Do People Hate the iPhone 5?

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Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) has fallen out of favor with investors ever since the iPhone 5 was launched in September. The day the device was launched was the exact day that Apple peaked, and shares have given up as much as 45% since then.

Perhaps that's not a coincidence, as a new report from social marketing agency We Are Social proclaims that the iPhone 5 was the most hated smartphone launched recently. In contrast, Samsung's rival Galaxy S4 was considered the most loved device. However, the methodology for the report is somewhat dubious: We Are Social measures sentiment on social-media networks such as Twitter and other forums.

Within this feedback, 20% of comments about the iPhone 5 are negative, while "just" 11% were negative for the Galaxy S4. The study covered four flagship device launches: Apple's iPhone 5, Samsung's Galaxy S4, BlackBerry's Z10, and Nokia's Lumia 920. The iPhone 5 also had the most conversations surrounding it.

Strangely, there's been a rising movement of investors looking toward social-media networks such as Twitter for new metrics to overanalyze. For instance, Investing Analytics is one of the start-ups trying to push the trend. The notion is to get a feel for investor or consumer sentiment, but the data is questionable. After the iPhone 5 launched, a curious number of people began tweeting discontent that the device was too light, which was one of the main selling points of the new device. Who would have thought that making a mobile device more mobile was the wrong strategy?

There had also been separate reports that Samsung hires students to anonymously bash rivals on social-media networks, although those pertained to HTC in that instance. It's not unreasonable to think that the South Korean conglomerate would do likewise against its biggest rival, which could skew the data in its favor.

Regardless of stance, I don't believe tweets are an actionable investing metric. All those negative tweets didn't seem to put a dent in iPhone 5 sales.

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Comments from our Foolish Readers

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  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 8:21 PM, grahamsway wrote:

    A very interesting article.

    Wouldn't it be weird that through Apple missteps or just change in fashion, the iPhone went from a must have to a wouldn't be caught dead having?

    I guess stranger things have happened.

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 8:22 PM, SimchaStein wrote:

    And there were 12 times as many tweets about Apple as Galaxy S4. Do the math. The positive comments (which were NOT paid for) outnumbered S4 by 10 to 1.

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 9:01 PM, SRNoyes wrote:

    So. Samsung pays lots of people to tweet negative things about Apple (as they have already been caught doing with both Apple and HTC) and pay a no name marketing company to do a study on this. This is news worthy?

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 9:28 PM, normgarry wrote:

    #1 IOS is a simpler, more coherent operating system across platforms. I REFUSE TO LEAVE iOS for ANDROID because I don't like Android. I have an Asus Transformer Tablet and a Nook HD Plus with Android. Android is fine for Tablets - probably better than iOS due to the fact it offers more freedom, but for phones, IOS iS KING.

    #2 I love iPhone5 for its LTE and its iMOVIE app which is better than any mobile editing app on Android you can name. I use iMovie to make videos and upload them to my youtube (bigtruckseriesreview) where I make more than $500 a month and have over 1500 subscribers (you can see for yourself). Android offers nothing of the sort.

    #3 All I want is a LARGER SCREEN. iPhone5 is built better than any Android phone you can name - with the arguable exception of the HTC ONE. Problem is, people want larger screens because:

    a) we don't want to carry a tablet everywhere we go and...

    b) the greedy carriers won't let us use our data plan with out tablets or laptops FOR FREE.

    Greed is the reason America is so far behind in mobile communications technology.

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 9:33 PM, Fabe76522 wrote:

    It is funny that the Motley Fool slams the Galaxy S IV every chance they get, and promotes Apple, but everything out there says their analsis is way off. They kep saying it was sub standard material, but everyone buys it. They said too cluttered, but everyone buys it. Apple is outdated. They did really well for a while, but now they are way behind. After seing the results of their analysis, I assume there are no experts at the Motley Fool.

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 9:46 PM, NotSoFoolishAsU wrote:

    "Do People Hate the iPhone 5?"

    Are you completely nuts?? You're suggesting droves of people hate the iPhone?! Nothing could be farther from the truth. That's like saying Mitt Romney had the presidential election all sewed up.

    iPhone are everywhere, and everyone I know and observe loves them… LOVES them. The honker-big Android phones (looking more like miniature tablets) seem to be more in the hands of those who want to show off, or who can't afford an iPhone. (Something Apple will soon correct with a less expensive iPhone.)

    But for the millions who use them—teens, adults, seniors—how many would readily take to the buggy and often consuming Android platform? Few, I imagine.

    You say in your registration message: "Register for full access to The Motley Fool's spin-free take on the stock market." This is spin-free? Seems like the Fools must have taken a bath on some Apple Stock, are eating some sour grapes and are now shilling for the competition.

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 9:55 PM, ninderad wrote:

    Quote:"So. Samsung pays lots of people to tweet negative things about Apple (as they have already been caught doing with both Apple and HTC) and pay a no name marketing company to do a study on this. This is news worthy?"

    Dont forget the hate/negative campaigns during the launch of Iphone in America and Australia!

    Who paid these all! The same big Company!

    Dont believe these orchestered campaign.

    These are the reason for their high R&D budget!

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 11:20 PM, Motleyholic wrote:

    What? I love my iPhone 5 and my iPod and my iPad. I just bought Van Morrison's album and it showed up on all my devises immediately. What's not to love? I am losing touch with my Mac though. I am hoping I can replace everything in my wallet and put it on my iPhone, drivers license, Social Security Card, credit cards, store cards... All that bulky stuff and free up my pocket! For what? For nothing, nothing but my phone. It's coming!! Yay! By the way, I am 62. Hurry up Apple!!!

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 11:36 PM, applefan1 wrote:

    Android biggest problems other than security are as follows:

    OS updating practice. Google has to update on their first and then you have to wait for each mfg to update it for your particular phone. IF you even GET an update, that process takes a long time after Google makes their release. Example. The S3 doesn't have 4.2.2 on it yet. 4.2.2 came out in Feburary. What's the hold up. Will Samsung update ALL of their phones to 4.2.2? They STILL sell Gingerbread phones, so I don't think Samsung's focus is updating all of their phones. This practice extends to ALL phones (Non-Nexus) whereby you can't walk into any smartphone where ALL of the Android phones always have the latest OS update. FAIL.

    Nexus is a fail because they really are only meant for Google employees and they aren't really that great once you dive into what they are all about. Google doesn't even make them.

    Apps - Not as many as iOS, but certainly a lot of professional grade apps and even in certain industries, IOS is far more supported whereas Android isn't.

    NO consistency. You can't get one phone will the "BEST OF CLASS" features. HTC has features that Samsung doesn't have, visa versa. So there really isn't a way to cherry pick all of these features.

    Security - Read the latest on how every phone based on Google has a major security problem with the exception of 4.2.2 (so far). Any company that has let this type of security problem last for this long should NOT be trusted to know what the are doing. They are the leaders in MALWARE. Go read up on f-secure labs or any other smartphone OS security company that monitors this. Apple is definitely far more advanced in handling security issues. And will continue to do so.

    I think due to iOS 7 and a new IPhone(S) are being planned, Apple is going through their typical end of life cycle about 3 months before a new product announcement and this happens every year. The S4 is brand new so it's getting more media attention, just like S3 did last year. They have a lot sided product release date. Once the new iPhone (s) get released, the new iPhones will take center stage, the lines at Apple Stores around the world will start forming and it will be just like another early Christmas. The media and analysts just feed off each other to paint some silly picture to get attention.

    Remember, Apple does more in terms of developing the actual product than any other company, so they have more things they do from the OS, apps, screen technology, processor technology, case design, and anything else they are working on that haven't been announced. Samsung doesn't do the OS only some modifications which are easy and cheaper for them, but updating their software in a timely manner to fix bugs/security issues? You have to wait for Google first, then around another 6 months (ave) IF they even bother updating it.

    Don't get suckered into a Google Android product. Google's main source of revenue is not by OS licenses, not by hardware profits, not by delivering a top quality product that supported, they make money from ADs on Google Internet and YouTube, that's what they care about.

    Samsung, they make money from components, appliances and spitting out products that use their won components competing against their own component customers, but they don't fix the original source code, they have to wait for Google to do that. first.

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 11:37 PM, Vladkur2002 wrote:

    I don't know if people like or hate I Phone 5, I like my I Phone 4 , thinking of upgrading to new I Phone 5 S , but if you read articles that Apple cancel order of millions of I Phone 5's , than you start thinking that there is some think wrong with I Phone 5. Otherwise their would order more I Phones ?

  • Report this Comment On July 07, 2013, at 11:40 PM, applefan1 wrote:

    The iPhone 5 is a rock solid product. I know several people with them, that used to be Android users and they've not had ANY complaints that I know of. Some are planning on getting other Apple products.

    Look at the customer satisfaction ratings, Apple is Number 1. Samsung isn't.

    All that's going on for SOME people is Samsung is in the beginning of a brand new phone and Apple is at the end of a product cycle.

    The journalist for this article is AN IDIOT. Can't MF get better quality people to write technology based articles that are not idiots? Is it possible?

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 12:29 AM, djwyldchild wrote:

    I used to love reading this page but ever since it became a marketing arm for Apple the articles have all sucked. The Motley Fool with ride the Apple bandwagon all the way down to the depths of hell. Either Apple has paid them to be a marketing firm or they own a lot of Apple stock and are trying to stem the bleeding with these obviously biased articles.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 2:04 AM, olindacat wrote:

    I hate my iPhone 5 and think Apple is turning into Microsoft as Tim Cook is out of his element. I own more Mac equipment than most people and had iPhone 2, 3S and held out for 5.

    It is well-built but the software is terrible. The security they have put in place is very reminiscent of what hassles I recall were what made Microsoft so horrible, only now it is Apple.

    I can't download APPs as my ID and password never seem to work. This, after hours at their 5th Avenue store in NYC, where the techs just couldn't get 'er done.

    I'm sad to say all of this as we need good American brands and Apple WAS just that.

    I would not buy their stock now. No way. Still way overvalued, no matter how many glass facade stores they open in SF or China!

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 2:19 AM, sfosmo wrote:

    By the time when Apple started sueing against its competitors for literally everything, I left my heart from iPhone.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 2:22 AM, toxicat wrote:

    I definitely love my iPhone 5. I honestly don't have any complaints about it. I had an Android before, HTC Evo 4G and it was great too. But I like my iPhone 5 better as far as the overall look and feel, and user experience. It depends what you want/need the phone for. I have small hands, so I didn't want anything too big- if I wanted to go bigger, I'd just get an iPad.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 2:41 AM, rocket7777 wrote:

    "tweets didn't seem to put a dent in iPhone 5 sales" how do you know this? 5% dent in sell is $1 billion

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 2:47 AM, locsphere wrote:

    Mine wouldn't connect to older Wifi routers... Apples solution? Tell everyone with older routers to buy new ones!...

    Know what I did? I went to Samsung. I hate droid... HATE IT! Their music player sucks. Apple might have a process for things but it works and it works well. But now that companies charge for data my Wifi needs to work on ALL ROUTERS!

    I put up with my droid OS. I would rather use the Iphone 5. But until they fix their wifi issues. Im out!

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 4:07 AM, LADJ wrote:

    Those who know, do.

    Those who don't know, teach.

    Those who can't teach, become journalists.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 7:03 AM, katiebella wrote:

    I can count on Motley Fool to slam Apple daily. Always negative. Why?

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 8:46 AM, chelepjfan wrote:

    The iphone is nothing more than a brand. My daughter has one and I wouldn't trade her. I will keep my Samsung gladly. It is a better phone period. Samsung corrected what Ifone started and made a much better product. I am not being paid, I love it so much I will brag for free.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 1:34 PM, hiddenflem wrote:

    iphone 5 was my first iPhone. have had macs in my life since the first one came out and stock in apple since the same time but but never felt the need to pin myself down to a heavy data agreement until my office paid for it. have to say that the camera is pretty nice as is the speaker and beautiful screen. My only complaint is the interface--I would've expected a lot of the features to be intuitive, but it is less intuitive than I would have expected.. I'm no fandroid but I do like in the interface of my $25/month virgin optimus v better so far. maybe just a question of getting used to it.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 2:04 PM, ScottAtlanta wrote:

    CFA, Certified Fan of Apple.

  • Report this Comment On July 08, 2013, at 8:20 PM, jzd29 wrote:

    Absolutely not -

    I love my iphone 5 and do not want a "fablet" sized phone.

  • Report this Comment On July 12, 2013, at 12:10 PM, numbie wrote:

    This is my first iphone and it is terrible, it failed one day after the return period with ATT who quickly disavowed any responsibility. I had to go to apple and explode to get their defective phone replaced. I find the phone cumbersome, not at all user friendly. my previous phone was a Nokia nd it was much simpler to use. The only good thing on the Iphone is the camera but for the money you can get a better camera. I would not recommend an iphone to anyone.

  • Report this Comment On July 30, 2013, at 6:43 AM, Kalkenny wrote:

    The new "flatomorphic" design of the iPhone is the cause of the controversy.

    Some think it's genius.

    Others soulless.

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