotek40 wrote:

    The same F-150 that blows the sparkplugs out or is it you cant get them out. They sell alot so why buy something that everyone has?Buy it after they flood the market and buy it used cheap.GM made a million smallblocks.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 6:45 AM, tamaSamoa84 wrote:

    Love the look and design! But this car would not last 10 months in American Samoa. The ads always show these trucks going through the jungle and over mountains. Now picture driving that terrain everyday! Look up American Samoa if you don't know where it is! My grandfather's first truck was a Ford F-150 like back in the late 80's(i think). Then my father got himself an F-150 in the late 90's. The earlier models lasted longer than these new ones i think. I'm not looking to buy an F-150. I'm more of an Escape kind of guy!

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 9:11 AM, rlw100 wrote:

    Just read through the first 10-15 posts and cannot believe that someone spends time posting bogus comments. This article is informative and well written.

    I drive a 2009 Ford F150 as a daily driver so to those who say MPG is not important for a truck- you're crazy. I also sold my 2010 VW tdi as I did not need two vehicles. I had to keep the truck to tow an RV. So those of you who just so happen to see a truck going down the road, your ASSumption that those people just are wasteful and not energy conscious, you're crazy too. BTW when I looked at different USED trucks for my towing need, I looked at all options. I FIRST went to the Ram as I liked the way it looked but learned that I had to buy their biggest engine and maxed payload truck. A similar story with Chevy. What was most interesting was the special towing features I found standard in Fords not in others-at least not all the features. The greater Ford towing capacity potential made it easier for me to locate a used truck with the payload AND towing capacity I needed in the used market for it was more specialized for the other makes. I continue to read articles like this and the gap has narrowed some but if Ford delivers on their statements, I will be looking at a new one in 2015. BTW, truck prices are very similar when shopping performance but MPG is not. The ecoboost is powerful as towing owners proclaim while others throw a low powered option under the hood to get the mpg crown but you cant do anything with it. Go in an ask what engine they require to tow 9500 pounds and see what Ram or Chevy prescribe THEN compare the MPG and you will see why the ecoboost has them sweating. They better be cheaper, nobody would buy them otherwise unless they get their employee or government discount.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 9:23 AM, peteysa wrote:

    Keep your ECO-junk, I'll be in line to pick up a Ram1500 V6 diesel in September. Now that's the game changer fool.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 11:07 AM, coiledup wrote:

    Wayne......."the exaust studs rust off and will cost about 4 thousand dollars for work done at the dealerships to fix exhaust leaks."

    Four thousand dollars to fix exhaust leaks! Four thousand dollars? I can drive down to any local exhaust shop in the country and get an entire brand new exhaust system in stainless with practically any muffler i desire with headers for under 2 grand. Depends on if you have to replace the cats. ( cali and NY) If you paid 4 grand to fix that then the blame goes to you not ford, cause only a moron would pay 4 grand for exhaust. Just Sayin!

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 12:13 PM, cityperson wrote:

    Eco is fine, but the repair if the Eco junk will eat you alive. I know the the new trucks and cars are making mechanics very wealthy. I have part owner in a small garage and all certified mechanics, just keep making the junk, I need the extra cash.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 2:24 PM, Boosted28 wrote:

    I might be young, as in 28 years old, but does anybody else see vehicles becoming more of a social status than anything anymore? Granted in rural areas like where I live, ranch trucks rein supreme, be it a Dodge, Chevy, or Ford. Heck I even see work trucks from older generations out here. Now in town, even here in Montana, you drive downtown and everything is flashy, the best of the best,. Its the whole look at me and what i'm driving type of ordeal.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 5:32 PM, K730 wrote:

    The Auto industry is about to price itself out of business , many folks will just buy good old pre-owned trucks that perform almost just as well and save themselves a lot of money!

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 8:43 PM, JeepinJoe wrote:

    What I see is a lot of Ford hate or jealousy. After 30 years of fleet experience I will give you an unbiased opinion. After running Ford, GM and Dodge gas and diesel powered 4x2’s and 4x4’s GM comes out at the bottom. GM stated in the press a few years ago they were trying to overcome the public’s perception that their products had reliability issues. Why, because there products have reliability issues. Let me tell you about the six month old truck that had to be towed to the dealer because the steering had seized up. What about the leased stake truck that had such electrical and transmission problems we parked it. Let’s discuss the transfer cases that wouldn’t hold up under normal use and that our V.P. actually forbade the company to purchase or lease any GM product. All of our vehicles were all maintained on a tight PM schedule and the older Fords and Chryslers out performed and outlasted the GMs. All of the GM products were either sold off or returned at the end of their leases.

    Having family who work for GM, Ford and Chrysler I can get any one of them threw the employee programs. What do I own? Jeeps and a Toyota. If I were to buy a pickup, it would be a Ford or a Toyota.

  • Report this Comment On May 12, 2013, at 9:36 PM, Jason87467 wrote:

    It's obvious this article was written by a Ford lover. As it stands now, I say the Chevy trucks will win hands down and I doubt very much Ford can outdo the GM new trucks. The 2014 trucks will have major improvements....too numerous for me to point out. Check it out and you'll be impress. Better still check when they put the two trucks head to head in driving tests.

  • Report this Comment On August 19, 2013, at 5:48 PM, markthashark24 wrote:

    I noticed some of the posts are totally wrong and they obvious have never owned a ford! I have owned two ford f-series pickups over the past couple of decades and never had any problems with neither. The only thing I have ever changed was the alternator after about 130,000 miles. Fords are solid trucks. I have enjoyed them so much I even purchased a few hundred shares when it was below a couple of dollars. Glad I invested in a solid product I believe strongly in.

  • Report this Comment On September 15, 2013, at 3:49 PM, bruno1067 wrote:

    I have owned and driven Ford, Chevrolet and Nissan Trucks. They all have their own pros and cons. I use a truck as my daily driver because I pull a boat and the truck is a better all around vehicle for my needs. just traded a 2011 f150 with ecoboost for a ford f150 with 5.0. Before trading I checked or the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and the Ram. I rented both and could not wait to turn them back in. With the Chevrolet it was the lack of shoulder room and head room. The Ram was just way to cheap feeling when I drove it. I even sat in a new Tundra. My opinion is that Toyota should stick to cars. Nissan came closest to the comfort of the Ford but fuel economy was the worst. I am an insurance agent and I insure my Fords than any other. There is a reason that Ford continues to thrive without TARP money. Say what you will. I have owned them all, and I will continue to buy Ford. I would buy Chevrolet but they just aren't as roomy. I have a friend who owns a national Transmission Shop franchise and he drives a Ford F150. But he just loves them Ram Trucks. The local Dodge Dealer contracts him to do their tranny work and boy there is a lot of it.

  • Report this Comment On January 16, 2014, at 2:12 AM, KingDarren wrote:

    I own a construction company and have owned Dodges, Chevys and now all f-series Fords. I buy a new truck every year and send my previous one down the ranks of my guys and they beat the tar out of them. I must say the Ford trucks are by far the best I have ever owned. The Cummins is a beast but didn't do me much good with the transmission out of it every 5 to 10k miles. And the ride and comfort complete disappointment. The duramax was just an under powered stationwagon, couldn't give me another one of those "trucks". Both of my kids drive f150's and my wife has a platinum f150 all with the eco boost and they love them. Do yourself a favor and stop by your local ford dealer.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 11:20 PM, jrcjrm wrote:

    I was a dedicated Chevy Truck buyer...1995, 1998 and 2008. The 2008 frame was completely covered with rust and I had a hard time getting the truck properly serviced. I got so fed up with their dealerships I switched to ford. First a 2010 King Ranch and then a 2010 Platinum. I put 23000 miles on the King Ranch with no problems at all and already have over 81000 miles on the Platinum and am well pleased. Although I did have a problem or two, there was no problem with getting it fixed. The only thumbs down feature for me so far is the voice recognition...but who cares. 81000 miles and still pleased??? I'd say that was quite a feather in Ford's cap.

    Also, the Chevrolet wouldn't keep outside odors out and the Ford does. The Chevrolet tires would pit on the sides if not rotated often and the Ford has not had that problem...and I've let them go past required time on several occasions.

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