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Windows 8 Is a Failure: This Radical New Device Proves It

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Microsoft's (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) Windows 8 is supposed to give its users the best of both worlds: a laptop PC environment when they need it, and a tablet environment when they don't. Unfortunately, when it comes to offering a tablet experience, Microsoft's operating system comes up short -- Windows 8 suffers from a serious lack of mobile apps.

Asus has a solution: the Transformer Book Trio. Using both Microsoft's Windows 8 and Google's (NASDAQ: GOOGL  ) Android, Asus is able to offer the hybrid experience Microsoft was after. With such a hefty price tag -- 900 pounds, or about $1,440 -- it's unlikely to sell well. Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) investors need not worry. Still, its very existence is evidence of Microsoft's ineptitude.

Asus' new computer is unlike anything you've ever seen
The Transformer Book Trio is a radical device. In fact, it might be better to think of it as two devices. Consumers who purchase one will literally get two separate PCs, complete with separate processors, memory, hard drives, and, most notably, operating systems.

Installed on the keyboard dock is Microsoft's Windows 8; on the tablet is Google's Android. Attach the tablet to the keyboard, and it will serve as a touch-screen monitor, or give it to a friend and use the keyboard simultaneously by hooking it up to an external screen.

Why is the Android tablet necessary?
But why include a separate Android tablet? There are plenty of Windows tablets -- but sales have been terrible. In July, Microsoft took a $900 million writedown on the Surface, as demand for the tablet failed to live up to expectations. Then last week, IDC, reflecting on the tablet market in the third quarter, concluded that "Windows tablets continued to struggle to win over consumers." Clearly, Windows as a mobile platform isn't working.

Indeed, the very existence of Asus' Transformer Book Trio underscores that fact. If Microsoft's mobile strategy was working, there would be no point for Asus to include a tablet running Google's mobile operating system -- after all, the very point of Microsoft's Metro interface is to serve as an adequate tablet platform. Google's operating system offers the superior tablet experience, with access to key apps such as Pinterest, HBO Go, and LinkedIn.

Will Google and Microsoft team up to crush Apple?
The Transformer Book Trio may be the first of its kind, but it probably won't be the last. Though it looks as if it might never be released, Samsung's ATIV Q also boosts dual operating system functionality, and other manufacturers are likely to try their hand with similar devices.

Still, price will be a significant stumbling block. At $1,440, The Transformer Book Trio is an expensive machine; if Samsung ever releases the ATIV Q, based on some early pre-order information, it could cost more than $2,000.

A would-be owner could purchase one of those machines, or the combination of Apple's MacBook Air ($999) and a full-size iPad ($499) and get an extra screen in the process. Philosophically, Apple has stood by the PC/mobile divide, arguing repeatedly that they're two different computing environments.

Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook likened Microsoft's attempts at a hybrid operating system to a toaster/refrigerator combo, remarking that any two devices could, in theory, be converged, though it often doesn't make sense to do so. Cook reaffirmed that belief at Apple's iPad event last month, calling Apple's competitors (read: Microsoft) "confused."

Apple clearly has no interest in hybrids, and as long as it continues to be the leading the tablet manufacturer, that's just fine. As long as these hybrid devices are offered at sky-high prices, they're unlikely to rob Apple of many customers.

The failure of the Metro interface
Yet if they were to ever become cheap enough, they might sell reasonably well. A tablet-laptop hybrid could be useful to some -- Microsoft obviously believes so. Still, it's ironic that Google's Android has to be brought in to complete the experience; after all, if Microsoft's mobile strategy was working, an Android tie-in wouldn't be necessary. For now, it seems Apple has the right idea.

Forget Windows; get an iPad
Apple's newest iPad Mini with Retina display might be hard to come by this quarter, given all the reports of supply constraints. Well, we're going to be sure to get a few -- and give them away! That's right: For the first time ever, The Motley Fool is hosting a contest where you can win a free iPad Mini with Retina display. All you have to do is tell us why you love The Motley Fool by clicking here! We'll pick the three most Foolish submissions to receive a free iPad Mini with Retina display.

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  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 10:13 AM, NoWindows8LockIn wrote:

    Microsoft...this is what happens when you try to lock-in 80+% of the entire computer industry, practically overnight, using that gimmick that you call an OS, Windows 8. Yes, yes...I know...Apple locks-in its customers, we, your users of 25+ years, never consented, in the least, to allowing you to fleece us like sheep. Your goal was to shove us all into the Metro pen, where you would get paid from all three sides: (1) from OEM's, who have to pay for your OS (2) from us, since you have our name, address, some cases, bank-account number and (3) from third-party software developers who have to pay you 20-30% for every app sold on Metro marketplace, WHETHER THEY WANT TO REMAIN INDEPENDENT OR NOT!

    Your stunt would have worked if we were all stupid...but, guess what? We're not.

    "Would you like ketchup with those write-offs?"

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:15 AM, rcmotohead wrote:

    Hey another anti-MS faux article from the Fool. I'm starting to thing these guys actually work for Apple's marketing department.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:17 AM, ccbatz wrote:

    Any operating system that is full of viruses is a waste of time. You would think after all these years that this problem would be addressed. NOPE. Imagine buying a new car and the salesman advises you that you better have a good mechanic close to you...???

    You can repackage it all you want but it is still just junk.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:18 AM, Liberty1 wrote:

    This is a most ridiculous and biased comment i have ever read. How can anyone write article without any technical know-how is beyond me.

    Anyone supporting Android system and all its propitiatory APK applications, controlled by Google is domed for failure.

    Only person not having a clue about systems and support would suggest hybrid system for mobile phone environment.

    Apple OS another useless operation system that only Apple know how to change and hold monopoly on applications.

    Window 8 is an excellent operating system with Microsoft support and user ability to change or update system or applications same as on PC 1000 of applications including many mobile applications already are available.

    Best mobile phone in the World Nokia Lumia 1020 already uses only Window 8 system

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:19 AM, doneallready wrote:

    why don't you people get it. It doesn't matter if there are no apps...not that that is true. Most of the apps you need can be found. Apps are ridiculous. All you should need is the browser. People too young to remember, we used to have to install all programs on our computers, then someone invented a browser so apps were eliminated. If it has a windows operating system, a browser and wifi connectivity you should be able to do what you need to. I have an Ipad, what a waste of money. I want ONE device that has touch and a windows operating system, convertible to a tablet, lightweight, portable and a larger screen than 10inches. Windows 8 touch is so far superior to ios...but you Microsoft haters out there can't for a minute use the same standards to rate them against each other. ios sucks. If Microsoft ever released an operating system that did so little, they would be out of business

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:29 AM, deltafool117 wrote:

    As long as asus is paying for that Windows 8 license, Microsoft has not lost ANYTHING. In fact if android on a laptop will encourage sales, I'm sure msft won't mind because they know that MS office is what people need for real work.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:29 AM, motleyLiam wrote:

    Yes, this is what it has come down to, in regard to an article being written, promoting a stock.

    It's no longer enough to praise a company. Now, there must be some drama involved.

    So, instead of positive talking points about an investment, it is "better" to bash a competitor's company and their products/services.

    Obviously, this article has Apple Fan-boy all over it.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:32 AM, bacdav wrote:

    This is the dumbest article I have ever read. I only read it because I use a Windows8 device which my employer gave me and I have found it really nice to use. Maybe there's something to the authors rant about the commercial model which Microsoft enforces, which has irritated this author. But I just don't get everyone's hating on Microsoft. Their stuff is sweet...

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:34 AM, Liberty1 wrote:

    What a hopeless and bad article im sure guy works for Google or Apple anyone supporting Android and Apple OS has no idea what it is when monopoly company holds you by the balls with operating system and applications that you need to download and pay with their permissions only.

    Android and Apple OS are dead as no serious computing can be done using operating system only designed for simple mobile applications.

    Windows 8 is the way to go with thousands of applications that run on PC and mobile.

    Best mobile phone in the World Lumia 1020 uses real Window 8 system and its speed and application Android and Apple will never be able to match.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:41 AM, foolsmanchew wrote:

    This is becoming a norm from fool. They were convinced that Microsoft's day were numbered - they have fell in this trap that the PC market is down because of Windows 8.... Simply NOT TRUE. The PC market is down due to mobile devices, people will still buy PC's just not in large volumes as before. Windows 8 is ahead of it's time (yes it needs tinkering) and will prove so the next coming year. What is happen right before all the ANTI- Microsoft people eyes is a clean blind side maneuver that will put Microsoft as a huge player in the mobile markets. They are opening stores nation wide and they are not your typical lame Apple store. These stores are going to be interactive with lots of eye candy. The windows 8 platform is designed for the go from your home entertainment to the road. Also, they are growing the windows phone fan base with the new Phablet's and the Xbox one... This stock will explode soon. Too bad Fool is miss leading people on this one. MS stocks have been going up while Fool keeps warning people away. WHY??? INVEST!!!

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:42 AM, Panth wrote:

    If you have Windows 8, you do not need mobile apps! My experience with mobile apps tells me that I would rather run the full application on a full operating system! I do not like doing everything through a browser, as internet connections are not everywhere, and clouds are insecure. I prefer to do most things local, with apps that may cost money, because they work.

    Could MS improve their OS to make it a little easier to use on a tablet? Sure. Can I run full programs on Apple or Google? No!

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:45 AM, webguy76 wrote:

    Sam, your last two articles (Wii U and Windows 8) are o totally negative, what is wrong with you? Do you not have anything positive to say about any company other than Apple? The Fool is just a joke to me anymore. I would never look to this website for any intelligent information. I just look at these articles now for a few laughs. What a joke.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:49 AM, El2 wrote:

    I lov Microsoft , windows 8 is where i'm having trouble . I want my windows 7 back ...

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:59 AM, hawkhell wrote:

    This article is horrible. First off did anyone miss the news of Google developing for Windows 8 along with many other companies in the past 2 months? Windows 8 is amazing, why do you need dual boot with android when you can just run one of many programs that lets to play iOS and Android games?

    Ok lets say Windows 8 is a failure, why the hell would you go to iPad and skip over Android? Ya know the one who knocked Apple off its mobile market throne?

    Most people who don't like Windows 8 have never used it. Yes the app store is lacking in comparison to iOS and Android but its sure as hell leaps ahead of what those stores looked like in the first few years.

    Go to best buy and buy a touchscreen Windows 8 device and use it for 2 weeks and if you don't like it take it back and then give some intelligent reasons why you don't like it.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:05 PM, geoslv wrote:

    Yes W8 is ridiculous. That's why the architect Sinofsky was fired 2 days after launch. And why didn't higher management supervise the development before approving and releasing? Because they are not Steve Jobs.

    The dual interface on the desktop presumed widespread acceptance of their mobile platform. What a joke. The mobile screen is the centerpiece, the default on W8. And I can tell you what murder it is to figure how to switch between the two in various situations. A terrible mess of a design.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:11 PM, wizarddrummer wrote:

    Ah Windows... the debate rages on.

    Folks, it doesn't take a fancy hybrid to prove that Widows 8 is a pile of junk.

    IT comes from Microsoft, a company I have had a love / hate (mostly hate) relationship since their first foray into the big area in August of 1981.

    At that time, I was a UNIX and VAX/VMS guru. I said to my peers (most of which were like me laughing ... at this absurd little toy operating system, that was a crappy imitation of CP/M at best) this will never take root [#pun or root intended - not a hashtag!]

    Why I hate Microsoft: its products and policies.

    Here are two sites that I found that pretty much expresses just about everything I've ever wanted to tell people about this insidious company. Thank you to the authors that saved me quite a bit of time. (I read everything on this site) (read all of the content under "What's So Bad About Microsoft?"

    You should look at a few pages of each of these sites. Then ask yourself a question.

    If Microsoft is such a great company and it used fair and equitable business practices then how did they win the OS battle?

    This picture says it all;

    The year is 1993! Two competing OS's from the same period. The inferior OS (Windows 3.1) is running

    INSIDE the Superior OS (NeXTSTEP) as a sub process on the left side of the screen; yet, the INFERIOR OS got the most market share and became the dominant OS on the planet.

    This is a case where brute force business tactics wins over Elegance.

    Those lucky enough to have used (NeXTSTEP) on a daily basis are sad at the turn of events. And we wonder what the OS of today would look like if NeXTSTEP had had 20 years of improvements. For me NeXTSTEP was and still remains the best OS I have ever used in more than 42 years. Add 10 years if you want to count the punched card Behemoth that was in my fathers Bell Telephone Central Office back in the early 60's. After years of training and observation, I could do minimal things like handle alarms and replace relays in the office. I was a very Junior Frame man.

    Bill's worthless products are just now catching up to where NeXTSTEP was 20 years ago! And they seem to take a few step backwards with each new release after XP with more bloat and inconsistencies.

    It's a testament to Steve Jobs and his genius for creating an incredible, consistent, robust, elegant Operating System and a testament to Bill Gates and his genius for being able to sell what is simply the most horrendous bundle of inconsistent crap to the largest percentage of the market.

    NeXTSTEP was ported to Intel Machines in 1994 as OPENSTEP.

    Pile of Junk Windows 3.1

    Elegant OS (Demonstration on a NeXT Computer by very young Steve Jobs)


    The NeXT Computer was based on the new (for that time) 25 MHz Motorola 68030 central processing unit (CPU).

    The Motorola 88000 RISC chip was originally considered, but was not available in sufficient quantities.[22]

    It included between 8 and 64 MB of random access memory (RAM), a 256 MB magneto-optical (MO) drive,

    a 40 MB (swap-only), 330 MB, or 660 MB hard drive, 10Base-2 Ethernet, NuBus and a

    17-inch MegaPixel grayscale display measuring 1120 by 832 pixels.

    In 1989, a typical PC included 640 KB to 4 MB of RAM, the 8086, 8088, 286 or 386 CPU,

    a 640×350 16-color or 720×348 monochrome display, a 10 to 20 megabyte hard drive and few networking capabilities.

    The NeXT Computer and NeXTSTEP are also the reason you are reading this on a website today. Tim Berners-Lee created the World Wide Web on a NeXT computer. I've been using the WWW since 1991.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:24 PM, DeckardB26354 wrote:

    I'm perfectly happy with Windows Vista, because I'm familiar with the environment. Windows 7, Windows 8, Window dressing, what have you, I think Microsoft's days are numbered. I predict a new operating system will come out of the woodwork within a few months/years that will be compatible with Windows programs but without all the grief. Reboot this, reboot that, reboot now to finish, etc., someone will find a way to update the config/ini files while they are still in use, if the updates are even 1/10th as necessary as Windows, we will so welcome the change.

    Nobody ever asked Windows to mess up a completely good operating system, like XP or Vista. Instead of making them compatible with the new devices, they just started over and nobody ask them (or even recommended) that they do that.

    I don't have much respect for Microsoft, but I will say if it wasn't for MS Word or Excel, I would probably be using a Linix/Unix/Apple system.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:28 PM, Jaccus58 wrote:

    Sam it sounds like you don't have a clue as to what you are saying. It sound like you are just an apple fanboi, you have no clue as to how extensive Microsoft is in our lives. If Apple ever gets as popular as Windows you will find that the people who write viruses will now go after Apple , why would they do that after all Apple is your sacred god, because they can, as simple as that, Apple is small in user base compared to Microsoft and I'm not including phones because they just really don't count, I use a computer to run my business, invoices spreadsheets etc I don't use a cell phone to do anything but make calls and play the occasional game that is what a phone is useful for, not for anything else in my opinion. I use a Microsoft surface pro 2 just like my computer sitting on my desk and it does the same thing one is portable and the other not so much. The Ipad doesn't even have an active digitizer for my Adobe PS or Lightroom 5. Apple is supposed to be so far ahead for the artist, designers and photographers and yet they cant even produce an active digitizer, I have an Ipad and I use it for a few games and to cruise the internet and that's about it. Of course just my opinion,,,,, Have a nice day.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:30 PM, JonPA wrote:

    WOW....some amazingly asinine comments....lack of apps, so what..I have 4 on my phone...viruses, they would be what....I have had Windows since 3.1...never had a virus....Android since 2009...never had a virus....Windows 8, yeah, it is a pain if you don't spend the 5-10 minutes it takes to figure it out...on the other hand, I feel for the 140,000 mac owners who now have expensive paperweights in their virus proof ecosystem

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:32 PM, DeckardB26354 wrote:

    BTW, the 68030 chipset was originally considered by Atari as an upgrade to the 68000, which was primarily integrated to play the video games for the Atari ST. 1986 technology, in other words, but it was not compatible with the original motherboard, and even the 68010 would not work with it because it had a different socket.

    I don't have much to say about the motorola 88000 because in the late 80's it looked very promising, but Apple abandoned it.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:45 PM, Chrismack wrote:

    I would have purchased a Surface with the full Windows 8 operating system just because I was curious as to how it worked. However, the price was so much that it didn't make sense to purchase a surface when I could have a fully functioning laptop for the same price. I think that Microsoft over estimated their ability to sell a product. Price point should have started at least the same price as the Ipad if not lower.

    Microsoft is to big to understand the business model they are using doesn't work in the real world.

    With all the different operating system emerging in the workplace it will not surprise me to see Microsoft lose a lot of market share.

    Microsoft is not going anywhere anytime soon but they may go the way of Novell or Juniper or other companies that though they were to big to negotiate with their customers. Or maybe they will become as unnoticeable as IBM is and lose their stranglehold on the industry.

    Only time will tell. Good luck Microsoft

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 12:58 PM, NoWindows8LockIn wrote:

    I agree with everything Chrismack just wrote except the very last sentence which I hereby change to:

    "Rot in h*ell, Microsoft for trying to take advantage of your monopoly."

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 1:33 PM, vancian wrote:

    Wow! These guys need to take the "Motley" out of their name when writing these articles. I love the "Forget Windows, get an ipad" oh by the way... we are giving away an ipad. My wife has the ipad and I have the Surface Pro. There is now way I'm gving up the Surface Pro for an ipad. On another note, I take this article with a grain of salt. They are just trying to get MS guys riled up. I'll keep reading Engadget or qualified tech websites to get my source of tech news.. Thank you. Nice try.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 1:34 PM, coastie wrote:

    These fake articles are a joke. As a long time Windows user - AND FAN - I gotta say, B.S. to this article. I have a Surface Pro and love it. I have a docking station with it and previously had Win 8 on my HP. It works flawlessly and personally I LOVE the new Start page. There are thousands of Apps available and more than I could ever personally use. I also have a Windows Phone and likewise love it.

    If I had a nickel for every so called pundit who had written MS's obituary, I'd be rich right now. Don't just be a hater. TRY the system. And, try those alternatives to the Office suite and then tell me you honestly think they are superior. Seriously? Right? Right?

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 1:43 PM, slapppy wrote:

    Best advise I've read so far. Get the new iPad Air and forget these wannabe copy cats from the Asian Slavish Copiers in bed with Google.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 2:47 PM, nadjalite wrote:

    Windows 8 is just like the Obamacare website - total crap.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 2:54 PM, fgains wrote:

    Sam Mattera is a moron; this article proves it.

    For someone to reach the conclusion that this product is a failure because a manufacturer chooses to create an Android hybrid with it is just plain stupid. Only in the world of Microsoft haters is a product measured by anything except how well it's performing in its respective market vs. it's competitors.

    Windows 8.x at it's current pace will command 30% market share at the end of 3 years. It's currently 2% higher than every version of OS X combined and 9 times the market share of every Linux OS combined. The only product that has outperformed Windows 8 is 7, the most popular operating system ever released.

    If that's the definition of market failure, I want some.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 3:04 PM, yahoouser4529 wrote:

    Windows 8 is a huge success and I love it. Disagree strongly work the article

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 7:51 PM, summahchile wrote:

    I am a fan of Microsoft but my goodness, I absolutely hate Windows 8!

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 8:09 PM, traker9 wrote:

    we all need a inexpensive OS that games can be written for and a low price so all can afford.MS charges way too much for low income people and folks on SS.

    they will give you a virus so you have to upgrade and other dirty little tricks.FACT!

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 8:13 PM, foolsmanchew wrote:

    Lets make a computer that has a cylinder shape and charge people an outrages price and call it innovation.

    - Apple


    - Delusional Apple Fan

    Next years apple innovation will be a triangle shaped computer. "WE CAN'T WAIT.AWSOME"!!!

    - Motley Fool

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 9:17 PM, fantasticed wrote:

    I didn't buy windows 8 because I heard so mush negative comments about it. I finally had to buy windows 8: and found out it is a vast improvement over windows 7. Who ever writes these articles must have a bone to pick with Microsoft. They would probably complain if they were hung with a gold rope.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 9:26 PM, anrbfan wrote:

    For a lot less than the$1,440.00 Transformer, I got a notebook computer-a MacBook Pro-and have the desktop computing power in a mobile tool I can carry anywhere I want to go. I bought the still nearly new, formerly $1,300.00, MacBook from a friend who hadn't used it much, and was upgrading to the newer version. She charged me $285.00. If I hadn't bought it from her at that price, someone else would have, so I got it, gave her what she wanted for it, and have a great computer for every use. I also avoided the Windows 8 flop, and the Windows 8.1 flop, and the Asus Transformer soon to be flop. Apple Haters may nopt like it, but the MacBook's real computer OS beats the snot out of every Win 8 variant that is, was, or ever will be, and does likewise to every version of Android...which is a mere cell phone OS being fraudulently passed off as a 'tablet computer' OS.

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 10:36 PM, RLeB wrote:

    For my PC, I do not want a touch screen or touch screen interface. That is just a poor compromise for a good mouse and keyboard. But my new laptop came with Windows 8. For me it has a horrible interface! However, I installed Stardock's Start8 and ModernMix, and these revealed that underneath the ugly and inconvenient tiles, lives a really good operating system! Now I see the Windows 8 metro interface as simply a thin layer of crap in the way of accessing Windows 8, a true improvement over Windows 7. Start8 fixes this!

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2013, at 11:08 PM, johnnywinter wrote:

    Dumb article. I am 65 and it took me 8 mins to learn Windows 8. It is the most stable OS I have ever used and I started with a Trash 80.

    There has always been a "desktop" in Win 8- it just takes 1 click to go there from the Metro screen, but when you run MS Office or other programs from the desktop- when you close those programs it takes you back to the desktop.

    I liked the ability to run from the desktop or from the Metro screen.

    I use it on both an Acer touch screen laptop and with an external mouse & external keyboard on a big external monitor....and easy to use on both.

    I upgraded to Windows 8.1 and did not notice any major difference.

    From the lack of specifics on a lot of the haters' posts, I wonder if they ever really used Win 8 or 8.1

  • Report this Comment On November 04, 2013, at 3:56 AM, sypoth wrote:

    And the abysmal sales lacking at just barely 1/10th that of Windows Vista which is universally seen as a failure wasn't proof enough? How about the universal dislike of the Metro interface and how useless it is to most users? Or the fact they haven't gotten the hint yet that only hipsters like the interface and to everyone including the hipsters it is just a bunch of wasted space and extra steps that get in the way to do a simple little thing?

  • Report this Comment On November 04, 2013, at 10:41 AM, rbunge wrote:

    In Europe they have already had dual OS tablets, Android and Win 7 but for some reason they haven't had them in the states. As for all the Microsoft problems, alot has to due with the fact that Microsoft was forced by the Gov. to open up their OS to other vendors. I cry with all the Java issues I have to deal with. Think of Ford being forced to use Chevy parts and then Toyoto, etc, Your going to have problems.

  • Report this Comment On November 04, 2013, at 12:08 PM, ellerykurtz wrote:

    What a ridiculous statement. If the author had bothered to check out the new MSFT Surface Pro 2 or any good desktop pc that has a touch screen he would easily find that Windows 8.1 not only works like a dream, it delivers on every level from Office to App to Video/Music/Photo programs.

    There are so many apps to choose from in the MSFT store that, like Apple, you don't know where to start shopping.

    Windows 8.1 is remarkable by any standards and the Surface Pro 2 is a great device (it is a pc and a is two, two, two mints in one) that will deliver satisfaction in every function to everyone.

  • Report this Comment On November 05, 2013, at 4:25 AM, Montana2Texas wrote:

    Doesn't anyone think it is a bit strange to put a cell phone user interface on top of a corporate desktop computing platform?

  • Report this Comment On November 24, 2013, at 1:11 AM, crixus1 wrote:

    Its very evident that microsoft is doing very terrible but the statement that pc is going to be obsolete is just moronic and only a investor with no actual knowledge of technology or the market will make such a statement.Lets put this in perspective for you, android has more than half the market when it comes to smartphones and tablets (more than 60 percent) and that will continue to grow, valve has over 65 million people using their steam client for desktop/pc gaming..the amount of users have increased 30 percent within the last year and will continue to grow, the new generation of consoles are x86 based (pc gaming) and ps4 has sold a very impressive amount of units already.Ios consists of the same parts that samsung hardware uses and mac osx is a pc but with proprietary hardware and with semi proprietary software..i guess that goes to show that whoever wrote this article has little no no knowledge in technology but will gamble his/her money in that market,Its as if this author thinks that a windows os is synonymous with "pc".To conclude,Its actually the contrary, pc is the future however the only thing the author is right about is windows 8 is a trainwreck, it was one of ms's most stupid decisions that they have made besides xbox one.

  • Report this Comment On November 24, 2013, at 5:29 AM, crixus1 wrote:

    All due respect for this website but in a disrespectful manner, Liberty1 is probably the biggest dumb ass I have seen in the comments. Apk is the opposite of proprietary (btw you spelled proprietary wrong) android is completely opensource.What really makes me laugh is not only did you say something that was wrong and idiotic but yet you advocate the most proprietary os (windows).The fact that you say that its good when it is infact horrible on desktop and arguably less than adequate on tablet/smartphone, you also insist that the nokia is the best phone when that is just merely an opinionated statement.You have in addition-mentioned that win 8 has 1000 apps as if that is impressive when comparing it to androids one million applications.Face it, microsoft is snowballing downhill following apple in a few years from now.

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The secret is out... experts are predicting 458 million of these types of devices will be sold per year. 1 hyper-growth company stands to rake in maximum profit - and it's NOT Apple. Show me Apple's new smart gizmo!

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