China’s Careful Days

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The Chinese believe that they can achieve their objective of acquiring islands throughout the South and East China Seas without a fight.  It worked against the Philippines.  If they try the same strategy against Japan over the Senkaku Islands, they just may get a bloody surprise.

The Reference to the "String of Pearls" first appeared in a 2005 intelligence report about the emergence of China as a regional power.  The String of Pearls is a number of Chinese built port facilities in Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Pakistan and were constructed by Chinese state owned corporations.  That is to say that they were built under Chinese government direction.

The Chinese insist that they are strictly commercial operations, while the United States, India, and Japan are convinced that they will eventually be transformed into military advanced positions for what is seen as a rival emerging naval power, but that is unlikely.  There is a very remote chance that China will position military forces far from the homeland where they cannot be supported in a time of crisis and in countries that could undergo regime and attitude changes abruptly.  

Beyond that problem, not many of the host countries will permit China to maintain military forces in their territory.  An alliance with China would make the host a potential target should China become involved in a military conflict.

The real threat from China comes from the Paracel Islands near Vietnam or Scarborough Shoal 190 kilometers west of Subic Bay in the Philippines.  A map that was published by China in 1951 and presented to the United Nations in 2009 declares these to be Chinese territory.  Chinese claims encompass two million square kilometers of the South China Sea.  If China were to achieve its objective, the South China Sea would become a Chinese lake and China would become the gatekeeper between the Indian and Pacific Oceans.

The Paracels were seized by the Chinese in 1974 after a brief skirmish with the South Vietnamese Navy.  It was only in June of 2012 that China established Sansha City on Woody Island as the administrative capital of the Paracel and Spratly Islands.

On January 21, 2014, a 5,000 ton patrol boat began regular patrols from a newly established base on Woody Island.  Included in its patrol area is Scarborough Shoal that was abandoned by the Philippine Navy on June 15 2012 to a superior Chinese naval force after a brief encounter.

Unlike the Paracels, the Chinese seizure of the shoal was accomplished through simple intimidation without a shot fired.  The success of the strategy has prompted Beijing to look at the event as a model for future actions that have been labeled as "extended coercion."

The chart that was presented to the United Nations as China's counter argument against Vietnam and the Philippines was drawn long before Beijing was interested in oil and gas deposits and long before China had a navy that could enforce Chinese claims over the far-flung islands.  What is revealed in the vague charts is an awareness of China's vulnerable underbelly that was the means by which foreigners invaded the country.  

The Paracel Islands and the Scarborough Shoal are bricks in what is the construction of a new Great Wall of China.  Like the first wall that was designed to block a land invasion, the new marine wall is intended to protect China from attacks on its weak underbelly.  

Geography has given China natural barriers to shield it from land invasions.  Through the control of the four non-Han Chinese regions of Manchuria, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Tibet,  China can secure the heartland from attacks from Russia, the western steppes, India or Southeast Asia;  and Beijing is strengthening its hold over the vital buffer states by moving Han Chinese into the regions.

For many centuries, the natural barriers made China into an isolated island where it had the opportunity to nurture a unique civilization, but isolation will no longer shield the society in an age of modern technology.  China will have to do what Japan did more than a hundred and fifty years ago when it opted to adopt the strength of the foreigners to equal them.

Deng Xiaoping Started China along that course when he began the industrialization of the country.  The new strategy requires China to become international in its outlook.  Like Japan and all other industrial states, China relies upon the outside world to provide the markets for its goods and the natural resources to feed the industries and the people.

Eighty percent of Chinese commerce is carried by ships that transit through the South and the East China Seas.  To reach Chinese ports, the ships pass between a chain of islands that extend between Okinawa and the Philippines and between Indonesia and Singapore.  Who controls those islands determines whether they are a trap for China or a barrier against an invasion.

The United States Navy since 1945 has assured the freedom of the open seas to the benefit of all nations engaged in international commerce.  5.3 trillion dollars in trade passes through the South China Sea; and China, more than most, has benefited from American control of the seas.  

In spite of the benefits, Beijing sees that their economic survival depends upon the good will of a potential enemy.  This fear has been made more real by the introduction of the new American pivot to Asia that includes the strategy of Air-Sea Battle, which requires the establishment of air and naval bases from Hawaii to India, the introduction of new weapon systems and strengthens alliances with Japan, Australia, India, and Vietnam as well as the Philippines and Singapore.

China views the strategy as a method of containment that must be overcome. The commissioning of China's first aircraft carrier Liaoning in 2012 was a conspicuous move by China to create the image of the country as a major military power to impress the smaller neighbors, to inflate the national pride and to provide a training platform for the expansion of a carrier force. The military has been growing by ten percent per annum with emphasis upon naval and air forces as a part of their strategy of access denial to potential enemies. If China could base its coastal defenses on the chain of islands, hostile naval forces could be kept far from the mainland.  

The U.S. carrier forces allows American power to remain outside of the non-Chinese controlled islands and beyond the reach of Chinese anti-ship defenses from where it can block the passage of ships through the South and East China Seas.  American control of the sea lanes gives it the means to cut the vital link between Chinese factories and stomachs with the world outside.  In spite of years of rapid development, the Chinese navy lacks the strength to challenge the U.S. Navy on the open seas.

However much bravado the Chinese display, they seek to attain their objectives without engaging in a shooting war with a major power; and believe that they can.  That is the lesson that Beijing learned from the incident in 1974 when the American naval forces refused to assist their Vietnamese ally or in June 2012 when the U.S. declined to take a position on the side of the Philippines.  The lesson is that American interest is restricted to insuring that freedom of the seas is maintained in the Commons and not to become embroiled in every territorial squabble; and that is to China's advantage.  Even in the case of the Senkaku, Washington has expressed its determination to defend Japan, if Japan is attacked, but Washington has not acknowledged the Japanese ownership of the islands.

What Scarborough Shoal taught Beijing is how to apply pressure without employing a level of force that would provoke the United States to intervene.  American ships will not fire upon a cluster of Chinese fishing boats in waters where they do not belong or upon an oil rig drilling in a neighbor's waters.  These are matters better left to the parties involved to resolve peacefully.

Among the various territories in dispute, it is the Senkaku Islands that are in the headlines and it is these islands where there is little room for compromise.  When China and Japan in 1972 were settling the problems left from World War II, the question of the Senkaku was left for a future generation to resolve.  Tokyo knew that the islands were Japanese and Beijing was unable to enforce Chinese claims of ownership.  

A drunken Chinese Fishing boat captain in 2010 changed the minor issue of the islands into a crisis.  The captain rammed two Japanese patrol vessels and was arrested, which sparked outrage in China.  Anti-Japanese riots and the cut off of rare earth shipments to Japan forced Tokyo to release the captain who returned home a national hero.

In Japan, nationalists treated Japan's release of the captain as a humiliation.  Governor Shintaro Ishihara of Tokyo, who has built his political career upon an outspoken promotion of nationalism, started a program to purchase the islands in order to establish a physical Japanese presence on them.

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda in September 2012 saw the move of the nationalists as a provocation of the Chinese that he could thwart by having the government purchase the islands from the private Japanese owner.  What was intended to defuse an explosive situation was treated in Beijing as the Japanese nationalization of a Chinese island.

Since the days of the drunken captain, the Chinese have been sending fleets of fishing boats with patrol boats into Senkaku waters.  Each time, Japanese Coast Guard boats are forced to drive them away.  Over a one year period, the Chinese Coast Guard intruded fifty-nine times into Senkaku waters and has been stretching the resources of the Japanese Coast Guard to its limits.

Chinese military aircraft are being sent to the edge of the Japanese air defense identification zone.  The Japanese scramble fighters to intercept and the Chinese aircraft always change course just on the edge of the zone.

On two occasions, Chinese armed vessels activated their weapon systems against a Japanese helicopter and against a Japanese ship.  The Japanese simply filed protests with Beijing about the provocation.

The surprise came on November 24 2013 when China declared the creation of an Air Defense Identification Zone.  Twenty zones exist around the world under the control of the United States, Canada, the UK, Norway, Japan, and South Korea.  They have no real standing under international law, but are widely accepted as a means of regulating air traffic.

The Chinese zone is different.  It overlaps the zones of Japan and South Korea and extends over territory that is claimed by Japan and by South Korea.  The declaration of the zone came when Vice President Joseph Biden was to visit Beijing.

It was Scarborough Shoal again.  Without risking any losses, Xi Jinping could posture without taking any risk; and he was rewarded for his audacity.  Washington refused to recognize the zone for military flights while advising commercial aircraft to comply with Chinese demands.  Without expending any resources beyond talk, China gained partial recognition of its claim from the United States.  The Japanese refuse to acknowledge the zone.

On January 24, 2014, the Chinese raised the temperature again.  They are demanding that military aircraft report when they enter the zone.  They claim that verbal warnings have been given to aircraft violating the zone, but did not specify to which aircraft the warnings were given or when.  Neither did Beijing explain what would be done if their demands are ignored in the 

They Chinese are not eager to start a war, but they do want to secure a vital brick in their new wall and are seeing the opportunity slipping away.  Driven in good part by the Chinese growing assertiveness, the nationalists in Japan are calling for an expansion of the military to counter the threat.

The submarine force is to be increased from sixteen to twenty-two.  The helicopter carrier ships are to expand from two to four, and Japan will be adding the F35 jet fighter and is adding a new unit of marines to their army and are supplying Vietnam with patrol boats to counter Chinese encroachment into their waters.  Already, Japan has a formidable military that has the most advanced weapons available.  In a few more years, Japan will be even more capable of defending its interests at home and abroad where they are beginning to collide with the Chinese in Africa.

The nationalists in Japan have made the Senkaku Islands a point of national pride.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who has been an advocate for the development of the Japanese military, has introduced into the public schools the order to have Japanese students taught that the islands are Japanese.  He is making it impossible for the government to abandon the claim.

If Beijing intends to acquire the Senkaku Islands to add to their wall, they will have to move quickly before Japan expands the military bases on nearby Okinawa and acquires the more advanced weapons that are planned.  The question is if the lesson of Scarborough Shoal that worked against the far weaker Philippine Navy can be applied to the Japanese.  Extended coercion may prove to be the trigger to an unexpected and unwanted fight that the Japanese just might win and lead to the third humiliation of China by Japan.  Xi Jinping has to think about that very carefully.

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  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 3:09 PM, scrumrob wrote:

    It is not likely, in my opinion, that China will stop with its current list of claims on the territory of other countries if it continues to succeed. At various times in its history, it has tried to claim large parts of Korea and Vietnam. Its dispute with India already led one shooting war in 1963, and I doubt India will meekly give in to China. As incredible as it might sound, a Chinese occupation of the Senkaku Islands would increase greatly the odds that Japan will expand its military to a more aggressive posture in counterpoint. Just as dangerous is the effect in Korea. If China tries to take territory currently controlled by South Korea, it will do so by manipulating its buddy in Pyongyang. Then there is Taiwan. I cannot envision a situation where China could occupy Taiwan without a major military action.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 3:12 PM, hogrider51 wrote:

    Have we not seen this before. Would it happen to be just before the start of W.W.2. Germany, Italy and Japan seized nations under ruse, that it had the right to do so. Only to murder millions of people. The so called peaceful countries only stood by and let it happen. Don't let China do this. It'll only get bloody!

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 3:30 PM, bombom wrote:

    China has exploited the region when it has ammassed a lot of money from the west. It is about time for the west to consider other other countries like the phil for its trade. Right I boycott chinese made products. Clearly China is Satans surrogate. God will not allow it to happen. That area of the world is God's country.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 4:08 PM, bahug wrote:

    A bad summary of the situation, and a misuse of geography at that. The United States understand that a conflict in Asia will ultimately sink it's own economy where over 50% of it's trade goes, and many of it's components used for their own military is supplied through Asia. The fact is all China had to do is to defeat the United States in Asia to strangle and turn the United States back to a third world nation. China is not afraid of any war when it comes to the defense of it's sovereignty, in fact it is the USA that is walking on eggshells as we speak because their Pivot policy has come crashing down on their head given their strategic vulnerabilities in Asia, there is no way in hell the Americans can sustain any protracted war in this region, not yesterday, we seen that in Korea and Vietnam, certainly not today, and definitely not tommorow. The Americans can talk tough through meaningless oppinions like this from a writer who can't even get historical facts, and military facts right. The Americans will be massacred in any land campaign in China proper, it's not even a matter of China having a strong navy and anti access capability they have today. Not even 60 years ago when the Americans had complete military supremacy could they win a land war in Asia. The Americans are not built for that, they are always reliant on technological and economic edge for dominance, which is where today they will fail. China is on the verge of becoming the world's biggest economy, a power for good and balance in the world, no longer will hegemonic tendencies be accepted, and there's nothing that will stop that as China have all the tools necessary to counter any lame brain blockade as these authors like to tout. All they have to do is attack the Americans where it hurts. There's no need to engage the Americans in far flung lands in a military conflict, draw all their forces into Asia, weaken them with a thousand strikes, and destroy them, that has always been China's military doctrine, and in essence a doctrine of self defense all in all. Whatever the Americans do, they will fail, if they even hint at any policy of containment, they will be flatly embarrassed as have proven over the past 4 years. Americans talk big, they have nothing to back it up.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 4:45 PM, thmak wrote:

    The Chinese believe that they can achieve their objective of being able to claim back the islands throughout the South and East China Seas through peaceful means without a fight. It worked so far with the Philippines. China is holding fast against Japan’s nationalization of the Diaoyu islands and Japan dares not to officially claim sovereignty of the islands. The Nine Dash Line was recognized by the Allied powers after WWII and defines the islands that belong to China within the Nine Dash Lines. Since early days,China’s naval power is not able to effectively patrol and administer those islands and those islands are very far away from China, countries near those islands were able to occupy those islands without any problem. It is only recently that China is able to effectively patrol and administer those islands. As a result conflicts occur but China insists for a peaceful solution. .Every country, including USA, relies upon the outside world to provide the markets for its goods and the natural resources to feed the industries and the people. USA know that Philippine want to use USA powerful naval force to force China to cede the islands occupied by Philippine to Philippine and that China will not give up without a fight. USA doesn’t want to have an all out war with China over those small islands and so USA tells Philippine to stop causing any more problems. When China and Japan in 1972 were settling the problems left from World War II, the question of the Diaoy/Senkaku was left for a future generation to resolve. Tokyo knew that they cannot officially claim the islands and Beijing knew that USA had also interfered into the island dispute. So China let the island in dispute. There is no such thing as a drunken Chinese fishing boat captain. The Chinese fishing boat is small compared to Japanese patrol boats. There was only one Chinese fishing boat compared to two Japanese patrol boats. Given Japan’s intention of the islands, it is more likely that Japanese patrol boats intended to forcefully arrest the Chinese boat for illegal fishing in the waters and the refusal of Chinese boat to comply that led to the collision. Japan had to release the boat and personnel because China warned that China would do similar arrest of Japanese boat in the future that would certainly worsen the situation that Japan would not want. If Prime Minister Noda in September 2012 could have declared the islands purchase transaction void and null because the islands are in dispute, then the island dispute would not have flares up. By going through the transaction against Chinese warning, the Japanese government indicates it has sovereignty of the islands. That, of course, angered the Chinese and, as a result, Chinese responded strongly. Chinese sends boats to the islands regularly to indicate that the islands are still in dispute and Japan dare not drive away or arrest any of them, Japan scramble hostile military jets to meet Chinese patrol aircraft over the islands and that is not regulating air traffic. China has all the right as any countries to establish its ADIZ especially when Japan unilaterally extended its ASIZ well into Chinese EEZ. China did it when Vice President Joseph Biden was to visit Beijing just to warn USA to better restraint Japan’s any further provocative actions. Japan finally humiliatingly backed down and had to accept China’s ADIZ. What Japan is doing right now is letting itself into a dead end without a way out. Abe’s shrine visit to pay honor and tribute to WWII Class A criminals who are Nazi supporter and collaborators had painted him also a Nazi supporter that all people despise. Abe’s revision of history to glorify Japan WWII atrocities and aggressions and blame American for the bombing of Pearl Harbor will be condemned by the world all over. China is different from China in WWII, So if Japan wants to fight again, it will certainly suffer another humiliating defeat just like that under USA in WWII/

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 4:55 PM, ilsm50 wrote:

    Time to encourage the victims who have strong economies to not be Poland and take care of themselves.

    When Japan spends more than 1% of its GDP on war and gets to the 4% the US does the US should see.

    The combined "weight" of India, Japan, S Korea, Philipines and Formosa are equal to the China military.

    The US pentagon spends nearly $200B a year on services contracts, about 30% more than China's military budget.

    As long as Japan goes (like Poland) cheap the US stays out.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 5:24 PM, brownskin wrote:

    the president of the Philippines today is Chinese blood that's why china got the Scarborough Shoal island from Philippines, most rich people in the Philippines are chinese, the zte issue was gone, maybe they cover it.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 5:49 PM, heinz777 wrote:

    what a dumb article!

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 5:55 PM, buffrat wrote:

    I notice all of the statements indicating a crushing defeat against the US, Japan, etc by China are written in the same syntax as that used by the Chinese Military and Propaganda machine. The truth of the matter is that a war or even small "skirmish" benefits no one. However China needs to remember, that it would only take a matter of a decade or so, for the US to again re-establish its manufacturing base and basically tell China thanks for the memories. In addition, the trillion dollars of US held currency and treasury is only as good as the "good faith" of the US cares it to be. If the US declared all of that currency and T-Bills null and void as they are held by an "enemy" of the US, China's self described hammer over the US Dollar would disappear in a day or two. History is rife with stories of countries in need of natural resources intimidating and threatening their neigbors to give them up or in the extreme of WWII, to go to war over them. And in all of those incidents can anyone tell me how many worked out for those doing the threatening?

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 5:57 PM, Dude119 wrote:

    This article provides a very reasoned response to the current situation in the East China sea. Contrary to some obviously pro - PRC posters here, the islands do belong to Japan. Recently discovered in 1950 , some PRC drawn maps of the sea that contain the islands very clearly label them by their Japanese name - Senkakus , not the Diayous . This was found on a Chinese ministry of foreign affairs website. When this was announced on the news, the website suddenly went down and now it says that page cannot be accessed. Its obvious the CCP knows that these islands are not their own.

    So why does China continually assert they are the rightful owners?

    Also, I saw the youtube videos of the ramming incident between the chinese fishing vessel and the Japanese coast guard. Its so obvious the chinese boat was at fault - they ignored repeated claims to move out of the area and when they didn't, the boat slammed into the JCG vessel several times.

    I was just wondering if the reverse situation had happened, if the results would have been different. Given the current belligerent acts of Chinese vessels in the South China sea - cutting Vietnamese cable trawlers lines, firing on Philippine fishing vessels, bullying Malaysia and other ships, I think the Chinese would waste no time in firing on a Japanese ship. They have already been caught twice achieving radar control lock on Japanese craft - the next step would be to fire.

    The Japanese and US have exerted incredible restraint in tolerating Chinas belligerent behavior. If China truly wants to be seen as a peace loving nation, than why don't they go to the UN and settle matters through diplomatic means?

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 6:06 PM, SF wrote:

    This article seriously lacks objectivity. To blame a Chinese captain for starting this very serious conflict between China and Japan is absurd. Yes there was an incident. But the actions taken by Japan that changed the status quote were entirely taken by Japan which has nothing to do with fishing boat incident, regardless what their excuse was.

    It was the right politicians of Japan, such as the former governor of Tokyo who wanted to develop the island to provoke China. Their actions caused Japan to nationalized the islands, which effectively changed the status quote, a breach of long standing mutual understandings.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 6:16 PM, metou wrote:

    i think it time the USA build or sell or let the japanese build thier own air craft carrier but just one. To balance the chinese navy. Since Russia sold China one.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 6:18 PM, SF wrote:

    Another misleading or misrepresentations of fact, typical of many propaganda articles, is

    "The Paracels were seized by the Chinese in 1974 after a brief skirmish with the South Vietnamese Navy. It was only in June of 2012 that China established Sansha City on Woody Island as the administrative capital of the Paracel and Spratly Islands."

    In 1974 conflict, China only took small parts of Paracels chain from Vietnam as result. Many parts of the Paracels chain, including the main island Woody had always been controlled by China since Japan surrendered in 1945.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 6:22 PM, metou wrote:

    Im talking a big one tha carrier jets , the one they have are smaller with heliclopters as i understand

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 6:37 PM, PeterPham88 wrote:

    No country has the right to violate other countries' sovereignty in the name of its own security, national pride or for historical reason.

    China must pull back before millions will unnecessarily die if war breaks out.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 6:47 PM, marker585 wrote:

    @bahug. Those Chinese drugs must be pretty good because your hallucinating. A land war??? Even at the height of the Cold War American strategy never envisioned a war where American forces invaded Mother Russia using ground forces. It was always a "defensive strategy" to destroy Ivan if he invaded Europe or elsewhere. Beyond that it was about fighting proxy wars which will be the same with China if the situation continues to escalate. But there are significant differences from the Cold War. China lacks a buffer thus is forced to occupy four provinces with military forces to include suppressing the Tibetan's and Uyghur's minorities. China is stirring up trouble with its bordering neighbors thus pushing them to build up their own military forces in response. And sitting along its Eastern edge are Taiwan (the "Renegade Republic" to you), Japan and South Korea. All have very capable militaries; in fact Japan's naval forces are more powerful than "Chairman Mao's" Chinese peoples navy. China can only project its military force by naval means which is a significant limitation. In response the neighborhood is arming itself thus further stretching Chinese strategy to exert control. China not a stabilizer to the area, its become the bully. China is not an island unto itself, it needs the world but the world does not need China, with the exception of its current control of rare earth metals, but that will erode as other nations gear up to supply them. The world is intertwined economically and exporting nations like China have the most to lose. BTW, there are other routes besides the South China Sea for international shipping so its not the critical bottleneck you make it out to be. China will beat up on the weak but it won't beat up on Japan, Taiwan or South Korea. It doesn't have the balls nor the capability.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 7:02 PM, marker585 wrote:

    Chairman's Mao China is little more than a bubble. As an emerging economy rapid growth is normal as it spends to build up infrastructure and economic capabilities but then it will start to mature and growth will slow, then what? There are hundreds of millions of Chinese who've been left behind despite its massive growth. Its land, air and water are toxic in many places, primarily along the Eastern corridor where most of its people live. And its demographics aren't good, not enough younger workers to support its huge older generation. China faces significant internal issues thus will use international issues and incidents to deter the population. As the article points out, Japan is a very capable country with an excellent military force; which could become far more capable if its pushed by Chinese troublemaking.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 7:08 PM, bahug wrote:

    @Marker the strategy is to destroy international trade, the means to achieve this are many, and China have the full capacity to do so, you see Marker, China have gone through worst disasters all throughout it's history, the Taiping rebellion saw 20 million Chinese lost their lives, the WW2 saw a further 20 million, all throughout it's history China is used to seeing massive depopulation, that usually portend an end of certain dynasties, but all throughout history China remains what it is, this time will be no different. In a war of such a scale, the people who adapt the quickest, complain the least, will come out the victor. Chinese can survive on anything, you over expressive blowhard cannot. So it matters not ultimately, we have seen the USA sheepishly back off after announcing their silly pivot to Asia, do you ever hear the word pivot mentioned anymore? No, that's because it will never work, and now it's Japan alone making the trouble, but that trouble will be dealt with by diplomacy or if there's a miscalculation through war. You will not find many Chinese who aren't ready for such consequences. Yes we know millions could die especially if WMDs were lobbed, but this time it will not just be us, it will be you who will suffer this repercussion along with us, and we know even if we lose another 20 million, we will rebound even better than before. The short 300 years technological domination by the West is over, it was a short 300 years considering, the Asians or more particularly China dominates technology and economy for the last 3000 of the past 3500 years. The difference is that China did not use her naval might to dominate defenseless natives and took over their lands when they could, that doctrine will not change, but the doctrine of self defense at any cost will remain to same. 300 years is a very short spent of time in mankind history, it was aided by your Governments stupidity, not just the many failed wars over the years, the profligacy of their spending, their expressive but ultimately unproductive entertainment culture build on slavery and mass media brainwashing. Propaganda like these never work, you should have learn by now, Western propaganda is like a clown show and I am more enraged by it's hypocrisy than it's stupidity.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 7:34 PM, redmanrt wrote:

    Now is the time to sell to India one of our older carriers, cheap.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 8:29 PM, Rolland wrote:

    I want to see them take Taiwan back. They can claim all they want. We still have a flag on the moon so we get to keep it. No-one can remove it so far. China can't even handle their neighbor North Korea.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 8:38 PM, bob53 wrote:

    @bahug. I don't really know why we see so many Chinese trolls on these Western websites. Do you really think you will persuade anybody here with this tired propaganda? It is really incredible how naive the Chinese people and government are about the rest of the world. Let me make it simple for you. If you start a war now, you will lose. If you start a war in ten years or twenty or fifty, you will lose. I know revenge fantasies are common regarding China's historical humiliation. Better to just leave them as fantasies. It's funny that not too long ago the consensus was that China had the world's most effective diplomacy. Look at it now. China has alienated almost every one of its neighbors. It doesn't have a single ally except perhaps North Korea. Why do you suppose that is? The US has allies all over the world, many of them quite powerful in their own right. It's really time for China to back off and stop the bullying. By the way, you don't mention and don't seem concerned that more and more knowledgable people are refusing to buy Chinese products because of China's recent behavior. You may think that isn't a problem, but just wait until China tries to sell more expensive things and move up the value chain. There may not be many other sources for cheap toys. There are plenty for more costly items.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 8:54 PM, rocket7777 wrote: Korea and China are trying to steal natural resources from Japan by spreading fabricated propaganda. They want world to have unfavorable opinion of Japan in order to use force to take over Senkaku and Takeshima Islands which have potentially have methane and oil. Around 1970, UN disclosed potenal and they have been trying extra hard. In Tungchow Mutiny(before Nanking), Chinese solders brutally massacred Japanese civilian; brooms in vagina; severed heads of waitresses; Chinese perpetrator raped the dead; the intestines was savagely taken out of the body;

    50k died at Nanking mostly by the bombings. Mao, Shek, and media did not complain/report much because it was a fabricated propaganda which used a few pictures from Tungchow Mutiny.

    Comfort Women were mostly Japanese. Korean recruiters were used in Korea. In 2013 diary of Korean worker in SE Asia station owned by Korean was discovered. Japanese/korean/taiwan solders had to pay about 1 week worth of wage. USA, Japan, Korea China etc. used a military prostitution and had atrocities, but due to War Guilt Information Program distorted propaganda, only bad things about Japan was taught. Like Chinese “50 cents army”, Korean VANK, USA(too big/smart to have a name?) etc. do today.

    . USA raped 50,000 occupying Japan; “every woman, girl, and child” in Okinawa village

    . Japan had to create prostitution station so less rape by USA occupiers

    . 1965, Japan gave S Korea equivalent of us$1 trillion today to settle

    . Japan apologized many times, but each time Koreans ignores it and bring it up again and again

    . USA killed Japanese solders after they surrender often taking skull as a souvenir

    . In Korean War, USA “kill'em all” including kids

    . Military prostitution existed during Korean/Vietnam War

    . Vietnam war, Koreans raped like 200,000 and resulted in 20,000+ babies left behind

    . There is like 1 million Korean prostitutes today who are forced by debt and Korean traffickers

    . According to Center for Disease control, over 1 million rapes per year in USA today

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 9:13 PM, rabbiVo7 wrote:

    take into account the problems facing the chinese communists? Like an illegitimate government that will collapse soon, a brutal dictatorship that oppresses its own people by denying them even the right to vote, ghost cities, doctored economic figures, massive debts unpaid by local governments, manipulated economy dominated by state owned companies, manipulated currency, stolen products through stolen technology and swindling of foreign investors, stolen land, poisoned environment, aged and unbalanced population, social problems and the shameless dishonesty and treachery displayed by the chinese communists?

    chinese communists have consistently demonstrated their arrogance, oppressiveness, ruthless disregard of the Truth, Justice, Fair Play, International Law and above all, the error of their atheism.

    Can any country in the world rise to world dominance without the Blessings of Almighty God? Can any country in the world be allowed by DivineJustice to dominate the world by cheating and stealing with no sense of honor or shame or integrity or sense of fair play? What does it profit a man to gain the whole world but lose its soul? The bottomline Truth is that man does not live by bread alone but on every Word that comes from the mouth of God.

    But pride cometh before destruction. If they do not repent and humble themselves, the chinese communists will soon reap the whirlwind from the lawlessness and arrogance that they have sown around the world.

    communist red china while currently following the same pattern of aggression unleashed by Nazi Germany and the Empire of Japan that started World War II, should take note of what happened in the end . Godless aggressors will never win and will be severely punished by Divine Justice.

    What the chinese communists are missing is that they think that

    they can get away with their dishonest, immoral, unfair and unjust methods of advancing their agenda of global domination.

    The godless ideology of the chinese communists blinds them to the Truth that there is a Higher Power that holds the destinies of all the nations of the world in the Palm of His Hands and will hold corrupt and evil regimes like the communists accountable.

    Unless communist china humbles itself and repent of its arrogant

    ways, give up its goal of global domination (because it will never succeed), respect the Truth and abide by Justice, then communist china will soon collapse under the weight of its own evil, worst than the punishment of the agressors in World War II.

    The unprovoked aggression of the chinese communists in arbitrarily claiming territories of sovereign nations in utter disregard of not only international law, but also the universal law of justice, truth and fair play, is plain lawlessness. This year, the penalty for this communist chinese arrogance and hubris has reached the tipping point that calls for redress and vindication.

    communist china has the entire year last year to change course, humble itself and repent of its offense of lawlessness. communist china must :

    1) Stop sending its ships and airplanes to harass Japan.

    2) Give up its bogus claim on the Senkaku islands and respect Japanese sovereignity on these islands

    3) Return all territories it stole from Vietnam, the Philippines, East Turkestan, Tibet and India and respect the sovereignity of these nations on these territories.

    4) Stop stealing the property of other nations (intellectual, economic, natural resources, etc.) and return and pay back what was stolen.

    5) Return the sovereignity stolen from the chinese people.

    6) Stop enslaving the chinese people.

    7) Stop the mass murder of its people through abortion.

    8) Stop lying to the world.

    9) Stop threatening the world.

    10) Give up its goal of enslaving the world.

    Since communist china persists in its offenses of lawlessness, beginning this year 2014, communist china will itself be destroyed by lawlessness, confusion and chaos.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 9:17 PM, bahug wrote:

    @Bob We never lose, we just adapt, what is there to lose, after all the disaster we went through we continue to rise, one more disaster to cripple your hegemonic dream, destroy your economy, and wipe out all your debt and give you a new clean slate as an agriculture and production economy is what is needed, until you morons go through what we have gone through you will not learn your lesson. You try to contain us you suffer the embarrassment of a completely declining status like you have today, it's better to keep your mouth shut and practice humility next time, your foreign policy is a disaster, and this time it will come back to haunt you. Even though your previous administration was equally reckless, they are at least smart enough to know not to mess about with this area and it's historical complexity, and also knowing just how much their economy depends on this region, this administration is even dumber than the Bush one, but at least they are not so dumb that they continue to stir up sh1t with all these tension going on, one wrong move and the USA will be dragged into it whether they participate in a conflict or not, their economy will be sunked, China on the other hand have gone through this many times before, nothing new. I am not convincing anybody, I am just telling this to your face, I dislike your government and your people, in fact I hate, you people are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, and one day you will pay the price. This is my own personal view, my hatred for Americans, I am not speaking for any Chinese, but one thing is clear, you want to provoke us, back it up, can't back it up, don't try this nonsense, we won't tolerate provocations by hypocrites and liars. You want to be disrespectful and mess about in our backyard, and threaten our people, we will return the pain to you 10 folds. We will make sure you remember all the mistakes you made, and todays situation and Japan's recklessness, is all due to the silly and miscalculated policy of PIVOT to Asia. It will fail, it will end in a disaster, and we will make sure you know.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 9:20 PM, rabbiVo7 wrote:

    No army (or navy or air force) in the world can defeat the US in a conventional (or even nuclear) war. Case in point is when the US invaded Iraq in 2003, the US captured Bagdad in less than three months.

    chinese communists have no capability to achieve that.

    The war in Afghanistan is a counterinsurgency (guerrila) type of war where insurgents hide among the civilians and is therefore of a different type from conventional war.

    chinese communist have no capability of even getting to Afghanistan, much less winning against the afghan insurgents.

    As to the Korean war, if Gen MacArthur was not prevented by Truman to cross the Yalu, destroy the communist bases there and let Gen Chiang Kai Shek to attack from Taiwan, there will be no communist chinese threat today. Even then, communist china lost 800,000 to 1 Milion chinese communist soldiers dead and the North Korean communist army was destroyed and practically ceased to exist as an organized unit.

    chinese communists like to self glorify themselves as the best but in reality they are nothing nor even deserve to be respected.

    Even if the chinese communists attempt to disguise themselves as capitalist, their obvious agenda of global domination in which they plan to enslave the whole world like they enslave more than 1 billion chinese people at present, must be stopped and will be stopped by Divine Justice.

    chinese communists are shamelessly dishonest and morally bankrupt. chinese communist will never succeed in their goal of global domination because their lies and falsehoods can easily be defeated by the Truth.

    communist china is no match to the combined economic and military might of the USA, Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Australia, New Zealand, India, European Union, Israel, midEast and African Allies, Canada, Mexico, Central and Sout American Allies. When the US and all its allies around the world will tear communist china to pieces and liberate soon the Tibetans in Tibet, the Uighurs in East Turkestan and the more than 1 billion enslaved people in china.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 9:27 PM, Junster wrote:

    americans should not forget who attacked Pearl Harbor, who fought the US in Pacific in WW II, and how many US service men lost life fighting japanese.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 9:34 PM, bahug wrote:

    @RabbiVo7, Don't talk Rabbi, you don't know what you are talking about, you belong to a synagogue, please don't talk war and politics with me, you imagination is base off fantasies, my theory is based on calculated military facts, and REAL historical knowledge. Please I don't have the time or energy to teach you facts, like I said, just watch, read my words, JUST WATCH, over the coming months, we will continue to humiliate you, we never forget the indignation when you attempt to send an aircraft carrier to the yellow sea 4 years ago, today we still remember every threats you attempt to make, and today we will make you understand as I have said 4 years ago, and I continue to say up to this day, everything I have predicted have come true. It will continue to come true, and if a real war do break out, what I said about the scenario will also come true.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:03 PM, DeepBlueSea2014 wrote:

    Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and others are in the house and continue their usual China bashing propaganda.

    Playing with words and taking words out of context had been flying left and right.

    Dancing around the topic with name calling has been so becoming of those Japanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese and others.

    False sincerity can not be compensated for ignorance.

    Japanese have been US name dropping like now tomorrow.

    Filipinos have been US, Japanese name dropping like no tomorrow.

    Vietnamese have been US name dropping like no tomorrow too.

    Others have been US name dropping too.

    Obama and Chinese had sat on a redwood bench for two to talk about the new G2 during two days private meetings in CA in last year.

    There were no room for the third person.

    Metaphorically speaking, Americans and Chinese will closely working together to manage other countries.

    Even Americans want to closely work with China as demonstrated by Obama.

    Obama had gifted the redwood bench for two to Chinese leader as a sign of friendship and cooperation between America and China.

    All those What US will do to China white noise will be in vain.

    Is it so?

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:26 PM, JD724 wrote:

    It's only going to take a country with a Navy strong enough to fight back. Then China would have to up the ante or blink and pull back.... And if they up the ante.... The U.S. Navy will get involved. And the Chinese Navy does not...I repeat... DOES NOT have the firepower nor the capability nor the reach to challenge the U.S. Navy...

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:30 PM, DeepBlueSea2014 wrote:


    Vietnam was China colony for hundreds of years.

    China had signed Vietnam over to France.

    Vietnam had became France colony.

    Vietnamese like you have been holding grudges against Chinese after all those years.

    Metaphorically speaking,

    More knee jerking and real afraid a person is,

    shouting louder that I am not afraid of you that person will!

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:38 PM, DeepBlueSea2014 wrote:


    Sounded like more US name dropping from Filipinos.

    Americans have been using Japanese and Filipinos as cannon fodders for US.

    Americans have been telling Japanese and Filipinos that Americans will be right behind you!

    In other word, Filipinos will be alone to face China.

    Since China had served eviction notices to Philippine last year, China is coming back to South China Sea to evict loitering Filipinos from China islands in 2014.

    Don't say that China did not warned Philippine first!

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:42 PM, vietnamjeff69 wrote:

    DeepBlueSea, you should learn to write better in Englilsh, it shows your lack of a good education. Regardless of your bad English, allow me to show you how the Chinese negociate with their neighbors over territorial disputes. Seeing is believing, so take a good, hard look at this youtube video and tell me what you see...

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:48 PM, nong wrote:

    I'm very much concerned with the reaction of the international community UN,USA, UK nothing has been done seens then if they don't stop this Chinese pest of the world it only lead to war just like before WW2 started here in the pacific the US did not think japan will not go to war what happened we all need to make a move now or it will be to late.....

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:51 PM, DeepBlueSea2014 wrote:


    Same old dancing around the topic with name calling is so becoming of beat me more Vietnamese like you!

    Beat me more Vietnamese have been coming back to China for more beating since the good old colonial days!

    Vietnam was China colony for hundreds of years.

    There was no Vietnam territories, only China territories.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:54 PM, DeepBlueSea2014 wrote:


    Do read the real news.

    UK PM went to China and kissed up to Chinese leaders last year.

    China will build nuclear power plants for UK and China will owned 49% of those nuclear power plants.

    China will build high speed railroads for UK too.

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 10:59 PM, DeepBlueSea2014 wrote:


    Save you phony whatever!

    You had understood what I had said very well enough to try to digress back to you old self again which is

    Dancing around the topic with name calling as usual!

  • Report this Comment On February 01, 2014, at 11:04 PM, vietnamjeff69 wrote:

    DeepBlueSea, I'm not Vietnamese stupid! I'm American, born and bred in the good old USA! Furthermore, Vietnam was a Chinese territory until the Vietnamese kicked your butts out of Vietnam around 1000 AD. Anyway, you probably think that Tibet also belongs to china. Yeah, it's really hard to beat up and imprison a bunch of Buddhist monks, but it won't be so easy for china to bully the rest of the free world.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:04 AM, AllBullShit wrote:


    i dont care for the japanese nor the chinese, but i seriously think you have been so brainwashed by your chinese govt. the sad truth is that your offspring will go through the same faith as you. its too bad, china could have been a very nice country, but the recent aggreesion has shown that china is nothing but a trouble maker.

    the way i see it, and i am neutral, neither the US nor Japan want a war in the region, it has been peacefull for the past 70 years (except for North Korea, but those are wackos). i think china is making a grave mistake trying to take up an enemy like japan and the US.

    Russia is also watching china's movement and is also very cautious about china's expansion. if china is not carefull, it can ultimately humiliate itself and turn the clock backward from it's recent economic success.

    Recent china aggression and territorial claims reminds me of the "Rise of The Third Reich". DeepBlueSea, you might want to take a look at history and see for yourself what Germany look like after the war. China and its 5000 years old history might be coming to an end because of Xi's ambition.

    Dont you chinese like the way china is making progress today? dont you want china to prosper further? dont you chinese want a good name/image around the world for your country? your behaviour as of today is nothing but an aggressor, and the world is not impressed.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:24 AM, chromevanadium wrote:

    @DeepBlueSea.. Yeah, Vietnam is a chinise colony

    until Vietnam kicked chinese yellow ass... And if

    china invades us, well kick there yellow ass too...

    You communist sympathizer, china cannot start a war and has no balls.because she has no OIL, that is why she is claiming territory that is not her's because it has lots of it under...

    china's growth will slow down because US now realized there mistake of giving you jobs.. and those jobs that they give you will come back to US Mainland..

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 1:05 AM, nypu wrote:

    @ Dude119,

    Tadayoshi Murata, professor of Japan's Yokohama National University in his book The Origins of the Japan-China Territorial Issue dug into Japanese archives and found evidence that indicates Japan does not have historical ownership of the Diaoyu Islands.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 1:07 AM, nypu wrote:

    This article is just the usual anti-China propaganda and it begins with the sentence "The Chinese believe that they can achieve their objective of acquiring islands throughout the South and East China Seas without a fight...."

    No one is foolish enough to believe but everyone hopes for it.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 1:42 AM, klausmager wrote:

    As several already commented, the true challenger is looking all of us straight in the eye. It is called nature, at a planetary level. We are trashing the planet, we have exceeded its carrying capacity. Not necessarily by how many we are, but most certainly by how we want to live.

    Until that changes, and everyone accepts that we are where we are, fair or not doesn't matter to anyone, we are toast. We are going down. As a species, most certainly as a civilization. We have hit the reboot button. That was not a good idea. Better focus now on what is ahead, please no more of these distractions.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 1:52 AM, WatchingYou wrote:

    Life is a cycle. If we analyze the objective of China, once they got what they want that doesn't mean they are satisfied and stop obtaining things. If they really want peace, they must stop claiming things which belongs from other countries. Before this issue, everything is fine. Indeed, China is a developed country and it is known worldwide for its success in industry and one of the leading country. If the Government/people of china have heart and mind, they must STOP this issue they started and must not use their power to over reign other countries(especially small countries).

    It is better to live with PEACE and LOVE.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 2:21 AM, ChineseAmerican wrote:

    The author of this article does not know history nor current events. He writes a fictional scenario and tries to present it as facts and analysis.

    What is facts is that the Daiyou Isalnd was stolen from China during Japan's imperialism, and its time that they gave it back.

    The Japanese never acknowledged their evilness in WWII. Their Emperor never apologized. He did not apologize for killing innocent victims in Asia, and he never apologized for the surprise killings Americans in Pearl Harbor. All the statement of 'regrets' were made merely by the ministers. So you go figure what that really means.

    Then there is the annual visits by all those ministers to the shrine where Nazi allied Japanese leaders were, not just buried, but glorified with a museum that rationalize the justification of their invasions and brutalities. The Japanese Army did not just fight solders to solders, they kill children and rape woman along the way for pleasure.

    For all those naïve American whom wants to see Japan stood up to China, just remember that an revived Japanese Imperial Army will try to retry Pearl Harbor again. Those who ignore history will be fated to relive history again and again. At least China had never invade USA ever, and have intention to.

    Finally, for those whom do not know, after the Manchurian and Mongolian invaded China, they moved their government and made Beijing the capital of the new nation. They had in fact, became part of China. The Hans Chinese never forced them to join the union.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 3:04 AM, ddcmall wrote:

    We MUST all respect how carefully the all so wise China blew up the communications satellite in 2007 which became the basis of the movie GRAVITY. Even though in the movie China killed George Clooney they also graciously spared the life of Sandra Bullock. The wonderful and beautiful star of Miss Congeniality. Please welcome all Chinese invaders into your - I mean their new home.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 4:07 AM, CrowdControl wrote:

    I must say this was a very provocatively written Essay/op-ed by the '' author, whomever that was?!?

    Beyond being provocative, seeming to taunt China and almost attempting to even stoke nationalist rage, it includes some exaggerated, dicey claims and analysis and conclusions.

    First, Scarborough was never internationally-recognized legally to be a Philippine owned Shoal/island! But also, it's equally NOT currently taken-over, or owned by PRC either!

    PRC govt would surely love to claim it as such, but it is internationally recognized as being DISPUTED territory and a shoal which is still within Philippine's EEZ zone -- meaning Filipino fishermen can still freely fish there! Simply, if PRC govt decides to actively block or intimidate Filipino fishermen from fishing said traditional fishing waters, that will be a VIOLATION of customary International Law and a mark against PRC govt. Simply, it is part of disputed territories within the SCS/WPS, some which are within Philippines EEZ, and some of which are not. (being harder of course to contest or claim unilaterally).

    Moreover, the SCS is NOT China's 'weak' underbelly! Yes it's a vital passage way for China's economy and is why Chinese Navy also has every right to patrol SCS to ensure FREEDOM of Navigation! That is, it's just as weak an underbelly (or side rib, or collar bone) to any other regional country equally (threatening their respective chances for exploiting vast natural resources, and disrupting trade, etc), if you want to be particular. Thus, it would be better off saying that it's NOT a weakness to anyone! Please. It's simply a shared, international region in DISPUTE, which is needing to be cooperatively exploited/developed, per peacefully resolved disputes, but freely navigated too. Period. Please don't further encourage or justify PRC's fear and battle cry!

    Lastly, regarding USN carriers 'Controlling' the SCS and being able to cut off maritime traffic to PRC...sorry, but NO, the USN does not control or have hegemony over the SCS!! Sure, a couple of USN subs (or cruise missiles), or from any country for that matter could wreck havoc on shipping and shut down said vital passage. But also consider it would be virtual suicide for US to ever attempt such a blockage, or for Chinese Navy to attempt such a blockage too, too. There would be massive economic consequences impacting the US and interests, let alone a catastrophic war with severe losses. So please consider the USN deterred, if there is any paranoia attempting to justify PRC annexing/controlling the SCS for sake of security!

    No, it's time for parties to the regional dispute to peacefully resolve the dispute, ASAP, multilaterally, per rules-based, legally recognized resolution and Code of Conduct. Intimidation or coercion to achieve it however, is not acceptable, is a violation of customary International Law and is illegitimate. Good luck and respects to all.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 4:12 AM, bceles wrote:, shut the hell up punk....get your head out of your a-h0le 'cause everything that comes out of your " CHINKS" a$$ mouth stinks like sh!t.....we have and still have the American flag on the moon you $tup!d....and you want to challenge us? you haven't come up of any technology to even come par to fact, you mf'ers are stealing our, don't even try or we will blow up all you CHINKS back to stone age. got that $tup!d !!!!!!!!

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 4:23 AM, bceles wrote:

    @deepbluesea(ass) must be a CHINK living in the great U.S. of A....we will find you CHINK and hang you by your slanted little ding-dong!!!

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 5:30 AM, CrowdControl wrote:

    I have to say that the author of this article, upon closer reading and analysis and for whatever agenda said writer might have, was seemingly attempting to taunt Chinese readers, disrespectfully and almost trying it would seem to stoke their nationalist rage. There was even one sentence that stuck out in particular almost giving encouraging advice and a green light for PRC to place anti-ship defenses across Spratly chain to neutralize 'hostile naval' forces. Not 'hostile' to them, but simply written as 'hostile'. There's an inherent difference there in interpretation and perspective, in that one slight omission.

    Enough to make one curious and ponder if the author was possibly(?) secretly wishing to enrage Chinese Americans, push their buttons with the motive to divide? Either that or the author and Fool dot com editorial board is willing to and purposefully being provocative and incendiary with the goal of increasing readerership?

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 10:07 AM, zdrx wrote:

    funny how the chinese...led by bahug glorify the chinese, "power" and survival capacity in case of war. he forgot...or simply refused to see the situation:

    1) china, due to the only country that has problems locating where his boundary is.

    2) due to annexed tibet and other territories of its neighbors.

    3) due to greed..china fought war with russia over ussuri, fought war with india over the himalayas, fought vietnam for islands in SCS. wrestled the scarborough from the philippines thru deception.

    4) due to greed...china is the only country that has border issues with ALL its immediate neighbors korea, japan, philippines, malaysia india and vietnam

    5) due to greed...china alienated ALL his immediate neighbors and surrounded himself with enemies.


    1) a strong but greedy china is risky to it's siberian and eastern territories... and can not be trusted. therefore, russia will not support china.

    2) india doesn't even bother to hide its intention. publicly announced that its AGNI nuclear missiles can reach all chinese cities. can also block oil supply to choke china.

    3) korea, japan, taiwan, philippines, malaysia, indonesia, vietnam and supported by the US, and western allies. can establish an effective air and naval blockade of china. no entry/no exit will be imposed.

    4) it will be a swift air and naval warfare...with china losing his air force and navy in one day.

    5) knowing that using nuclear weapons as suicide...china will lure opponents to a land war, but none will bite.

    6) economic sanctions will be imposed...and china is dependent on trade and industry. unable to trade, transportation and all industries shut down due to lack of production orders and fuel...hundreds of millions chinese will be jobless and starve.

    7) with deaths and casualties piling up...and cities turned to rubble, will froze china into a shock.

    8) having been used to the good life due to economic boom...chinese citizens will be up in arms against their government. chaos and turmoil follows.

    9) china collapses.


  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 11:36 AM, Donc wrote:

    The bias at its finest.

    Oh, I'm reading in Sorry.

    1951, China submit to UN for their claim of Paracel islands. A small skirmish between China and Vietnam and such.

    When it comes to Senkaku islands, where the heck the report from Japan incursion into China and grab the island? After WWII, given the administration by US, then nationalize in 2012 without any consult to UN?


    Love it how Western media gives benefits of the doubt to Japan while completely bashing on China. Besides, when it comes to Pearl Harbor bombing, they start bashing Japan.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:32 PM, commenter8 wrote:
  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:34 PM, chinalfailure wrote:

    China is failing thru propaganda's talk. Do not buy any chain's product this is the solution to failure to china

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:36 PM, commenter8 wrote:

    US policy is trying to "split the baby" over the Senkakus. On the one hand, it recognizes that the Senkakus are disputed and advocates that the dispute should be settled peacefully. On the other hand, the Senkakus are covered by the US-Japan defense treaty (per Secretary of State Hilary Clinton's Congressional testimony a few years ago) and in case of a Chinese military attempt to seize the Senkakus the US is obligated to assist Japan in militarily defending the Senkakus.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:42 PM, BeFactual wrote:

    Journalists are supposed to be impartial. This article is so biased, so manipulative on historical facts, so anti-Chinese, the author ought to be shamed of himself, and it is so wrong at so many levels that Motley Fool's actually published it.

    Shame on you!!!

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 12:50 PM, muttley wrote:

    Chinese propaganda machine is all over, and they even believe their own propaganda. How could these bloggers speaks the truth when they are blinded by their government filtering of information (i.e google).

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 1:37 PM, maruja29 wrote:

    If anybody let this happen to ourr beloved Philippines, entering our territory and seizing what is belong to us.i will kill every CHINESE I SEE and Will start with ALL CHINESE EMBASSYS ALL OVER THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 1:57 PM, audrey54 wrote:

    This is ridiculous. Everyone is looking at China from a WESTERN point of view. You're not in China, you don't know China, you are not Chinese. You are Westerners, who over the last 200 years, went out to conquer other nations. He who suspects it, dealt it.

    The last time "China" ever went out to conquer anyone, was during the times of Ghengis Khan and he did a hell of a lot more in his time than all the western powers combined. The guy made it all the way to the outskirts of Europe. So honestly, it's out of the Chinese's system. They're done with it. All the Chinese want to do is PROTECT their borders from countries like America, who happens to have naval bases in S. Korea, Japan and the Philippines. Why can the Americans have naval bases in the Pacific, but the Chinese can't?

    Comments please, I welcome them.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 2:53 PM, Stealthbomber007 wrote:

    To those who intended to ignore history (deed), what are you afraid of? Without studying the historical background and past deeds of a country, how can you judge? Out of thin air, emotional or just sour grapes or all of the above?

    To those who refuse to accept the notion that the Diaoyutai Islands historically belong to China, again read the Chinese history. So Japan's invading China's air space and illegally taking over DI are China's fault and China does not have the right to self defend?

    It's undisputed fact that Diaoyutai Islands belong to China, period. It's also undisputed fact that Japan unilaterally declared an ADIZ in 1964, which invaded China's air space. So why all the fuss over the old and new ADIZ and DI? The answer is aggression from Japan, the tiny island country that has no natural resources and limited land but has an ambitious and wicked heart to steal, rob and massacre its neighbors at all costs. Didn't the Imperialist/Nationalist Japan alongside with Germany and Italy started WWII and Japan singlehandedly invaded China and other neighboring countries, killed tens if not hundreds of millions, and destroyed properties? Didn't the same Japan bombed the Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941? The most dangerous and insane part is not what they did in WWII but their continued action to deny the Rape of Nanking killing over 300,000 innocent civilians that includes women (& rape), children (& rape) and the old (& rape) ever happened. They have even changed their school textbooks to hide the massacre from their children, grandchildren and ... Their leaders continue to visit the Shrines honoring the Class-A war criminals. Aren't these evidence enough that they intend to invade and kill again should there be another opportunity? Just look at their deeds instead of their words. Now they blatantly attempted to steal Diaoyutai Islands in broad daylight. Why do you think they dare to do that when China is no longer the old/weak China during the Qiang Dynasty? The United States of America and they think you are naïve, forgetful, forgivable and plain stupid. They want to use the U.S. to intimidate China, but there is much bigger plot and that is to stir up a potential Sino-American war. Who do you think will benefit the most? The wicked and murderous Imperialist/Nationalist Japanese now led by prime minister Abe who and his cohorts are the snake heads and trouble makers behind all the tension with China

    One more thing specifically to Americans. Who dropped two (2) atomic bombs on Japan in WWII? The Imperialist/nationalist Japanese will never forget that and they will seek revenge when the time comes. So don't be so quick to criticize China and side with Japan when China is simply trying to claim back what were robbed from them. To the Asian countries, don’t forget what the Imperialist/Nationalist Japanese did to your ancestors. You will get what you deserved or worst ten times worser than what your ancestors got during WWII should Japan successfully removed the military power from China and the United States resulting from mutual destruction. It’s very clever plot and you are helping them.

    Remember this Chinese proverb, “Shovel the snow only from your own doorstep. Do not mind the frost forming on your neighbor’s roof” well. It’s a deadly poison that will kill you and your countrymen should you continue to ignore the Imperialist/Nationalist Japanese are doing now. China does not have a history of invading another country in modern time but the Japanese have done it and are attempting for a repeat.

    P.S. Please don’t say that this is a piece coming from China’s propaganda machine as some of you stupidly claimed. By the way, Mr. Imonti has lived in Japan for more than ten (10) years but he seems to have turned a blind eye to history and the evil deeds of prime minister Abe and his cohorts in writing this article. I wonder why?

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 3:00 PM, taipan wrote:

    This is typical Western propaganda aimed at berating China. The author, clearly, does not have his facts straight or is intentionally making false claims. Please read The West Perfecting Its Techniques To Hurt China by Andre Vitchek.

    Even this Westerner knows it is hypocritical to bash China as an American.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 3:33 PM, commenter8 wrote:

    Considering all the evidence raised by both sides, under international law Japan has the stronger claim to the disputed Senkaku islands.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 4:43 PM, totomanago wrote:

    How is this article biased? China IS the aggressor - period. Someone said that if a lake is shared by 10 neighbors and the one who has the biggest land property decided to claim all of the lake to itself. What happens to the other nine? The nine will join forces to take back what is theirs and cut-up the rogue neighbor. Everybody still see Japan as the old Japan. Its like saying Germany is still Nazi or Italy is still fascist. True, defending your homeland you fight to the death - but this is not about homeland - its about taking the lake for yourself.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 4:43 PM, DVCAZ wrote:

    The case for Chinese Asiatic Hegemony is so strong that perhaps, in the future, there will be a book with the familiar sounding title, "Why America Slept".

    Pravda, 2012, "China has territorial claims to nearly 20 countries" reveals much about China's grand plan for expansion. To deny that China has such a long term goal is exactly what China hopes its opponents will do. All of us waking up when it is too late.

    That China claims territorial rights to nearly 20 countries nothing they say that denies their long term goals should be taken lightly.

    The Pravda article has a real bombshell in it, "...the Russian far...seems...happy with the fact that Beijing makes territorial claims only to Seoul and Tokyo."

    Beijing's territorial claim to Tokyo is the most ominous take-away from the Pravda article.

    "War is never inevitable, though the belief that it is can become one of its causes." If Beijing believes it has a territorial claim to Tokyo; Dove's should take cover.

    Two article worth reading:

    1."July 17, 2012 Pravda article "China has territorial claims to nearly 20 countries"

    2. "5 Questions on China’s Air Defense Identification Zone" The Diplomat 11/29/13

    Justin McDonnell discussed China’s recent moves with David M. Finkelstein vice president of the Center for Naval Analyses and director of CNA’s China Studies Division.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 4:55 PM, Travis wrote:

    Motley Fool wants investors in put their money in US weapons industry so Motley can make a fat commission. But I would not fall for it! As if Asia is run by Motley, this article is not historically accurate to what Asians think in Asia. Who ever jumps in and order anything from Motley is the real fool.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 5:11 PM, Bullyrumors wrote:

    I am sick to hear China bullying with their economic power to continue encroaching other nations natural resources and corrupting governments with the suffering of those nation's citizen. We might as well use our super power to cut them out our economic dependence on their labor and transfer to other nations to build them a better livelihood, economy and multicultural relationship. They better stay away from the Philippines territory of cluster island. The U.S. will not tolerate China in bullying its way to harass its neighboring countries or else.

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 5:42 PM, qop wrote:

    Just last year China claims the Scarborough shoal physically and what did the Americans do? Nothing, come on USA you need to back up your guarantee to us, or else China will continue to claim more and more islands that belong to us, we Filipinos must be able to defend ourselves, and the Americans is not helping us, you need to take a tough stand on China now before it's too late, you promised to help us but you said nothing, do nothing after what happen, you must take action against China now before it's too late!

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 7:27 PM, commenter8 wrote:

    US neutral in Scarborough standoff but will help upgrade Philippine Navy

    Read more:

  • Report this Comment On February 02, 2014, at 8:22 PM, CrowdControl wrote:

    Good post, and link, commenter8 --

    Despite the disinformation and propaganda, USG is actually taking a relatively neutral stance on territorial disputes of Scarborough and Spratly chain.

    USG is firm and resolute on calling for peaceful resolution to the disputes, as soon as possible, to include rules-based, recognized, code of conduct.

    USG is furthermore insisting that any unilateral aggression, intimidation or coercion as a means to resolve the disputes is illegitimate and subject to rejection. Those components and demands to the resolution process are universal and not in any way "Western" in mind-set, etc.

    Just as an arrogant, hypocritical, or aggressive mindset in 'warning' others to not disobey should not necessarily be perceived as a normal 'Chinese' govt mindset, expectation, or paradigm.

    All sides need to take a step back, pause, consider one's own human flaws, over-reaction, possible miscalculations and overstep...and consider a brighter future, under the new modern era approach; one which is more pluralistic and cooperative to achieving sustainable and equitable solutions -- one which is not domineering, unilateral, or hegemonic.

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 12:06 AM, Travis wrote:

    I am cancelling my subscription to Motley Fools. They are bias and their writers are often not well versed on the subjects they write. Lots of misinformation!

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 5:02 AM, qop wrote:

    If all Americans can do is give us moral support, and not action, it will not work. The American Government promised us military support, where is it? Chinese patrol ships have run rampant all over our areas, they even impose a fishing ban on our islands. USA where are you to help us? You promised it, now we feel tricked and betray. We warn you, if you don't do something now, it will be too late for you to do anything in the future. You must cut off all trade with China today, boycott their goods, but instead your government recently say you want to see China grow, and grow, is your Government stupid? After last year they promise to help us contain China rise, how can we trust you anymore after all your broken promises and fickle minded policies, are you just using us as pawns? We feel we are being used as pawns, please take concrete actions now, send in your navy to patrol and stop Chinese fishing boats from endangering our security.

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 5:09 PM, ftadwilliams wrote:

    After reading this article, I must encourage all good Americans that care for this great country to lobby your representatives and enact a petition before the US Congress or even the International Courts to bill and collect the trillions of dollars we have spent to make sure the international water remain free to commerce. In my view, all countries in Asia that have benefitted since 1945, and on the backs of the American tax payers that have allowed the USA military to keep the China sea opened to international free commerce for all countries, -- friendly or foe -- consequently enabling them to grow their economies and feed their people without wars, if they now pretend to restrict the China sea or create a military outpost and spend trillions of dollars to make the USA effort more difficult, these countries must now reimburse the American tax payers. Otherwise risk loosing access to the China sea and other international waters. Lets go ahead and lobby our blind representatives to the harm that countries like China and North Korea will create by enhancing their militaries.

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 5:27 PM, aquanut87 wrote:


    When USG says it wants to see China grow, it is communicating they wish to see a continued prosperous and successful China which is peaceful, and not aggressive. USG is not trying to contain China's economic growth or contain China's right to be an independent, major world power. Merely, USG is in a delicate policy mode of disagreeing with an assertive and aggressive PRC policy with it's neighbors, and rejects unilateral declarations of indisputable sovereignty of SCS, etc, as illegit which if enforced, would violate international law. Please understand and see the difference. USN as well as others will continue to operate with freedom of navigation and will continue in joint-training in support of AFP's naval modernization. With respect to PRC illegally blocking Filipino fishing boats in EEZ waters, that is a legal matter in which USG is supporting to be resolved peacefully, asap, or by legal arbitration process as Philippines is currently pursuing.

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 7:09 PM, qop wrote:

    Legal action is useless, China will not recognize it and they will claim historically they have the island, and pull up old maps again, it will not work, the only thing that will work is to sink a Chinese boat, send them a serious warning, only the USA navy have the equipment, we Filipinos will back you 100% with all our might and assets, we will give you a naval base, maybe two or even 3 bases, but only one of our bases is suitable right now for refitting, you need to help us construct 3 more, you can base your ships to port and assist us to patrol our shoals together, only together with our strategic position, we will defeat China and regain our islands. The USA needs to stop talking and start sinking Chinese boats that violates Philippines water, if you don't want to do it, please send us at least 3 modern boats so we can wipe out the Chinese navy ourselves, just give us the resources so we can defend ourselves, those made in China junks will not float once we punch a small hole into their hulls. Please don't send us a refurbish WW2 era ship and think it can help us, you need to send us your latest LCS and destroyers, we will take responsibility for our actions, if you don't help us now it will be too late. All we need is 3 of your top class cruisers, and you can send three fleet of aircraft carriers, and 8 submarines to support us, together we will wipe the entire Chinese navy by ourselves and we will teach them a lesson they never forget!

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 8:51 PM, commenter8 wrote:

    As I recall, the US Navy had an important naval base in Subic Bay until 1992 - when the Phillippines kicked the Americans out.

  • Report this Comment On February 03, 2014, at 10:41 PM, commenter8 wrote:

    "...the Philippine military is not that large, and was never designed or, more importantly, developed to provide for the defense of its expansive archipelagic territory. Many experts argue that billions of dollars would need to be invested to reconfigure the Philippine military into a credible defense force. However, with the closure of U.S. bases and the resultant loss of lease revenue, the AFP must now rely on congressional appropriations and AFP modernization funds to invest in new equipment. These sources are not sufficient to carry through modernization plans..."

Add your comment.

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