Is Harley-Davidson the Worst Motorcycle Money Can Buy?

Is Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG  ) the worst motorcycle money can buy? Let's get this out of the way right now. No.

It's actually the second worst.

At least, according to Consumer Reports.

Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight Sportster. Photo: Harley-Davidson.

Long a recognized authority on automotive quality and value for your money in cars, Consumer Reports began branching out to reviewing motorcycles last year, publishing its first-ever report on the most reliable motorcycles from five of the biggest brands -- Harley, BMW (NASDAQOTH: BAMXY  ) , Honda (NYSE: HMC  ) , Kawasaki, and Yamaha. (Polaris' (NYSE: PII  ) Victory and Indian brands had apparently not made enough of a dent in the market to attract CR's attention by the time of the survey.) What CR discovered from its research is that quality varies "significantly" among brands -- and the best brand, Yamaha, is about six times more reliable than the worst, BMW.

Only about one Yamaha bike in 10 has experienced a major problem or required a serious repair over the past four years, according to the 4,424 motorcycle owners surveyed by CR. In contrast, about one BMW motorcycle in three has suffered from such a complaint -- and one Harley in four. Here's how the numbers break down:

Subtler variations in vehicle reliability were found within brands as well. CR categorized them according to "class" of motorcycle, noting that touring motorcycles were most problematic, and cruisers the least. This may have something to do with the fact that, according to CR, "accessories" were the most common problems encountered with bikes. Touring bikes, being designed for comfort in long-distance travel, are likely to be outfitted with more bells and whistles than a standard motorcycle -- and therefore have more accessories on them that can break.

Again, the numbers:

The good news here is that Consumer Reports says major, big-ticket repairs were few and far between in its research. Regardless of bike and regardless of brand, only about 3% of all problems reported to CR involved a motorcycle's engine, only 3% a transmission, and only 7% a clutch. More common were issues with a vehicle's brakes or electrical or fuel system, and, as already mentioned, with the accessories. Overall, CR noted that about 75% of the repairs reported to it were performed for $200 or less.

What it means to you
That last fact, the low cost of repairing most motorcycle fix-its, may be the really important news for Harley-Davidson shareholders.

It may help to explain why -- Harley's weak performance on the surveynotwithstanding -- CR says Harley owners remain the most brand-loyal of all motorcycle owners, with an astounding 75% saying yes, they'd buy a Harley again. The occasional small repair bill may simply be a price they're willing to pay for owning the most famous name in motorcycles. (And it probably doesn't hurt that Harley goes the extra mile to take care of its customers when an issue with one of its bikes does arise.)

In turn, the remarkable brand loyalty of Harley-Davidson customers may help to explain why, of the publicly traded motorcycle makers on the survey, Harley carries the highest price-to-earnings ratio, selling for nearly 20 times trailing earnings. Whether that P/E ratio can bear the scrutiny now that Consumer Reports has put a bull's-eye on Harley-Davidson, though, remains to be seen.

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  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:06 PM, hd63panhead wrote:

    I have owned Harley Davidson motorcycles all my life, but last year when I set out to buy a new one after 15 years, I was extremely disappointed! After 15 years all Harley has done is to change the body style to emulate choppers and custom bikes and made the engines larger! I found no useful technology added to the line up of new bikes! After a long search, I purchased a Suzuki V-strom and I love it! I can actually read a license tag in the mirrors at interstate speeds! While I still have 6 Harleys in my shop, I probably will never ride one again! I am 62 and have been a life long Harley man, but not anymore! Anyone interested in a 1955, 1963, 1974, 1975, 1991, & 2003 Harley collection? I have tons of parts, toys, shirts, tools, etc for a Harley & will sell it all for 55K!



  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:16 PM, yellowjester wrote:

    Triumph FTW!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:23 PM, rw93003 wrote:

    I still have my '52 FLH that I bought from the LAPD in 1966 for $150, but mostly ride my 99 FXR that I bought to take to Sturgis--will take it to Sturgis again this year...although I've thought about takin' the '52. I've ridden those Japanese bikes HarryO raves about and they feel like you're riding a sewing machine with wheels and a seat 5 feet off the ground....I prefer a motorcycle.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:26 PM, Boboh1960 wrote:

    Is Harley the worst motorcycle ? No. I am the proud owner of a 2010 Harley Road King.

    How do you measure worth?

    Answer this question, Name another Motorcycle that hold their value as well as a Harley?

    Other than Indian I can't think of one manufacture that can compare to Harley. Harley Davidson isn't marketing that they are the fastest, sleekest, or best performing. Harley how ever sells more than just a bike, they sell a life style. 99 percent of their customer not only buy the bike they get the whole wardrobe. Sure you can buy 4 crotch rockets for the price of a Harley, but they will never hold their value.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:28 PM, mrblue23 wrote:

    Have owned 2 a 1957 Panhead; one a 1999 FLH bought new. The Pan was a great little scooter, but plagued with engine problems. The FLH was junk from word and out of the dealership's shop 4 times in one short riding season. Every poker run or riding event I have ever attended I see guys on the roadside working on their Hawgs....I tired of it quickly. Bought a loaded Vulcan Classic in 2005 and haven't had it in the shop once....working on 61,000 miles. Harley no more for me!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:28 PM, countusin2 wrote:

    motorcycles are like lawnmowers. if you let them sit outside in the weather, you'll have problems.. most people who have Harley's can afford to garage them...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:29 PM, Cody700 wrote:

    Harley needs to make a bike with a motor that would be competitive with its competition in power, smoothness, and durability. V-Twins from any manufacturer are NOT going to get the job done. I get the American pride with buying Made in the USA, but does that mean we should have to suffer through what you don't get with a bike made in America? I say that we don't have to do without. We have the hardest working and smartest labor force on this planet, and there is no reason that we can't dominate every manufacturing endeavor in existance. An inline 3, or 4 cylinder engine made in America would be something that would bring America to the front in every category. Why can't they do it? V-Twins are NOT the answer, no matter how popular they are.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:39 PM, sokitset wrote:

    I'm somewhat heartened by a long time Harley owner recognizing that a bike design dating back decades is no longer an acceptable purchase. I applaud your sensibility, HD63Panhead.

    Anyone looking at Harley objectively knows that they are barely a motorcycle company anymore. They are a t-shirt company and margins are really good.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:42 PM, al8603 wrote:

    Is there any Biker who would actually seek the opinion of CR in order to decide whether or not to purchase a certain brand or model? Moped or scooter people yes. Bikers, no. And, the fact that This Motley Fool writer thinks that perhaps CR's opinion has any possibility of changing any Bikers mind shows me that perhaps Motley Fool isn't to be trusted with other opinions on other subjects.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:42 PM, oak5146 wrote:

    have you noticed that most young motor cycle riders are riding performance bikes and not noisy tourers like Harley? This does not bode well for Harley's future when the old Harley fanatics die out.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:42 PM, shawnm64 wrote:

    I have owned a 08 Rocker C since 08 and have had nothing go wrong with it yet,not even the battery which is amazing for any bike and I don,t even use a tender through the winter,I bought a Yamaha Virago 920 brand new and it took the mechanics at dealership 2 times bringing it in for no power issue to figure out it had soft lobes or crap metal on camshaft before it ran right,and then whole time I owned it the tappets were noisy,it rode great and had great power after but no Yamaha 4 me after that.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:47 PM, TG1956 wrote:

    I've been a Honda rider all of my life but in recent years their styling has gotten really ugly. Their new Valkyrie is proof that they don't have a clue what their customers want. They have had the same GoldWing platform since 2001 the only changes were to square off the saddle bags to look like Harleys a couple years ago. Call me old school but I like metal gas tanks and lots of chrome. I hope Harley offers their new 750 in something other than the blackout design. If they make one with two tone tanks and fenders with lots of chrome I'll be in line to buy one.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:54 PM, Riggerwo wrote:

    Harley sells Nostalgia....if you want a bike to do serious milage in comfort you buy a Honda or a BMW....or basically anything but a Harley "tractor"..they look pretty...but you are basically buying old technology dressed up to look new! a premium price..

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:55 PM, steve1002 wrote:

    ...and the last motorcycle I would ever contemplate owning.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 1:55 PM, trpwood wrote:

    We believe the machine you sit on should tell the world where you stand...we don't care what you believe! 05FXSTSI, 03FLHR anniversary edition

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:00 PM, John53705 wrote:

    Yes Harley's are less reliable than some other makes. Will stock in Harley Davidson be affected by the bulls eye that consumer reports has placed upon it? There are about 3 people in the world that would not buy a Harley Davidson motorcycle because of what Consumer Reports has written about them. Issues with the products are well known, and the buyers are indeed willing to put up with those issues for the total value proposition that they get from the Harley experience. This is a classic case of the utility of the product going far beyond the functional aspects. There is a cultural element to owning and riding a Harley that consumer reports is not able to quantify in a way that matters to the typical Harley owner.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:00 PM, justoneamerican wrote:

    I own a Harley, Love It, no problems at all...I think the problem with Harley's is that it comes with the knowledge that everyone wants to (as soon as they get it home) start customizing their bikes with breathers, race tuners, pipes, stage kits etc..These enhancements are all awesome and a ton of fun AND best left to people who really know how to tune their bikes... but many will read a quick internet article, do it themselves and then they have problems. I also think everyone buys a bike for a different reason and think its hard to quantify what bike is really better, this article does little justice to any bike let alone Harley. I have friends with all makes/models and we all ride together because that what its about...the ride...not the ego, I'm a Harley fan and don't care much about anything except getting the snow to melt and to get back on the road...keep the shiny side up!...see ya' ps... I also think for every bad review on here you could with another article find just as many positives....just as you can find good and bad for any car company...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:05 PM, flat2 wrote:

    Let me see any Japanese or American bike go 138k strong without a rebuild and keep going strong with good compression like my 1999 BMW GS 1100 never gonna happen most Japanese inline fours need a rebuild @ around 30 or 40k most Harleys don't even last that long.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:07 PM, wfo75080 wrote:

    I own a 2010 Harley CVO Fat Bob a 2009 Suzuki Hayabusa and a 2012 BMW 1200 GS and several KTM dirt bikes. All are different bikes and all ride differently. I love all of them. Riding isn't so much the bike you're on but the feeling you get while riding down the road. Get over dogging other bikes and enjoy the journey. Some of you sound like unhappy old men.!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:09 PM, sfvdoc wrote:

    Here is the thing with Harley. They have an extensive dealer network throughout the Country. Plus all the indies out there too. Out on the road and need a part? No problem, chances are the closest Harley dealer will have it. And if you are from out of town and need a fix the dealer will move you up to the head of the line to get you on your way. Yes there may be more reliable bikes out there but try getting parts or service when you are out in east jesus.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:09 PM, geroberts1957 wrote:

    I have owned 3 Harley's and loved every one!!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:12 PM, RLeB wrote:

    I have ridden motorcycles since 1950, and I still have a 1997 BMW R1100/RT. I have ridden many kinds of motorcycles, including Harley Davidsons. My view is that the reason to have a HD is that you want to be a member of the social group, you like making a big sound, and it fits some sort of image you have for yourself.

    Technically, there is NO reason to have a HD. Even the latest models are archaic beasts in stark contrast with almost any other brand.

    But if the big sound and the camaraderie of the "cult" winds your spring, go for it!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:13 PM, proseiden wrote:

    First thing you see when you walk into a Harley dealer is a sign for break shoes, the ones you wear on your feet. 85K on my BMW 2008 GS and not ONE issue. Oil changes and new tires is all it needs. You will not find ANY japanese bike or harley that can claim that on the engine or drive line.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:14 PM, cprestonoc wrote:

    Back in 2008 when I purchased my Victory Kingpin, I was amazed that the entire shop was former Harley riders. 3 others who purchased when I was buying were all driving Harleys and migrating to Victory.

    Since then, I've met countless numbers of fellow riders who have made the move (almost all seem to be former Harley riders - which shows how much market share the DID have before) and love it. I've owned my Victory for close to 6 years, with not a single problem related to it, and that is why most of the former Harley riders have told me the love Victory.

    HD has a great marketing movement, and it is always better to get people riding no matter what, but it would be interesting to see some newer numbers with Victory/Polaris included.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:17 PM, servantseer wrote:

    At 67 I am into comfort. I don't need, hey look at me loud pipes. I want heated seats, heated mirrors,

    soft ride, good music system, warm air suit if I need it.

    Before I retired I was in the parking lot at work , a friend came up behind me on his gold wing, then went around me, thats when I new he was there, when I saw him. Quiet comfort, Thats when I decided

    A gold wing was the way to go for me. My sons road king is nice, but not as comfortable, quiet, and fast as the gold wing. The great thing about america we can all choose.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:18 PM, rakeshdry wrote:

    The big mistake here is giving CR credit for being an authority. As evidenced by owner loyalty, there is no correlation between what CR thinks is important and what the actual owners find valuable. To rate a product's overall quality and desirability solely on the basis of the reliability of accessories is the kind of foolishness you expect from the Birkenstock wearing hippies at CR. To find a rider among their writers you might have to look for electric bikes.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:19 PM, OldSkewel wrote:

    If you're in the market for a dependable cruiser WITH the nostalgia of yesterday, try an Indian. GREAT ride with dependability and priced very competitively with the Harleys. I also have to mention "street presence" too as an Indian grabs a person's attention, no matter where you putt.

    Another bike made by Polaris that needs mentioning here is Victory. The only way I can describe a Victory is that it's the Indian without the nostalgia but packed with today's competitive cruiser/performance rides. It's just way too bad that Consumer Reports didn't include Polaris's lineup of Indian/Victory rides in their report...***SIGH***.....

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:20 PM, Onesawb wrote:

    My first Harley was a 125CC when I was a teenager in the 50s, then I rode Harleys for 40 years and loved them all three that I owned. In 2006 I bought a Honda Goldwing it's everything a Hog ain't it's quiet you can hear the stereo, it's comfortable smooth as glass and it's fast, if you're in a hurry. In the 8 years and 63K miles I've owned the Honda it's been pretty much trouble free. I'm thinking that it'll outlast me. I sometimes miss the Harley sound I liked the idle sound potato potato potato But not enough to buy another one

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:22 PM, jasmith909 wrote:

    If you want reliability, buy a Honda Civic or a Toyota Camry. Don't buy a motorcycle, or a sports car, or even a luxury car, for that matter. If you're more concerned with repairs than performance, you're buying for the wrong reasons. You don't need to spend big money for reliability. Buy something cheap instead. As for Harley, they're all about image. If they didn't have the history they have, they wouldn't be nearly as popular as they are, because they're pretty pedestrian. They just don't go fast enough. Granted, they're loud and they rumble a lot, but they don't have the punch that a BMW has. You actually do get what you pay for when you buy one of those things -- a fast bike that performs really well. But if you don't want to take it into the shop from time-to-time, then by all means, buy something that isn't as nice.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:26 PM, JuanGatos wrote:

    I still have nightmares about my 1973 Bonneville. Worst thing the human race ever produced. If I had bought the Honda CB750 I bet I'd still be riding it.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:27 PM, Turfscape wrote:

    >>Technically, there is NO reason to have a HD.<<

    Technically, there is no reason to own ANY motorcycle. If think you're shopping for motorcycles based on rational thought, then you are fooling yourself AND completely missing the point.

    Ride on!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:37 PM, jofizix wrote:

    Wow, all this hate and comments over bikes. Everyone likes what they like and everyone buys what they like. Nothing wrong with that, but there are a lot of ignorant comments getting circulated here. For one, I personally know of at least 4 Goldwing owners with more than 300k miles on their bikes with no engine issues. So Mr. BMW with 138k miles is a long way from home. As far as value is concerned, Mr. Harley may want to reconsider how well his bike holds up and how much maintenance costs him over the years to determine his bottom line. I have had at least 2 of every kind of bike over the years and Honda and Kawasaki are still my favorites. Just my 2 cents.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:38 PM, Skaterfs5 wrote:

    I have had three Harleys. One was a little 883 Sportster and I had a 2003 ElectraGlide Classic which, sadly, I wrecked (my fault). After wrecking the '03, I purchased, brand new, a 2004 ElectraGlide Ultra Classic which I still own and ride. As one who has ridden for over 40 years and owned Honda bikes up until I got my first Harley, I can definitely say that the Harley's are my favorites, by far. A couple of years ago, during a dealer open house, the wife and I took a brand new Honda Gold Wing on a test ride. It was a great machine, indeed, and we considered trading in the '04. However, within 15 minutes, we decided that the old Harley had something that the Honda did not. That was character and the Gold Wing couldn't approach it. As great a machine as it is, to us it was like driving a Honda Accord expect without the body and on two wheels. By the way, our Ultra is 10 years old now and other than brakes, tires, and lubrication, we've never had a problem with it. It currently has 50,000 miles on the clock and I couldn't ask for better.

    Bottom line, get what you want and when the weather allows it, enjoy. I know I do.

    Besides, if Consumer Reports says anything about anything at all. I take it with a grain of salt. Just my opinion...... take it or leave it. And yes, I'm one of the 75% that will buy another Harley.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:41 PM, SwollenCranium wrote:

    Dooshy bike snobs...

    I ride a bike because it performs to the standard of what I need. That means I buy a bike .. not a brand name.

    Harley prays every day that the Fan boys keep bickering over the thing and the "Merrica" bubble heads keep waving their flags over a supposedly American motorcycle because that alone is the only thing driving sales, certainly NOT workmanship or reliability.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:50 PM, grumpyoldman wrote:

    flat2, I don't recall seeing any 1940's BMWs on the road but I have seen several Harleys from that period. I also know several friend who have Harleys with over 150 thousand miles on them. Where do you get your facts, from the BMW salesman.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:52 PM, grumpyoldman wrote:

    Every time I buy something that Consumer Reports recommends I end up regretting it. I really do not trust anything they say.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 2:58 PM, mpeace455 wrote:

    Harleys are the Kardassians of the motor world. They try to sell the image of a lifestyle--of being free, being a rebel, of being non-conforming. But the only people that can afford them are the ones that want to fit it--to be seen on a Harley so others will envy them. The only people that buy new Harleys are the same label-whores that only buy the stuff to impress others.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:04 PM, dilogdp wrote:

    CR is the same rag that has always praised toyota and honda, often before they've even tested their vehicles, and bashed American brand cars and trucks. It is not surprising that they would take a similar approach towards American branded motorcycles.

    The 2 CR readers, that I know, are quite nerdy, btw.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:04 PM, rocsoe wrote:

    Someone needs to evaluate Consumer Reports. My experience with them is that they do not use the evaluation criteria I'm most interested in and therefore make substandard conclusions.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:20 PM, Paddleman2 wrote:

    A couple who are friends of mine own an FLH and a Road King. That FLH shakes like an earthquake. The Road King, which is his wife's machine, is much nicer. Though they claim a Road King is more of a woman's bike, I liked it better than the FLH after trying both of them out. But would either sway me away from Honda. Not on your life. I've owned SEVEN Honda's since I was a teenager, the last being a Gold Wing that I out 200,000 miles on before selling it. It now has almost 300,000 miles on it, and the guy just loves it. Other than maintenance, it never had a wrench on it. I'll ride a rice burner any day before I'll push a Harley. Honda's quality is legendary, and I'll soon have another Gold Wing this Spring.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:21 PM, hdwindrider wrote:

    By featuring a Sporty in the photo the authors signal their ignorance. It's a beginners or ladies bike. What's really funny is the proliferation of HD wannbes in the Jap bike market. They all look like Harley cruizers. The sole exception is Honda with their Wing and Val , both excellent rides. Ride what you will, I care not. I'll cross country tour on my Ultra Classic just as I always have and you are welcome to ride along if you an keep up.

    By the way, guess what the predominate bike actually out touring is? Well, it ain't Goldwing...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:23 PM, Iffy5000 wrote:

    The fact that Harley has old technology and they aren't reliable has been the case for decades. It's not as thought CR isn't stating the obvious. People buy Harley's for the same reason they buy iPads/iPhones/iStuff... it's all about mystique, not value. It's about owning the popular brand and the expensive brand. Do you think people can't get better headphones for the price of Beats headphones? Better boots for the price of Uggs?

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:25 PM, HDDon wrote:

    Sokitset says Harley is barely a motorcycle company anymore, that it's a T-shirt company??? Really??? Harley is still the top selling motorcycle co. in the world! Also, name me another motorcycle co. that has an owner's group like H.O.G. I've never heard of any jap motorcycle co. throwing anniversary bashes like Harley does! Before I bought my 2012 Heritage classic I owned a Yamaha vstar. I must have gotten that tenth bike they mentioned in this article. The vstar was in the shop every year for something. So far my Harley is running like a champ. You can bet I won't ever be buying a rice burner again!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:25 PM, Erikbmw wrote:

    I've owned nearly every brand of Bike out there and how you treat your bike is a big deciding factor on how your bike runs. I've owned a 2 bmw k100rs 1 over 300k still running and the other one 75k running strong with no major repairs. Owned 2 Honda's ran them till they died but took great care of them no major problems. Owned a Harley and the only issue I had was lock tightening bolts to keep them from shaking out of the bike lol. Servicing is key the only problems i've had are with carburetor's on bikes fuel injections FTW imo easy to maintain .

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:26 PM, mos2kfxd wrote:

    Just a note to all you Harley haters out there. I bought my 2000 super-glide new in early 2000. It currently has 243,000 miles on the odometer. It has been in the shop TWO times for a serious repair. My FXD still gets 40 MPG.

    I am definitely not a "wrench", and truthfully, I am not even very good with keeping up with the routine maintenance. So once your V-storm or Shadow (I had a 1100 shadow, loved it), or other "better" Japanese bike has nearly 250,000 miles and is still a daily driver, bring it by and we can talk about what quality means.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:27 PM, jasonm63 wrote:

    I have had three Harley's in my life, a 1975 super glide it rattled and leaked oil and love it. The second was 1985 low rider and the third 1997 heritage springer. All three had one thing in common the feel, noise, excitement and the look not to go fast not to go slow and enjoyed it every single bike. That's why Harley's will always be a icon and hold their value compared to any other bike.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:27 PM, minnyme wrote:

    The Japanese manufacturers have motorcycles down to a science. I would say there are many European brands that are of higher quality than HD as well - Ducati or Bennelli for example. The worst brands are bikes like Hyosung, Keeway, and any other Korean or Chinese bikes.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:31 PM, Dewd wrote:

    Dad bought me my first "Harley" back in the early 70's. The "Harley 125. (Actually in hindsight it was made by the Italians, but so what, for a kid at the time it was heaven on earth). I "cruised" that thing everywhere. in the late 70's I purchased a 100 cubic inch Bonneville Salt Flats drag bike which was the biggest POS ever. (Mostly because of my inept wrenching abilities). So I started riding BMW. The R bikes are wonderful and I don't know why but in 2011 I got the itch to try the new Harley with the 103 motor. Man was I in for a surprise. It is smooth, has plenty of "oomph", carves the canyons and is nothing like what I remember that 100 inch Sporty to be like. Liked it so much I bought my girl a 2013 for her "big" birthday last year. I've put 26,000 trouble free miles on mine since Oct. 2011 and she's put 10,000 trouble free miles on hers since May last year. Say what you may Consumer Reports, Harley has come a long way as far as ride ability is concerned. To all you investigators of new bike purchases, please investigate to your hearts content but test ride the Harley last. You'll be pleasantly surprised. OH, and btw, there is no need to get caught up in the "Harley" lifestyle, if you do it's most likely your obsessed with keeping up with the Smith's and Jones's

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:33 PM, hdcolo wrote:



    . . I would be interested in all of your bikes. .

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:35 PM, rooster1900 wrote:

    love my 2 yamaha 1700 warriors, and my yamaha 1900 stratoliner-s...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:38 PM, 48pan wrote:

    The people that get all excited about a bad rap from Consumer Reports can still rest assured Harley is the best. If it were not true how could Harley be one of the top 5 exported propducts of the U.S. ? In addition Harley sells more bikes than ALL of the other makers combined. I guess that says a lot about the integrity and credibility of the CR review. The whole world loves Harley. Those that do not have one want one. Its a personal choice. Some just don't deserve one.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:40 PM, hdcolo wrote:

    . . Seems like a lot of riders like to point out anything bad they can imagine about Harleys but then they go and buy a Jap bike that looks like a Harley. .

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:41 PM, McScoot wrote:

    I have had three Harley's,

    I still have two. Daily drivers and damn good bikes. When you ride them like you stole them they require maintanance. Mine were / are 81 FXR Shovel, 2000 Dyna Wide Glide Fat Head, and my favorite at my age a 2009 Street Glide with a 103 motor. I won't sell either one. They are great bikes...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:48 PM, darryl wrote:

    my 140 hp V TWIN 1200 CC will smoke and ROCKET al day long ahahahah and try ya have only 90 ponys in that 1100 r , or honda , hahahahahaahahha

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:50 PM, darryl wrote:

    most cant read a sticker on HP from the maker , all rockets have the most is 96 hp and thats 1100 r , 1200 suz, honda cr has less then a kaw 1100 r

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:52 PM, bobbya wrote:

    I own a 2005 Vulcan classic. This bike is 9 years old and has YET to see a mechanic shop, unless you count stuff I wanted done (jetting carb etc). I have a friend you bought an 07 road king. His bike has been in the shop numerous times since. Loose spokes on the rear, A bad brake line that cost him $175.00 and it was 4 inches long. That's highway robbery. It is my opinion that Harley gouges prices because they can. I WOULD NEVER own a Harley. It's not worth it to me and I would be paranoid that on any ride I would get stuck in the middle of nowhere, Not with my Vulcan. I call it "ole reliable". My bike was ten grand out the door + all the custom stuff I added still isn't as costly as a Harley.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:56 PM, Smitt35 wrote:

    I am not surprised Yamaha rated #1. From their bikes to outboards to generators, there stuff is bulletproof. Mechanically they are great. As for style......

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 3:59 PM, Barmil wrote:

    Keith Wandell killed Harley-Davidson!

    He took a an American legend and reduced it to just another bike made with outdated technology.

    His samurai style of management has taken a vibrant company and reduced it to it's current state. It used to be a status symbol and had a fit and finish that ranked to the highest automotive quality standards.

    It once produced the CVO line by hand now they come down the line with all the rest of the bikes.

    His biggest concern is the the money end not the product.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:02 PM, MrEd wrote:

    I wonder why Suzuki was excluded. Has their market share dropped that dramatically?

    This article does make me glad I purchased a Yamaha this year.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:03 PM, ozzlefinch wrote:

    Harley is certainly the LEAST motorcycle you can buy for the MOST money. Besides, for a brand that markets American patriotism, they sure sell a lot of Chinese made Harley trinkets at the dealerships. Got a Harley helmet? It's made in Korea. Got a Harley jacket? Made in Pakistan. Got Harley chrome doo-dad? Made in China.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:05 PM, ozzlefinch wrote:

    I still ride my '71 Triumph every day it's not ice outside. Waiting for the day it dies so I can buy a new Brit. Might be a while.....

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:08 PM, Homie wrote:

    Consumer reports is a worthless publication that has laymen doing the evaluations. They run their mouths about everything to sell a magazine. They have no clue as to why someone purchases a motorcycle, beyond their "utility" and have no clue as to how to put weight factors to their problems. Notice how they love Toyota? By the way, what is the value of a 3 year BMW warranty vs a Yamaha 1 year warranty?

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:20 PM, Zablon wrote:

    The Indian bike shown on Jay lenos garage show was a pretty sweet bike. I hope the company makes the cut next year

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:22 PM, socal1200r wrote:

    Aw you done it now, lol! I'm sure all the staunch HD owners will flame this article. HD does one thing better than any other motorcycle maker, and that's successfully market an inferior product to the masses. They market the mystique, machoness, and whatever else attracts buyers to Harleys. I used to have a 2005 Sportster 1200R, with numerous HD and aftermarket upgrades, and after owning it for a year, I still didn't get it. And what's worse, in the HD community, they don't consider a Sportster or Buell real Harleys. If it ain't a big twin, it ain't a Harley.

    But you know what they say, 95 percent of all Harleys made are still on the road, and the other 5 percent actually made it back home, lol!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:25 PM, dasarge wrote:

    I have three motorcycles. A Harley Dyna lowrider, A Triumph America and a Triumph Rocket III. I love them all. I choose which to ride by the type ride, and roads I'll be traveling. Although all three are good at at all roads. I prefer the America when on mountain roads. It's light for the sharp corners and delivers plenty of power to the ground. Being heavier I prefer Secondary highways (two lane black top) for the Harley. Something with curves to lay in to and hills to accelerate to hear that distinctive Harley sound. The Rocket III is my choice for long, usually highway rides. To feel the 2300 cc's under you has no comparison.

    But I have No (none) problems with any of them. Do my own maintenance. And keep them clean. Always said if it doesn't shine, it's not mine.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:33 PM, twolazy wrote:

    You are what you ride. I would suggest to you that most issues with most bikes are owner induced, what I call RIMs .. or for you nubies, Rider Induced Malfunctions.

    I've been riding for about 50 years now and I've owned variety of bikes, British, American, Italian, German and Japanese. All these bikes have served me quite well.

    A lot of problems I see is that, in the day, you fixed what you rode. In other words you had some mechanical skills. Bikes needed people to work, today's bikes don't seem to need their rider as much as they used to. Bikes were a reflection of the individual rider, and his skills. Many of today's bikes are almost car-like, bodies and windshields, electric starters, radios, far to comfortable seats.

    One doesn't need to stop and pickup that muffler or license plate .. those were the "good ol days." Never a dull moment in the ride.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:33 PM, jackbtedd wrote:

    My 80FLH rides like a 1980 motor cycle, still kicks and runs and no rust on the chrome parts. Because the electronics are so basic I do all of the work myself and because. I don't ride cross country I'm still close enough to home to get it there for repairs. There's pretty much no part of it that I can't work on. I don't listen to music on it, I listen to the pipes and I can feel the street because I'm pretty close to it, not up in the air. Plenty of room for two when the time is right.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:33 PM, dolfantim wrote:

    I am currently in the market for a bike. I have had several over the years (all Japaneses bikes) but I've been without one for about 10 years. I have quite a few friends who own Harley's and I've borrowed them from time to time to take out for a day. I just don't think I'm going to be able to go there. They just don't have the smooth ride that I'm looking for. My wife and I have borrowed by brother-in-law's a couple of times every year and I just don't get it. It is so loud we can barely hear each other talk. It is mostly about the lifestyle and not so much about the ride. I just don't think I can buy a bike for the lifestyle. I want it to be smooth, comfortable, and quite. I will probably check out a few Harley's when we are ready to shop. But very doubtful that I'll buy one.

    And this article does not impact that decision. Most people who buy Harley's know what they are getting themselves into. Having CR confirm what they already know will have no impact.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 4:35 PM, kurtgrundel wrote:

    I've owned Honda, Yamaha and BMW. I fully agree with the report on my quality experience. Ride and style is a personal preference but quality and reliability is important. My BMW cost me more in towing than it was worth, the dealers were too few and far between with poor customer service. I resist agreeing with CR but I think they were spot on in this case.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 5:09 PM, KarlosEnrique wrote:

    Gee.....Japanese bikes get top score. USA 2nd. Germany 3rd.

    Just like cars.

    Have you seen the awful quality scores for VW, BMW, and MB post warranty? OUCH!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 5:39 PM, salg wrote:

    i have a 75 flh and a 13 dana switchback,,,, ill take the 75 shovel over the new one anyday,,the 75 is 74inch the 13 is 103,,the 74inch will blow the 103 away,,all the computer junk makes it impossible to work on,,top speed on the 13 is about 93mph the shovel will do 120 all day long,,harleys new stuff is s--t with a big price tag,,soon as im not upside down on the 13 its gone,,17000 piece of junk,,ive had harleys for almost 50 years,,they forgot who made them what they are ,,not the lawyers and drs that only ride them on bike week after taking them off the trailer

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 5:44 PM, 301waddill wrote:

    I have owned a Harley since 99. They are good bikes. You do not have to listen to what the dealerships tell you. I also own a 02 Iron Horse & a Rocket 3 Triumph & the Iron Horse is a great cafe bike, but the Rocket 3 is a great road bike. No other (bike jap or American can hold a candle to it). I' ve got a buddy who bought a Kaw & the front shocks started leaking & you could have bought a new Harley front end for what it cost to fix the Kaw.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 5:49 PM, phasthutch wrote:

    I watch my brothers on two wheels sit on their shaking machines. I accept that their standard is the Harley platform. But I do not like their "holier than thou" attitude regarding smooth powerful high performance machines. Sometimes I think it is really their embarrassment at embracing 1920's technology so vehemently that makes them come across all attitude.

    Really, everyone on two wheels should respect and support everyone else on two wheels regardless of make, model or style.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 5:55 PM, salg wrote:

    the evo was the last decent harley eng,,i put 171000 miles on my 84 1/2 flt,,never did anything to it except for normal maintenance ,only problem i had i wiped out a few tranny needle bearings my own fault,,found out the hard way before leaving new york for fla i changed all my fluids a my bright idea was to add slick 50 to the tranny,,problem its so slick it dont allow the bearings to spin,,didnt even know i had a problem till i got to fla and pulled my tranny plug and the magnet was full od needle bearings no oil all the iol went into the rear enclosed chain boot since it also blew the main seal,,didnt hurt anything 60 bucks later was back on the road

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 5:57 PM, cncr2 wrote:

    Where I use to work all these co-workers HAD to get Harleys plus Harley hats Harley shirts Harley tattoos Harley leathers anything for the bike had to say Harley. But very few ever rode them. They sat in the garage.

    I had a Suzuki Burgman 400 and my co-workers turned their noses up at it. Harleys do over 120 mph but my burgman will only do 90. But when I mentioned my burgman had tons of storage would cruise at 70 all day and that I rode it year round they got mad.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 6:14 PM, ronniesox007 wrote:

    H-D for Life....CLASS!!!!

    I would rather push my Harley home then get caught on a riceburner...At least I would look good pushing it

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 6:19 PM, rxmangriff wrote:

    Glad to see theres not MUCH Harley bashing here. I've owned 2. A 2001 Fat Boy and a 2003 Fat Boy. Great bikes. Wish I still had the last one. Never had the first problem with either. The 2003 racked up 45,000 miles without a hiccup. Unfortunately it now resides at a wrecker. I got taken out by head ons by a van on the 01 and a sportbike on the 03 and I'm still here to write this. They may get slammed by bashers but I'm living testament as to the strength and quality of my 700lb bikes.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 6:21 PM, oohbb wrote:

    I had a difficult time trying to find the right bike for me because I love them all. I finally settled on a new '07 HLH. One year and 10,000

    miles later I stepped-up to a '98 FXSTC.

    ~ Ride and let Ride ~

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 6:46 PM, funbiker62 wrote:

    i've had 33 bikes over a 46 year period. never had a problem with any of the hondas, suzukis or yamahas. bought a new 2004 kawasaki concours and it turned out to be a lemon. i've had 8 harleys and had no problems with 6 of them. the 1981 amf harley davidson flht was a lemon. currently riding a 2003 hd deuce and it's a great, reliable and good riding bike. if you really want a dud, try a bsa motorcycle! i know, they don't make them any more and there are many reasons as to why that is! lol

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 6:52 PM, Observer82AB wrote:

    I moved to Ohio briefly and met the enforcer for the local Arian Nation MC and he was riding a Suzuki. I laughed at him. He said he was tired of having to rebuild his hawg every year.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 6:54 PM, jhiggins80 wrote:

    I am 81 now and have owned 35 different motorcycles since starting to ride on a Harley Hummer. I talked to a Harley owner today who has three Harleys and he said that the V-rod is the far best?? I loved my R65 BMW went to Nova Scotia on it but had more trouble than any other bike. Had a 1948 Indian was like driving a Buick on three wheels. My favorites were a 78 & 79 Suzuki GS 1000. Couldn't drop one or wear it out.Just sold my KLR and am sorry. I agree with the guy who said it is a subjective thing. Just buy what gives you the most satisfaction. Sorry the Guzzi Triumph,Ducati,Ural and Enfield weren't tested?

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:04 PM, Livefast wrote:

    I've owned 2 Harley's an 85 trusty iron head and a 95 flhtcu. Both have been across the country. The flhtcu more than the iron head. I've met many of different riders and talked about plenty of bikes. I will never own another Harley ever. I didn't buy it with the intention of reselling it. I bought it with the intention of driving it into the ground. It's sad that a 30 year old goldwing will outlast and outperform a new Harley. Harley touring bikes might get 60-70 hp stock. A new gold wing has 130hp and half the price. For the repairs alone on the ultra I could have bought a new wing.

    Get with it Harley. I'm tired of your crappy bikes, your dealerships are rude too

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:11 PM, Mark1 wrote:

    Hi All from North Carolina I been riding bikes from as soon as I could kick start one , 50 now still have my first 1975 kick start only 4 speed right shift, and my 2003 Anniversary FLHTCUI all loaned up with almost every thing I could find have over a million miles on the road ,If I had to explain you probably would not understand .. I am a Harley rider if and when I go to Heaven I sure hope they say he road a Harley not anything else....! In the wind , Mark 1

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:12 PM, thegreentreefrog wrote:

    I have been riding for 45 years, owned Honda's,BMW and Harleys. They are all different, the right tool for the right job, as the carpenter said.

    Its a poor worker that blames his tool!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:19 PM, imDanielle2 wrote:

    Owned two HD's so far and that was Two, too many! One from the 70's and a brand new 2012 model.. Both sucked!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:22 PM, whackadooo wrote:

    All these HD koolaid drinkers here making excuses for HD..haha..

    CR made their assessment...get over it, its what they do...

    I have nothing against HD i have had them in the past...just did nothing for me.

    One of the big reasons i dont ride HD anymore, are because of the idiot posers who ride them and put everything else down, (Really embarrassing) besides I would rather have a better, handling, better riding, faster, more reliable bike..Hds days are numbered anyway...

    Victory and Indian are chipping away at them as we speak...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:51 PM, Aldente wrote:

    Harley Davidson & The Oakland Raiders have a lot in common. Lots of fans…but not a very good product.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 7:55 PM, DanH wrote:

    Those who buy Harley's are buying the image first, a motorcycle 2nd. And that's why they're the most brand loyal.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 8:13 PM, BloviationNation wrote:

    In 1999 I went looking for anything like a 1200 Sportster. Harley dealer was an absolute snob and literally wouldn't talk to you unless you came without questions and simply handed them a pile of money. Even then I was told to put my name on an 18 month waiting list. I wanted American but back in 1999 the Polaris bikes just looked so bland and the Indians were just Harley clones. Then I saw that Excelsior-Henderson was going out of business and were letting their Super-X cruisers go for well under cost. I walked out of the dealership with a $19K bike for just $10k and have never looked back. 86k miles latter and the damn thing just won't die. Its a big heavy bike with only 85 CI but the thing handles well and it will get up and go. I liked that it was American made and had DOHC 4-Valve heads, integrated tranny w/gear driven primary, forged one-piece crank w/forged con rods, distinctive "leading-link" front-end with 4" of travel and true anti-dive braking. The damn things built like a tank and I can't kill it. What I really find amazing is that its an American made V-Twin (of 50 degrees or less), that will run at 8000 RPM all day long.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 8:16 PM, 2fishy2 wrote:

    Harley is a cult full of worshippers. Harleys were created and not evolved like most other bikes. The BMW's and Triumphs are improving and the Jap bikes have always been good and dependable. I won't trash talk Harleys because it just aint fair to compare a tractor engine to a Triumph Triple or 6 cylinder Honda boxer or Beemer inline 6 for starters.

    I've been riding for over 50 years like a lot around here and I've evolved to love single swing arm, shaft drive, smooth power with ABS brakes and fully adjustable suspensions.

    Something like the aforementioned Goldwing vs the Street Glide and the technologically the Wing is years ahead but the cult will only ride the Air Cooled Belt drive relic.

    Another factor in consumer satisfaction is does the company recognize warranty issues and does it fix them quickly.

    I know that the new Triumphs have great factory support I guess there is not enough sold to make the grade but I would guess that Triumph would be up there in dependability.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 8:33 PM, rideforfun wrote:

    I have owned 8 Harley's since I started riding along with 7 Goldwings and a few other brands.

    I dismounted from the antiquated beast in 06. I finally realized the other brands available were much, much better bikes. Granted none offer the boutique shops that Harley does but my wife generally is the one who shops boutique stores.

    After riding a reasonable priced Yamaha Road Star I will never return to the Harley.

    I am finished living the BS life style of leather and lace while trying to make myself believe the Harley is an all American ride.

    I search with diligence when purchasing other vehicles even my riding mowers in my business without living in some fancy world, thus getting the best value with the most update technology.

    Nothing rips me up more than some "die in the wool" H-D rider who drives a Toyota Corolla and preaches how Harley is an all American bike. He is another who is still living in some form of dream or really doesn't care how he spends his dollars as long as he stays in the click with his leather clad brothers. I say BS, NO more H-D's for me, Every!!!!!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 8:41 PM, daleinjp wrote:

    Hey hd63panhead, how much???

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 8:43 PM, billmartin725 wrote:

    Just bought my 4th brand new HD since 2004.

    Have customized and loved every single one.

    Absolutely would never consider another brand,

    have never had one single negative experience

    with any of the bikes. Can't wait for spring.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 8:54 PM, Quido wrote:

    I think motorcycles are way to expensive, just as automobiles are. I always thought HD's were considered the oil drippers of all bikes! Maybe things have changed for the better with HD. I'll stick to my hot rod 2006 Ram 4x4, A real man's truck, per my significant others opinion. Women like a pickup man and they can be driven year round!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 9:07 PM, billrichter wrote:

    Since when is a time-based survey the correct way to judge any vehicle?

    What's the mileage on these bikes during the 4 years? Most every HD rider I know puts massive miles on their bikes, and in the rain I see HDs outnumbering sport bikes by 3-4 to 1. Read the ride reports on various and sundry message boards and forums, you'll see the 2 brands that consistently rack up the most mileage are, not surprisingly, BMW and HD.

    That CR never managed to make that connection doesn't surprise me in the least, though, in order to rate something properly, you first need to understand it.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 9:25 PM, jimmychurch wrote:

    Best thing a Harley rider can do is get the Harley Mechanics Cert.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 9:27 PM, truckmanqs24 wrote:

    I have had 1 Kawasaki 3 Hondas and a Harley Ultra Classic. Why Harley is best is the dealer network. Kawaski dealers never have the part you need, and I have been on several trips and the Goldwings had minor issues. Two different Honda dealers told me they didn't have time to fit me in. Harley dealers will move Heaven and Earth to help a stranded traveler out. Sorry but "snobbery"is not exclusive to Harley. I have had guys and Goldwings and Beemers refuse to wave at me, just like some Harley guys. True Bikers have respect for each other no matter what brand your riding! Sorry, but Consumers Reports really does not effect my decision on what I want to ride!

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 9:50 PM, convict wrote:

    Harley's are great and for the young or wanna be young. When you grow up and not concerned with trying to look cool you will come to realize that you can get as nice if not better bike for half the price and it will give you the same thrill as the HD.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 10:07 PM, hdriderforlife wrote:

    well I will keep my 04 Harley davidson tractor that runs low 7 second 8th mile at 100 plus mph, that I ride every day,and to the track,have had a few issues but it has 50000 miles on it,and will out run most rice rockets at the track,and have had ridden most metric motorcycles and the Harley has more torque and horsepower than any rice grinder I have ridden and I will never own anything esle but harleys

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 10:17 PM, jaubuchon28 wrote:

    Pssh... forget euro bikes and jap bikes, Evo bikes are the best cruisers ever made, but for an all around bike look no further than the 1965 ural 650...

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 10:18 PM, jayson1971 wrote:

    I was born in Houston, Texas1971 to some hippies, my bio father ran off to join the louisanna chapter Banditos.. needless to say, their marriage did not survive 18 mos. anyway, I was raised around HD's.. Got my first suszuki 80 rm at age 7.

    I have ridden motorcycles all my life.. HD'S, Ninjas, Vmax, and Shadows... and I tell you what..

    Yor want me to buy your product...Bike what ever brand... fine.. No, problem... However, I ride cause I love to ride.. Not to advertise for your M.C. company.. I am not your billboard.. I remove any and all name plates, stickers off of every bike I own.. and I don't sponser byu wearing their over priced shirts or jackets.. you Bikers say you take pride in america? the quit pollishing your hawg and f@#kin ride! or go back to your office and make some more money and go buy more stuff you don't need.. other wise I dont care what you wanna ride.. Just do it.. or get out of the way so I can get buy you.. the whole phillosophy about riding.. is your freedom.. the wind in your hair, or your scalp, if your bald?.. just ride seeing the world the way the cowboys did in the 1800's before cars... oh yeah to all you punk ass biker gangs! learn to fight for yourself without having to have a bunch of guys there to back your punk ass up!

    oh... and, Wallstreet, KISS MY ASS!

    Sincerely yours.. SSGT. C.J. Gennaro US ARMY 7th S.O.G.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 10:35 PM, RedBaronRX13 wrote:

    This is an easy one, if Harley built engines for planes would you fly in one of them???

    I know I never would, but I will fly a plane with Honda engines.

    I like to ride and not have my teeth lose, numb hands and hearing impaired by the end of the ride.

    Vibration is a on a Harley.

    I also want to make sure, I am going to make it to my destination for sure, on a HARDLY not so sure.

    Harley doesn't sell everything they produce, they produce everything they sell.

    The high value retention is, because some "wanna be riders" (executives/CEO's/lawyers) buy an over priced Harley to play the Bad Boy Roll and use it as a conversation topic to brag.

    I seen few broken down bikes on the rode, but most of them Harley's.

    So yes, I'll pass on the tacky Chrome, S&M leather bags, Monkey Bars, obnoxious loud pipes, outdated design and poor cornering performance.

    Japanese bikes all the way to ride every day. ;-)

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 10:44 PM, SingleMaltRules wrote:

    Having a Harley isn't about buying a bike, you're investing in an experience. What other company has an image like Harley Davidson? It's known throughout the world as the leader in brand awareness. People who are looking for this experience have some guts. They know HD's have their issues but somehow that takes a back burner to the pride this company projects. And they buy anyways. What other company has that kind of influence? When you ride an Ultra Classic or a Road King you feel like you have the say of the highway. The people who I've met riding are some of the best people out there. I've made some great and interesting friends in those dastardly groups. That's another story. There is some mysterious thrill in riding a Harley and Harley riders experience it. Maybe it's a pride in the American made bike, maybe it's the sub-culture. Who knows? But whatever it is it is catchy and I love it. If you want the best of the best motorcycles look at some of the competition. If you want to change your life buy a Harley.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 10:46 PM, goldfish246 wrote:

    Answer me this, how many Yamahas do you see going the length of the country and back?

    Now, how many Harleys do you see riding across the country.

    One thing Consumer Reports leaves out, if my Harley breaks down, chances are there's a dealership somewhere that can get me back on the road.

    How about getting that Yamaha serviced?

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 11:01 PM, goldfish246 wrote:

    Hmm, I didn't buy my Harleys because of what other people thought, I bought Harleys because I know the people that make them in York, Pennsylvania and Milwaukee. Each month, my payment was being made to an American worker, and American company and an American bank. Go buy the Yamaha, they're great bikes. But Harleys are the real deal.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 11:03 PM, goldfish246 wrote:

    People who talk about rich lawyers and doctors trying to be bad boys on Harleys are just jealous they can't own one.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 11:21 PM, SingleMaltRules wrote:

    Hey Red Baron, that's funny. But think about it. You're up 30,000 feet in a machine where all the parts were bought from the lowest bidder.

  • Report this Comment On February 17, 2014, at 11:39 PM, Randmeister wrote:

    All these people who badmouth Harleys.... sounds like they have the small man syndrome. When I was in high school I got my first bike, a 1968 Suzuki 350 2 stroke and I loved it. When I got older I bought a 1980 Harley 1000 Sportster and guess what? I loved it. I now have a 2007 Sportster 1200 and a 2008 Screamin Eagle Ultra Glide Classic...... and of course I love it. I don't feel the need to run down other bikes. I am not insecure with my choice.

    One thing that struck me was the comment about airplane engines.... a friend who builds airplanes uses Lycoming engines and he looked at my Screamin Eagle and said "That looks like a Lycoming engine!" Pretty funny.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 12:13 AM, garysco wrote:

    If you are cubicle bound M-F and want the 1973 Easy Rider bad-ass alter ego on weekends, then knock yourself out and get a hog. For good or bad Harley is stuck with the 1930's tech and style demanded by their customers.

    If you want to go coast to coast and not stop at every other dealership for parts that have rattled off and repairs and really want a V-twin then get a Victory.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 12:20 AM, TerrifiedCitizen wrote:

    I noticed that many of the bikes with the highest reported problems also happen to be bikes that are most often ridden more miles per year by dedicated motorcyclists and cross-country fans; it is expected that these brands, which face more weather, more miles and wear and tear will experience more problems. Having one of the most reliable MC brands in the world at the top speaks to this research mistake.

    Some years back, I was with a major U.S. manufacturer who sold exactly the same product through dealers under their own name and also through Sears under that private label. After Consumer Reports rated one product significantly higher than the other, I no longer trusted that magazine or any other supposedly unbiased expert rating magazine again...

    If you want the truth about something, talk to past and present owners and as many independent service and repair mechanics as possible...

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 1:10 AM, pmelah wrote:

    you know i dont care about the garbage im looking for reliability dependability and cost i have friends that love harley i have a 30 yr old yamaha as long as its 2 wheels have fun and ride what you want like and can afford ride safe rubber side down

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 1:15 AM, pmelah wrote:

    oh i need to add my 84 yamaha venture royale has 59 k on the clock and not one major problem just tires brakes and oil changes and 14 k of that is in the last year

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 4:17 AM, wrencher wrote:

    To me it don't matter what you ride, just enjoy what you have to ride and feel America and the free time with your riding buddies. enjoy your wheels and ride,ride,ride,ride.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 7:05 AM, Andrewmag166 wrote:

    Let's face it Harley is as fat, old and slow as it's riders. Harley can't compete with modern high tech machines. Imagine a perfect world class racing machine like a GSXR for much less than big slow loud and broken.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 7:52 AM, sureticket wrote:

    When pigs can fly! That's when I'll ride a Harley. Honda makes a jet that can fly at 30k feet. Harley's have trouble getting over high bridges. My ride, and I've had plenty of them over the years; 1998 Honda VFR. Their is more technology is this sixteen year old bike than the newest Harley. If you want Chrome, buy a Harley, If you want a durability, handling, speed and up to date engineering, buy something else.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 8:23 AM, coolhand wrote:

    yes!harley had a problem with there cams in 1999 thru 2010. knowing that they were a bad set up and still sold those Harleys to American people! I have a 2000 roadking 1450 twin cam. cam brushes can go bad at anytime and lock the engine up! or blow it up! called the factory and asked them if they would fix the problem and they told me I was on my own!!! they should have fixed this problem on all those yr bikes!!! BAD DEAL HARLEY!!! JUNK BIKES!!!

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 8:24 AM, Radrick wrote:

    I currently own a 2004 Road king Classic with 19000 miles. The bike I had before that was a 2003 RoadKing Classic with 96,720 miles. It never gave me any trouble. I think that it is all about the way you take care of a Bike. I had this bike serviced at every 10,000 miles and never had a problem. I might add, I have been riding Harley Davidson Motorcycles for 50 years and in the early years they were crap, but it's not about the bike, it's about the Lifestyle.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 9:20 AM, Freedom103 wrote:

    Owning and riding a Harley is a Lifestyle - Its not about how FAST your crotch rocket gets there or the amount of tickets you brag of collecting.

    Riding a Harley is about people, the country scene, the fresh air and away from the city. When you park a HOG everyone LOOKS at it - the beauty and it's personality bestowed upon it by the owner.

    That is why Harley Davidson is the only motorcycle manufacture on this great planet to proudly have a 868 page accessory catalog. (free - if you own a Harley).

    PS - Polaris your NOT the INDIAN it use to be!

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 9:45 AM, manx wrote:

    I have been riding for 40 years and have owned many bikes. {

    some you never heard of} including Harleys. They haven't built a new motorcycle since the Sportster in '57, before that it was the Knucklehead in '36. They are stone-age relics that people drool over because it is part of playing the role of a "Biker".I quit riding Harleys because I got tired of working on them.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 9:49 AM, jjackwagon wrote:

    1 in 3 BMWs breaks down. 1 in 4 Harleys??? I guess now we know who is actually out riding. Bikes break down less when they are left sitting in the garage.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 9:51 AM, Ducrider wrote:

    Where is Suzuki in the market segment and where is the full on sport bikes in the class? I've been riding and servicing my bikes for 45 years. I've had a couple of Harley's which, by the way, reminds me of riding my Briggs & Stratton powered riding mower every time I'd get on it, an FLTCU, I had all the same type rattles, vibrations and unknown engine noises as the mower but didn't quite handle as well. I was working on this bike more than all the other bikes I've owned combined. The factory service manual was so contradictory and hieroglyphic that it was usually un-useful. I only used to to identify parts and with a little trial and error and hardly EVER did I do the repair the way the factory service manual said. The engineering was archaic at best and the placement of fasteners obviously done as an after thought. It's ver frustrating bike to work on and do your own repairs. They are obviously made for 6 figure income owners to take back to the dealer for all there maintenance. I had an R1100RT BMW once, a wonderful handling and powerful, probably twice the power as the Hardley, but major oil leaks, and 3rd gear in the tranny started popping out. I miss that ride but not the problems. Oh! and let me not mention the numerous electrical problems.. I wonder what the percentages of problems the occured on sport bikes? FYI, I had two Honda VFR 750F's that accumulated over 100k miles without one glitch all I did was change tires and chain and sprokets. Plus, even though it was only a 750cc it still felt like it had 3 times the power as the Hardley! I now ride a Concours 14 (if you don't know what that is you're obviously a Hardleyist or don't ride or keep up with real motorcycles at all) It for sure makes 4 times the power of the Hardley and is light years away in the quality and craftmanship. I still think Honda's are the best built bike on the planet.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 10:24 AM, MisterCompletely wrote:

    As long as you have unions building ANYTHING that requires gasoline, you'll always have a problem with it. And you'll pay more than you should.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 10:31 AM, frontierflyer wrote:

    I started on Buell X1 Lightning, put 48K on the bike with no issues. Upgraded to a used 01 Nightrain with 1500 miles on it which I bought in 2003, purchased the Nightrain from Ebay. I had 85K on it and never had any issues with the 88, loved it. Wife bought a 2009 Sporty low and only rode it for 3 months before trading it in for a 2009 Softail Delux. I moved up to a used 2009 Electraglide which only had 2758 miles on it when purchased off of Ebay for 13K. I put a couple of thousand miles on it before selling it in FL at a 4K profit. So since wife is on full disability now, I have inherited the Softail Delux and enjoy the ride. If your not into keeping up with scheduled maintenance per Harley Davidson then yes eventually you are going to develop issues with any motorcycle. Currently I am in the market for an FLHXXX Steetglide trike for a more comfortable ride for the wife.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 11:28 AM, Outlook2015 wrote:

    As this article is about current quality/complaints, the reality is that it will not likely get better until management wakes up from a long sleep and improves the engineering.

    I have had Harleys for over 25 years and ride a bagger. I have been an investor in HOG, but not now.

    Until they do more than rubber mounting to reduce the vibration, you are going to have issues. Until they do something to substantially reduce the engine temperature, you are going to have issues.

    I won't buy another new one until the engineering is improved.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 11:29 AM, kzdvd wrote:


    I will take those bikes off your hands ...please contact me if you are interested in making a deal....

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 12:15 PM, freepatt wrote:

    I know many people that may not be happy about this article or CR. :O

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 1:13 PM, drcrypto wrote:

    If you own a Harley I suggest that you carry one of those multitool pocket things with you at all times. It has the tool to repair the Harley and a little ruler on the side to measure the distance traveled between breakdowns.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 1:15 PM, BigDaddyNorton wrote:

    Lucky for me I must be one of the two out of three BMW owners that haven't had any problems. My 02' R1150R runs like a champ and can't say enough good things for this well built bike. I agree with one of the other comments that if you treat your bike like crap it will become crap. All bikes will have issues if you don't take care of them! Ride Long and Prosper!

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 1:16 PM, drcrypto wrote:

    I'm 71 and Had my first motorcycle when I was 14 and many since and I have yet to drive a Harley.

    Never liked them and still don't today. I always thought they are loud, obnoxious and undependable.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 3:29 PM, oldrider wrote:

    I have been riding bikes for over 50 years, I have owned hogs, Hondas an triumps, the worst bike I have ever owned was Harleys, I have had more break down on my Harleys than any of the other bike I have own. I remember when Harley"s leaked oil like crazy and then they fixed that, now they are just made cheap, they don't seem to care about there bikes any more just profit.I now own a 2012 soft tail and it has been in the shop more than I have been able to ride it, I will never buy another Harley, I just hope I live long enough to buy another new bike.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 5:05 PM, Fastdriver78 wrote:

    Why do these Motley Fool guys seem bent on badmouthing all American vehicle manufacturers... if BMW is the worst bike, why title the article (i.e. the only part the vast majority of people will ever read as they flip through the headlines), "Is Harley-Davidson the Worst Motorcycle Money Can Buy?" Then there's articles about had bad Tesla is or how bad the Silverado is. Where did this agenda come from?

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 6:32 PM, axle57 wrote:

    Have owned several barleys, FXR, FL, XL. Built the Fl from the ground up, no problems. Went to buy a new one, the worst experience in my life, got up and walked out. The amount of dough that you will lay out in what I call extortion costs is phenomenal. The warranties are silly expensive. I buy older bikes and build them to suit me and I don't care what anybody else buys or rides, it's your money. Bought a Suzuki GS1000 for five hundred bucks and beat it like a rented mule and no problems. I know a few bike cops and they like the Harleys, but they don't have to pay for the horrendous maint. costs as with the BMW's also. You beat any bike hard enough and it will fail.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 7:54 PM, DickensC wrote:

    I bought two Bosch dishwashers because I trusted CR.

    The one at the cabin lasted almost 5 years before the $750 dollar board fried. The one at the house had almost $2000 of parts thrown at it......still didn't clean the dishes.

    Any faith in CR is gone.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 8:01 PM, slick50 wrote:

    It has always been my observance that a person's personality is on display when one is driving (truck, car, or bike). When I was 27, I bought a 1982 ELR (Eddie Lawson Replica #620 of 750 made). It was the first street 'superbike' and I loved it. Rode it so hard I broke the frame; sold it for more than I bought it. I loved that bike; but I'm not 27 anymore.

    Its sort of like a saying Ive heard: when I was a child i thought as a child, acted like a child; but when I became a man, i put away childish things….

    I am no longer 6'2" 185lbs (dirt bikes, Norton 850 Commando, Triumph Bonneville, Kaw 1000, ELR, HD Road King, and my 100th Anniversary HD SE Deuce. Notice any trends?

    I am now 6'2" 240lbs and 59 years old. Would I like to be 27 again and go blasting down the road? (and yes; I used to run from the cops/HP and get more than my share of tickets, and race at the strip). But that is not me anymore… I prefer 62mph, relaxed, open faced shorty helmet, small clear windshield, and nothing but my bike and my smile… and I can cruise all day and all night.. (just have to put some clothes on ;0 I loved all my bikes (some not listed..) and my favorite? the one I am riding !!

    Take care, be safe, and always check your 6.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 9:25 PM, Pops wrote:

    I'm 77, have been riding for over 60 yrs. off and on, still ride daily except in bad weather. My Harley is 19 years old, fires up even when the temp is in the teens. I guess at my age this will be my last ride.

  • Report this Comment On February 18, 2014, at 10:58 PM, gramps wrote:

    Let me tell you about CR. The Maytag washer was number one in the CR magazine for years. Then in 1980 Maytag changed the look of the control panel, and they went from first to last just for changing the control panel face.

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 1:05 AM, CALNNC wrote:

    I've owned 2 Harleys, the second one I have had for over 35 years and still ride it regularly. It's just the generic FLH Electraglide made in '77 with no radio, fancy seat by todays standards, or other gadgets that add weight. The motor doesn't get hot like the new ones and burn you legs off in stop and go traffic, it still gets 50 MPG, and I still enjoy trips on it. You don't buy a MC to have it ride like a Rolls Royce, you have it for the fun of being on 2 wheels and enjoying life. The foot board edges are still sharp enough to shave with, FLH mountain riders will understand that one, but I don't take it up to the century mark anymore.

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 1:06 AM, biker1bruce wrote:

    had a 72 superglide [with the exception of many EXPENSIVE parts of only slightly newer vintage] it cured me completely!! 74 z-1 903 kawasaki [came home on it`s own,except the LAST ride most of it was in a p/u after we parted company at well over 100 mph; yes the leathers were shot but most of me is still here] i still have my other american bikes one made in marysville ohio, the other from tennesee plus 3 or 4 yamahas [750/4,850/3,1000/v-twin virago that can hold their own any day] 2 kids have harleys so i keep a harley tool kit in my bike too! ya never know when ya may need a hammer if your not packing heat[some states are awful touchy about my favorite carry piece!!

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 1:11 AM, biker1bruce wrote:

    P.S. i also like to be able to see in the mirrors with the engine RUNNING

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 8:14 AM, Rerunrj wrote:

    I am 67 & have owned about 33 Harley's in my lifetime & still own a 1994 Harley Softail that I hardly ride at all as I bought a new Suzuki Bergman 400 & it's the best bike I have owned in years & I'd never go back to buying any Harley's as a mater of fact I am trying to sell my Harley but not much luck. They say you get a better resale on Harley's but I have to say the market is swamped with so many Harley's for sale it's a buyers market & your lucky to sell one right now. I love my Bergman 400 as it gets great milage & it's comfortable & I bought it with interest free payments from Suzuki & my payment is only 89.00 a month which is really nice. It's smooth & very quite running unlike my Harley that is so noise plus I can set at lights with no over heating problems as it's water cooled & living in Florida a Harley is a problem if your in a line or long stop light because of it starting to overheat. I'll never buy another ?Harley as you are paying way too much money for the name & my Bergman 400 will run the freeways with any Harley & I'll get 55 plus mpg on it & never any problems. Can't wait to unload this Harley on some Harley owner. Next year I'll most likely move up to the Suzuki Bergman 650 only because I may make some trips in the mountains & I want to pull a trailer.

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 9:31 AM, hdriderforlife wrote:

    to andrewmag if you think Harleys are slow,how about bring that gsxr to the track and find me,and don't let that flat black Harley lowrider at the stop lite fool you I have left a few rice rocket guys baffled about getting out run by a Harley so dont cry when you get embarrassed by a Harley on the drag strip or on the street,side note the aftermarket has the solution to the cam bearing problems ,if you ask the right questions at the dealer and find a dealer that you can talk to they also know about and have the fix for the cam bearings in twin cams,

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 12:54 PM, Olderthankrap wrote:

    HAD to weigh in here..... what kind of an idiot looking for a motorcycle would buy one depending on what CONSUMER REPORTS had to say??? Its a MOTORCYCLE not a Camry!! Okay, I got that out of my system. As owner of 4 Harley Big Twins (76 FLH, 93 FXR, 2000 Dyna, 07 Road King and half a Harley an 03' Buell XB9R

    who rides em and works on them I can tell you that Harley Davidson is not the"end all be all" of motorcycles. They are what they are. You either like em' or you don't. If you don't like em' don't have one but for God's sake don't make your decision on WHAT CONSUMER REPORTS HAS TO SAY!

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 12:55 PM, Olderthankrap wrote:

    Hey! Consumer Reports didn't think that highly of my 2013 Camaro either! What do they know?!

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 1:30 PM, 2ltmp wrote:

    If you ask me, the idea that Harley sells a lifestyle and that's why their bikes don't perform is rediculous. They do sell an image, but it's not real. It allows people, (mostly old people) dress up like bikers. I think it's comical to see all of these people come out of a Harley dealer decked out from head to toe in all of that Harley Davison gear....they look like foolish posers. I ride a Triumph, and bedsides being older than every bit as iconic as Harley. Triumphs have been featured in more movies than any other motorcycle and have been associated with "cool" for years, but they don't do it in an obnoxious tackey way like Harley does. Every time I meet with riders, someone always has a nostalgic Triumph story....I can't say I can say the same for Harley's. I think Harley's look nice, but they've lost a step in the image department, Harley has become a brand of weekend posers, trying to live out a some sort of "Sons of Anarchy" fantasy. Cool isn't something you can buy. The only Harley that ever had any performance is the V-ROD, but porsche designed that anyway. I never understood the attraction of a loud bike with no power.....

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 3:05 PM, Texan wrote:

    Bought a fridge based on CR. Glad I bought a 5 year warranty. It sucks.

    After owning Kawasaki, Norton, Triumph and custom S&S bikes, I bought my first Harley Street Glide in '11. It was slowest bike I owned stock. Did a stage 1 and am now satisfied. As far as mechanical, 25k on the miles and nothing other than wear and tear. Tires, brake pads and standard maintenance that I can do myself. The bike that had the most problems was actually the Kaw, KZ1300. Finally, sold it, but it was really fast.

    I drive every day and do have a mesh jacket for my armor that says Harley. Sorry, nothing else. I ride alone or with the wife or kids. I have a smile on my face every day.

    Just a guy that rides a lot.

  • Report this Comment On February 19, 2014, at 3:42 PM, samurai1833 wrote:

    I have a 99 Hayabusa, a 84 HD Shovel head Bobber and a 2009 Road Glide. Each one of them is great for their purpose Fast, Show, Go. There are better or newer versions of each of em. But I like what I got.

    Buy what you want, if you like it, and can afford it, its worth it. Who gives a damn what anyone else thinks about what you ride.

    And the only words on my clothes are the Dickies tags. I bought a bike I didn't sign up to be a walking advertisement.

  • Report this Comment On February 20, 2014, at 10:24 AM, RedBaronRX13 wrote:

    @goldfish246, I am a doctor, so no envy in not being able to afford a HARDLY bike. I just don't like fat, slow, chrome, loud, leather and poor cornering performance. Also, I don't give in to peer pressure to feel part of the heard. ;-)

    @hdriderforlife, funny you invite AndrewMag to a drag race on a strip. That is a single event on a straight line. Why not a race on a road course with the GIXXER or canyon carving twisties??? When was the last time HARDLY won or even competed at a MOTO GP or World SBK??? Not even BUELL could help them. The GSXR can hold it's own at both tracks and still ride home, can't say the same about the straight line only HARDLY. Anyone can go fast on a straight line. Lastly, I don't buy a bike to fix the engineering issues or poor parts. I recall SingleMAltRules saying something like: "parts were bought from the lowest bidder"???

    No one here has mentioned when HARDLY was owned by AMF. These HARDLY's were built in America, with American parts by American workers, so what gives??? I rest my case.

    @2ltmp, you hit that nail on the head!!!

    100% agree with you.

  • Report this Comment On February 20, 2014, at 12:43 PM, RedBaronRX13 wrote:

    HARDLY Davidson makes great mechanics out of ordinary men. x-)

  • Report this Comment On February 21, 2014, at 4:26 PM, Fracguy wrote:

    RedBaron, not sure what type of doctor you are but my deceased father was GP and he would have skinned me alive had he ever caught me on a motorcycle.

    To paraphrase Bum Phillips:

    "There are 2 types of people that ride motorcycles -

    Them that have been hit by cars and them that are going to be hit by cars".

  • Report this Comment On February 24, 2014, at 5:13 PM, MVALLEY59 wrote:

    This is not spam email. It is a link to a very funny "Harley Test"

    BTW I am an old "biker" I have been riding "rice burners" for years. They are dependable, reliable and very fast.

  • Report this Comment On February 24, 2014, at 5:25 PM, MVALLEY59 wrote:

    I did say that I was an old "biker." I meant "They are dependable, economical and very fast."


  • Report this Comment On February 26, 2014, at 9:41 PM, DeuceofEarl wrote:

    I've owned a 1978 Sportster (when HD and AMC were a team) and recently I have a 2000 Deuce (fantastic and dependable after 50K miles), and just last month got a 2004 Texas Chopper by American Iron Horse (now out of business). Not a single part on the horse is a HD mfg part. Nothing so far has gone wrong with it, I think mainly it depends on how you ride and maintain your stuff.

    Keep the oil/fluids up to date, filters changed, tires in good shape and fix those little things when they go haywire and you'll have a dependable reliable machine. My son rides a turbo Hyabusa (dynoed at 352 hp on 10 lbs of boost) and my daughter has a turbo GSXR1000. Everybody keeps their iron in good shape and during the summer we road ride often for 3-4 days at a time and never have had a problem or break down.

    Tires and oil changes are the biggest expense aside from registration and insurance! Damn governments...

  • Report this Comment On March 02, 2014, at 4:03 PM, Maxxtraxx wrote:

    I have been an avid motorcyclist for 45 years. I sold my 1988 Gold Wing with 375,000 on the clock.. I now own a 2001 Gold Wing with 130,000 miles on it and still running strong. It is a wonderful motorcycle and I love driving it daily. I have toured all over North America with it. Never a problem.. I also own a 2005 Harley FXD Superglide, it now has 2200 miles on it. I hate this bike, hence the mileage. When I sell it that will be the last Harley I ever own. I am 56 years old. I don't need to buy me a new personality, to dress up like a gay Batman and make my woman up like a butch whoremonger. I have better things to do than raise hell around town with my loud pipes, driving stupid style (side by side) never wearing a helmet, thinking folks admire my outlaw biker lifestyle, riding a techno dinosaur that costs a fortune to maintain and planning my life around trailering to Sturgis. I am in the market for a new bike this spring, I have been looking for something to replace that Harley with, I think I found it. I will be buying a slightly used 2007 Suzuki 650 Burgman. What a nice scooter. $4000 for everything I need in a motorcycle. I rode the new BMW, Indian, Victory, Harley, Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki offerings and I decided on the big scooter....Hmmmmm maybe I have grown up to realize there is a butt for every motorcycle seat ever made. I ride to the beat of a different drummer, so does everyone else, we are all bikers here and thats what sets us apart, yet is the bond we all share. Viva la difference

  • Report this Comment On March 04, 2014, at 5:27 PM, lawman212121211 wrote:

    Its a shame they didnt compare the # 2 producer of large motorcycles-Victory. Victory beats all other motor cycles in dependability hands down.

  • Report this Comment On March 11, 2014, at 11:49 AM, eltabor wrote:

    Consumer reports has made other mistakes. I was a carpenter for 25 years before changing careers and they didn't help much on their power tool ratings. I knew better from personal experience and I am a CR subscriber. I love my loud ass Harley and the feeling of flying. I don't give a damn what they say until they experience a lifestyle. I don't advertise for them, I can get better quality leather and riding gear elsewhere without paying a premium for the H(igh)D(ollar) logo. I feel like flying now.

    Into the wind

  • Report this Comment On March 22, 2014, at 5:27 PM, Capri142 wrote:

    <<Let me see any Japanese or American bike go 138k strong without a rebuild and keep going strong with good compression like my 1999 BMW GS 1100 never gonna happen most Japanese inline fours need a rebuild @ around 30 or 40k most Harleys don't even last that long.>>

    Pretty dunb assumtion...How about my 2001 Yamaha Royal Star with 189k miles. My good friends 2004 Harley with over 120k miles no majoer rebuilds on either bike. Lots of similar cases...Just because you think your bike is better than everyone else's not give you any monopoly on the stupid switch.

  • Report this Comment On April 11, 2014, at 9:31 AM, RideForReal wrote:

    I like riding a lot.... 5 figures a year and sport riding mostly. I do like Harleys, but they have major problems.... they are too heavy.... like a boat anchor.....too loud... for neighborhoods.... and the seat height is designed for women. A fun bike needs to be short, light and tall in the saddle from a sport perspective. I assure you that few Harley riders are interested in "riding" a motorcycle. I've yet to meet one and there reasons won't be seen on a spec sheet anywhere. Discussing anything with a Harley owner is like talking to a member of a cult. I took the Harley safety class and cannot believe the nonsense that comes out of their mouth. Like I said... I do like Harleys.... especially riding the Street Bob..... but they feel like boat anchors next to a lean sport bike and perform about the same.

  • Report this Comment On April 27, 2014, at 3:27 AM, mvt wrote:

    I'm 48 years old and a Jap bike owner all my life. Just purchased a used Harley 1998 soft tail springer. My best friend died and I always told him I would not ever by the junk Harley offered. I purchased it from his widow. I must say after all these years my 1997 Suzuki Intruder 1400 must be sold. Yes this old machine has cost me a little in repairs but they are the ones I can understand and work on.. If you want to get closer to your horse then shoe it. If you don't then send it to the stealer!

  • Report this Comment On May 21, 2014, at 8:39 PM, Darclight wrote:

    I rode Honda's for years, I bought my first Harley in 2000, a Dyna Wide Glide (FXDWG); I rode the wheels off of it until I bought my 2008 Ultra Classic (FLHTCU). The Ultra Classic was trouble right out of the box, it was in the shop for two of the first three months I owned it tracking down an electrical problem that caused my battery to die after sitting for a week.

    Both my Harleys are kept in a climate controlled garage, in the real world I am a Quality Manager at an automotive manufacturing plant, so I know a little about properly maintaining machines and equipment. Nevertheless, I a continually having issues with the Ultra Classic... maybe it is all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day, for $28k I expect the bike to start when I push the button. Unfortunately this isn't something I can count on, why own a touring bike you can't trust to start every time when you're on the road?

    I am due for a new bike, I'm weighing my options at this point, it's not looking good for Harley.

  • Report this Comment On May 28, 2014, at 1:16 PM, MrNut102 wrote:

    I want to buy a Harley V-Rod Muscle as my first motorbike and reading your posts with such comment as:

    "...Technically, there is NO reason to have a HD. Even the latest models are archaic beasts in stark contrast with almost any other brand..."

    "...The fact that Harley has old technology and they aren't reliable has been the case for decades..."

    "... I won't trash talk Harleys because it just aint fair to compare a tractor engine to a Triumph Triple or 6 cylinder Honda boxer or Beemer inline 6 for starters..."

    I wonder why you are not mentioning about a new line of V-Rod Harleys?

    I do not get it, since 2001 or so the HD have announced new HD V-ROD line which is completely new motorcycle with new technology inside such as ABS brak system, water cool engine, injectors instead of the carburetor in one word: Revolution engine. 125 ponys.

    What CR says about growing sales results mentioned for exp in article:

    Harley selling more motorcycles, both in U.S. and overseas

    CR is the result of sponsoring major lobbyists who want to catch every customer to buy what has come out in the report.

    do not be stupid listen to yourself:)

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2014, at 10:55 PM, Jammantoo wrote:

    I have owned HD branded motorcycles on and off since the early 80s

    I also have owned quite a few Jap bikes during that time

    What I think about HD

    do not depend on them for cutting technology, they are years behind on that

    do not depend on them for a bike that you just start up and jump on, they love to be tinkered with and if you do not tinker yourself, it is going cost you buck at the stealership

    do not depend on them for a good deal at the stealership, best deals are done used.

    Do depend on them for a greatly fit and finished bike. They have great quality control.

    They are comfy and waay to just put down the road on, but do not try to do the twisties with them.

    I actually like them, but am afraid that Victory is beginning to had them their ass on a plate. Victory is building a better product.

    So why have I owned so many Jap bikes


    new technology



    and getting a good deal at the stealership, I can not get that from HD

    I suggest if you want a HD, get a 1200 sporty or a Vrod, the big twin is an engine designed in the 1930s with 4 major upgrades, but it still is dealing with ancient technology.

    The problem with HD is they are trapped by the faithful. If they change to much or to fast they lose them. So instead of having engineers they have stylist.

    And do not buy into the things do not lose value. go on craigs list and you can buy evo big twins for 5 grand now days.and twin cams are 7. Most with less than 10,000 miles on them as they were owned bu RUBS who rode them to the bar on weekends.

  • Report this Comment On June 14, 2014, at 11:15 PM, Bmwdan wrote:

    Only one problem with this comparison. Bmw riders ride 10x as much as brand x bikes. I ride 11k a yr and that is low for BMW's. You can find Harleys that are 10 yrs old with 2000 miles on them. I put more miles on rolling the bike in in out of the garage than most Harley riders. So there is a big difference.

  • Report this Comment On June 18, 2014, at 6:10 PM, grayxvz wrote:

    Let me see if I get this right... Harleys are overpriced 1945 mtechnology that will leak oil on your garage floor, or the sidewalk in front of the room at the motel. They are a "lifestyle"... certainly not a lifestyle that I want to live. I like taking a shower every day, and I don't want every guy thinking he can "tap my Ol lady whenever he wants".

    starting from the beginning , BMW, what a great piece of technology. Absolutely superb machine - expensive. Honda's , most reviewers over the years have said about all they need for the brand, and the wing is still a superior way to travel anywhere. Kawasaki has mthe beginnings of a great road tourer and cruiser lineup. The Yamahas can give you any type of ride you are looking for with complete confidence that it will still give you many, many more miles than any comparable H-D ever will. Compare the Venture feature for feature with any H-D and you can't justify the dollar difference. Then last but not least , the great, no, I should say better than better is the new Indian, that yes does look like 1945 again. What a sweet ride, design, build quality, et al. This is the competition that Harly hoped would never really make it to market. Convince myself to spend above $24k + tour box , corbin for two and intercom, (J/M), I'm there! I didn't intentionally leave pout theDucati's and the crotch rockets, and Aprilla's on purpose . Just don't have a fit in this conversation. The H-D Regime is ready to be taken down a few notches. 'bout time!!!

  • Report this Comment On June 18, 2014, at 6:21 PM, grayxvz wrote:

    Big Ooooops from me. Sorry. I forgot to ask where those people got their information that H-D sells more Motorcycles than any one else??? Honda alone sells an average over the last 4 years, (honda sales figures)214% more sales than H-D, (H-D sales figures). Do you want to hear the numbers for Yamaha, Kawasaki, Suzuki, can-am, BMW, ............... . Thought not !!

  • Report this Comment On June 18, 2014, at 6:36 PM, grayxvz wrote:

    @golfish42; I think I have the ultimate challenge for you to keep the H-D'ers from putting their foot in their mouths every time this comes up.

    I will take my 2009 Yamaha Venture with 45,780, or my 89 Venture Royale with 64,5 on it on any road course you wish to pick against any H-D you wish to use. I will gladly put my title and of course enough money to entice you to show, that I will be across the line way before your choice is. As the Dr. said previouslly, they might be great for dragging the main street in Sturgis, but what happens when they take it to the canyon just a few miles down the road?????

  • Report this Comment On June 19, 2014, at 11:32 PM, illumna wrote:

    As an investor and a consumer that is looking to purchase his first motorcycle, I would not purchase stocks in Harley. As one Harley owner above stated, when you purchase a Harley you are purchasing a lifestyle. A lifestyle is not a sustainable product or business model. I personally feel that Harley will soon be reliving history of the AMF days.

    Customer opinion is changing just like it did in the 70's and Harley isn't changing it's business model to fit that adjustment. A customer wants to spend their hard earned money on a good bike not just a name.

    As one poster stated above, there are problems w/ their Ultra Classics. My friend purchased a used Harley from a dealer, had it for a month, and it is in the shop for $1K of repairs to replace transmission gears that were shaved. He is quite disappointed from this experience. Mind you, he replaced a Japanese bike for his Harley. His Japanese bike had 40K miles on it and he never had a problem with it.

    There are so many good bikes out there right now that have so much to offer. I would love to purchase a Harley but don't have confidence in a lifestyle. I want confidence in a bike.

  • Report this Comment On June 25, 2014, at 4:50 AM, moeed wrote:

    HI Guys....need advice....I am interested to buy a motorbike and confuse between Harley Davidson Sportster Forty Eight or Iron 883 OR Yamaha Bolt ?

  • Report this Comment On July 16, 2014, at 8:23 PM, lugnut20 wrote:

    In response to Cody700. As far as performance with Harleys. I had a Friend that bout a kawasaki 1400, I happened to buy a 1200 Harley Sportster. We took them out to the long straight road to see which had the performance. My Harley sportster ate that kawasaki for lunch, The race was not even close. Yes my friend was very depressed.

  • Report this Comment On July 21, 2014, at 9:23 AM, Whyliefool wrote:

    Really? You expect us to believe that your shitty little sportster beat a 190mph superbike in a race! I love the internet, full of lies, damn lies and bullsh!t You Hardly Ableson owners really are living in a fantasy world. I've ridden and owned all sorts of bikes for over 25 years and must say the Harley's I've ridden are bloody awful! Give me a Hinkley Triumph any day over a Harley! Most Harley parts are now made in China, American made, ha ha ha !!!!!!

  • Report this Comment On August 03, 2014, at 1:15 AM, PutdownProphet wrote:

    My decision on buyinng a bike is two-fold: 1) It needs to be dependable. I don't want to be broke down at any point. That's why I'm a biker - I love to ride. 2) It needs to be affordable. Most of us live on a budget. We're not all living in a biker club. Some of us have other responsibilities. And I ride every day, rain or shine - not just a "weekend warrior".

    That's why I own a Shadow ACE 1100 - shaft drive nd water-cooled. I've owned it a year, and have put over 3,000 miles on it. Only problem I've had is a new battery.

    I get a kick out of watching Harley riders scramble to salvage their beloved image of a by-gone era. The whole "brother/respect" mantra is a joke. They want everyone to be brothers because their bikes are always broke down and need help (lol).

    Naa. Honda forever for me, folks. My first bike was an Indian (good bike). There was a Harley owner down the street who always hated me. I never knew why until I grew up and realized he never really got to ride his bike much.. From there I went to Honda and stayed.. Honda's quality is outstanding, and has never once sold out to other investors, like Harley has over a dozen times.

    P.S.) There's a lot to be said about a people who for thousands of years are reknown for their metalworking. Put that in your ""tradition" pipe and smoke it!

    Honda Rider

  • Report this Comment On August 10, 2014, at 12:33 AM, Mooglide wrote:

    Akin to the triple bottom line its difficult to put a value on qualitative factors such as "feel, lifestyle and nostalgia". The demographic Harley targets by default or by design is in itself a complex equation and my personal take is its about the "rebel without a cause" factor. Generally you need to be reasonably well off to afford a HD whether its new or old and you can't but help be influenced by the "bikie culture" that has been perhaps a blessing and a curse for HD. However, HD puts itself above this by presenting itself in a contrarian style - professional, welcoming, high standards - smart! This, to me, is the seductive nature of HD.

    Let me share a recent experience with you to finally illustrate and get to the point! I am from Melbourne Australia and purchased a 1993 Moo Glide 18 months ago - why? History, nostalgia, beauty, ego...akin to the Ferrari or any other man made object of desire its not so much about practicality but about the perceived quality of the experience. Did the bike live up to my expectations? Hell yeah! Why? I love the feel of the bike, I love the fact it is not perfect, I love its uniqueness, and most of all I love the admiring glances and comments. The highlight was last weekend when a friend with a 12 year old fat boy and I went for a short ride, stopped and had a coffee as an excuse to admire our steeds and have something constructive to talk about, when a "younger speed biker" came up and offered his comments on what fantastic looking bikes we have.

    Made our day and the raison d'etre of being a HD owner.

  • Report this Comment On August 12, 2014, at 6:37 PM, mijanro wrote:

    I have owned 3 Hondas, a Suzuki, a Kawasaki, and 2 Harleys. I presently own a 2006 Electraglide that I bought new. A bike made in the 50's was built to at much different standard of performance than all the bikes are now. Harleys were driven to a higher standard by the Japs (as were the Europeans). My bike is built to last, over engineered as a rule and therefore maintainable for a long time. Yet my other bikes were all good bikes. Maybe the fact that I can and do most of my routine mechanical maintenance is a point. Haters are just like rabid fans. Not realistic. Harley's are good bikes, if not, why is their style so copied? You pays yer money and takes your choice. I still like my hog!

  • Report this Comment On August 18, 2014, at 8:27 PM, slowrollin wrote:

    I have owned a Honda Valkyrie Interstate, Harley Softail, currently own a Road Glide Ultra and a BMW R1150R.

    If I were to replace my Harley with another brand, it would likely be a Goldwing. I have often thought about it because all of my riding buddies ride the Wing. But, I remember that feeling I had when I rode the Valkyrie. It was wicked fast, reliable beyond belief and very nice looking. Still, I just didn't love being on it. I was always waiting for it to put a smile on my face and it never did under 90mph. It wasn't until I test rode my first Harley that I got that smile. It wasn't until I purchased my first Harley that they smile came every time I rode it. My longest trip is about 1000 miles so far. I haven't had any real issues. Yes, I would agree that some of the little things that have happened, I didn't have to worry about with my Honda. However, would I sacrifice the feeling I get for that? Hell no!!!

    My second point is value. So Harley's design is nostalgic and dated. It's supposed to be. That's what people like about it. It looks nostalgic. That's why all of the Japanese makers have bikes that copy the Harley style. If they didn't they couldn't compete. But they do it because they know there will always be people who won't pay the premium for real chrome, metal tanks, etc..... For some it's just not worth it and I don't belittle them or their version of the Harley. But let's be honest, that's what they are trying to produce (with the exception of the GoldWing). Remember the old Chrysler K Cars of the 80's. Their commercials used to say, it looked like a Mercedes. They were basically saying why buy the Mercedes when you could buy the cheaper car. For some that made sense to do for certain. But then they had to live with the fact that it wasn't a Mercedes, the value dropped faster than a toaster, and they got exactly what they paid for.

    Ride what you like and stop trying to justify to people who don't get it.

    By the way, when comparing the reliability of bikes, take into account that most guys riding Japanese Bikes probably don't tinker with the modifications and add-ons nearly as much as the Harley Riders. For Harley Riders, customizing and personalizing is what it's all about. But anytime you change something from what the manufacturer designed or spec'd, you make yourself more vulnerable to issues down the road. We just accept it and ride on.

  • Report this Comment On August 19, 2014, at 1:50 PM, HockeyCoach wrote:

    What sfvdoc wrote February 17th, 2014 at 2:09 pm is exactly correct.

    Here's my Polaris dealership experience:

    I found one dealership in Houston (a city with metro population of ~6m) that had one Victory Judge motorcycle for sale.

    So, I showed up on a Saturday. The "Finance Manager" playing salesman said "We don't allow test rides on weekends." But... if I was "ready to buy the bike today," he might get an special exception from the Sales Manger.

    So, I left and showed up on Monday in the late afternoon when they supposedly allow test rides.

    Same "Finance Manager" on Monday tells me they only do test rides at 2:30 pm in the afternoon. So, as I'm walking out, he tells me they "might make an exception" (again).

    So, they go get the bike ready for me. As that is happening, the "Finance Manager" tells me that I can only take the bike on a short 1/2 mile trip down the Freeway service road. He told me that he was "just watching out for me" since the freeway was busy. (could he be any more condescending? Also, I'm 46 not 18!)

    Then, after waiting 20 minutes, "Finance Manager" tells me the bike can't be ridden because the batter is dead and it takes four hours to recharge. Turns out it was a "new" 2013 model that probably had been sitting on the showroom floor over a year.

    Beyond pathetic. I will never walk into another Polaris dealership ever again.

    I just heard from someone else today, as it turns out, that he pretty much go the same run-around from other non-Harley (Honda & Kawasaki) dealerships.

    So, I really could care less if all that "modern technology" shaves a second off a quarter mile run. And, I could really care less if Harleys cost a little more to buy & maintain. I really just don't have the patience to deal with bottom-feeders.

  • Report this Comment On September 09, 2014, at 12:45 AM, IronMadeinUSA wrote:

    Well, first of all the graphs you show mean little. Harley outpaces all others in sales in the U.S. In heavy weight motorcycles. Any percentage is a useless statistic in my opinion.

    I have owner 18 bikes in the last 8 years with most of them being new.

    I have logged over 80 thousand miles on these bikes.

    Four Harley's, I still own two.

    Most are Star by Yamaha.

    Many Kawasakis with two being the Vulcan Nomad 1600.

    My most recent a Victory a Highball that I out 17,000 miles on in 20 months.

    The Victory is an outstanding motorcycle but has little character.

    When riding the metrics I always wished they were Harley's.

    They were all great bikes, all could take me anywhere I wanted to go.

    But, only the Harley and a Victory moved the soul.

  • Report this Comment On October 15, 2014, at 1:41 PM, sheriffstech wrote:

    I've been riding more than 30 years. I've owned most every major brand rice grinder. I can't think of one issue with any worth mentioning. In 2012 I purchased my first Harley. A new Ultra Limited. Barley 2 years later and the odometer is reading nearly 30,000 miles. While the Harley "higher resale" argument doesn't hold water with me because the initial cost is so much higher than Jap bikes, the ride and handling of the Harley is far Superior to ANY other bike I have ever owned or ridden. Having said that, would I part with my 07 Yamaha Royal Star Tour Deluxe with a little over 50,000 miles? NOT A CHANCE!

  • Report this Comment On October 26, 2014, at 3:27 AM, Mithrandir wrote:

    I ride a 2012 FLSTC customized with tour pack, guards n highway pegs and LED lighting as my very first bike. Not trusting strangers in cages yes, I bought leathers and a helmet...not as a poser you traitorous haters, not as an advertisement or to pretend to be someone I'm not. In 2 years I've ridden that wonderful beast over 45,000 miles...through last Mays snowstorm in Colorado...3rd trip there was just last month. Just got back from Miami Beach and the Keys and have been all over Arkansas and my own state of Texas. Been in rain, heat, cold, night day, snow...the lot of it and my bike has performed exactly as I want it too. Many days are in excess of 700 to 800 miles and with the 5 different ways I can relax on my bike...well those lean forward things with 1 riding position just look so uncomfortable. I had to put my car on a battery tender lol.

    I bought a used Yamaha V Star Silverado 1100 for a co worker who got run over on his older 650 version just because of karma, his low slung black V star started my love of riding and I felt bad remembering his accident every time I climbed on my Harley. I rode it home and that thing felt tiny and I'm not quite 6', getting back on my bike was like getting out of a Yugo and back into a Cadillac....smooth, roomy...ahhhh.

    Mr. Davidsons' vision of the need for a strong dealer network to survive has proven well thought out 150 dead motorcycle companies later...and if 110 years of lifestyle "won't last long," well....nuff' said. Part of the premium on a Harley is this strong dealer network and I have liked them more than many of my own family, here in Houston or on the road. All that being said, today I rode out to the country for lunch and flashed peace signs at any and all on two or even three wheels, couldn't care less or even know what they were riding. Many were youngun's on sport bikes, and they waved and peace V back and that's what it's all about for the love of two wheels. Many of the old H.O.G. geezers I sometimes tour with rode hot, fast imports when they were young and as they aged moved to touring bikes, big whoop.

    HD reaching out and steadily increasing sales to everyone else outside of old white baby boomer men is encouraging and often ignored by investment hits on them like "it is a 7 dollar stock" from one such pro shorting them I just heard in at a FL investment summit. Every investment rag on HD I read ignores their new offerings and movement into India where such less expensive, smaller displacement bikes are in such demand.

    I'd just as soon be invisible and couldn't care less what the haters spew, if HD gave you the run around well that is a shame. I think most of the people have watched entirely too much TV to make such SOA comparisons and such...nope, not here though most of the HOG group I ride with are US Army or Marine vets and I have been hunting felons for over 30 years and hating on us on the net is one thing, try it in real life > : ) Like the rude way so many drive, we all pull into a parking lot, get out and go into Home Depot or someplace...where did all of that aggression go? Why no birds being flown, where is the cutting off others in the line of carts?


    Gold Wings' frames were cracking at the turn of the century for that matter, heck type in a manufacturer and problems and one is perfect. For me, in as much as I can, I will continue to support American jobs and keep the profit here. Sad so many others send that somewhere else and are so "in your face" with it then after weakening our great nation thusly think they should still have a voice. I file them along with business owners who "have had an American workforce, I don't want another...these third world foreigners are more dutiful, loyal and hardworking" re: cheaper. Well I feel the same way about you, software and AI won't need you either. And after all the money is sent overseas and the entire nations workforce is replaced with robots and cheap foreign labor and the retired swell their ranks to record numbers...these same people complain about the high taxes and regulations that the unemployed,retired people and foreign labor votes! Who's able to afford to buy the products then..robots? A handful of billionaires? They never see the cause is in the mirror or really think it through past their nose and the bank. All of you America haters, please do us a favor, turn in your citizenship and leave! To the rest ride well and listen not to the darkness and it's followers, shine!

  • Report this Comment On November 03, 2014, at 8:41 PM, fmUSA wrote:

    February 17, 2014, at 2:13 PM, proseiden wrote: You will not find ANY japanese bike or harley that can claim that on the engine or drive line.


    Currently my 1991 GoldWing has 164,000 miles. It is still ALL ORIGINAL except the timing belts. But they looked OEM new (no detectable wear) at 124,000.

    You'll need some salt & pepper when you eat your words.


    Harley? Sorry, NO.

    Why would I want to downgrade.

  • Report this Comment On November 24, 2014, at 4:16 PM, NewButNot wrote:

    Honestly....... You should get what you want and ride........ Who really cares what everyone thinks. If you are having fun and enjoy your ride, good for you! Me, I went with a Victory Judge. 1731cc and I love it. Be thankful you live in a country where you can pretty much ride what you want where you want.

  • Report this Comment On December 14, 2014, at 7:33 PM, christieandbill wrote:

    I know a ton of people who will not buy a Harley cause they're junk. Whenever you old Harley freaks move on cause you have no common sense Harley will fall. And resell value is getting lower and lower if you noticed. Goodbye Harley!!

  • Report this Comment On February 05, 2015, at 10:43 AM, BoozefighterEasy wrote:

    Hey Motley douche, if you're trying to convince Harley Owners via cuntsumer reports then you're either stupid or high or perhaps both?

    I've owned my share of Harleys I currently have a 2013 Road Glide Ultra... I've had no problems with it.

    So here's one Harley owner, a lifelong satisfied owner, calling BULL$HIT!

  • Report this Comment On February 09, 2015, at 5:03 PM, saccharoidal wrote:

    In my sixties and been riding for 47 yrs

    I have owned about every type and manufacture of Motorcycles.

    I love them all. I have never ridden a MC I did not enjoy. When My bike was in the shop I borrowed my dads Honda ATC 90 for a week. I did own an AMC HD. I loved it, but it was a pain. I am now looking at a HD, I think. I have seen you all talk resale. I just sold my 2011 zx14 at 82% of what I paid for it 3 yrs and 18k miles ago. But I did not pay retail. HD is the only company that you have to pay retail. I am looking at purchasing a 2010 Harley-Davidson FXDWG Wideglide for 66% of the original purchase price. HOLD their retail, it is a myth promoted by the dealers and private individuals trying to sell. The market is flooded with used bike. A friend just sold his 74 KAW for 10X what he paid for it.

    The point is this: quit being motorcycle bigots. We all belong to the 2 wheel club, doing the thing we love. We are all out there. It is a great way to live and all bike and bike owners deserve to be respected.

    OH I thought about a BMW, but the maintenance and final drive problems is turning me away.

    Am I wrong: I always wanted a GS

  • Report this Comment On February 09, 2015, at 8:26 PM, saccharoidal wrote:

    Has anyone notice (you farts like me) the quality of dealership has gone in the toilet. When I first started riding I would go down to the local Honda shop (they all had their own shops then), hang out and ask questions. I was in HS then. The guys would take me in the back and show me how to do things. we would talk bikes. I had a Honda cl 175. I wanted a Harley, but $$ was the problem. It was great. We talked bikes and thought all bikes were cool. I bought my first new bike in 1972. The dealer/owner did what he could do to make my dream come true.

    The present: In 2003 I started looking to buy a new bike, mine was getting old. All the dealers did not act real interested, maybe be cause I was not all that keen in spending the $$. The following year I was 100 % serious and went from shop to shop trying to deal with them. The HD was the worst, followed by Yamaha and then Suzuki. so I bought a Vulcan 2000. Paid cash. One year later I wanted a Heritage. HD would still not work with me. Sold my vn2000 and bought a used HD. 18 months later I wanted a bus or the Kawasaki zx14. Trade my HD for the rocket. Kaw dealer worked with me. When the BMW came out with their super bike I bought it, paid cash. but they did not budge on the price. I had to trailer the bike for service. the nearest dealer was 3 hours away. So I sold it and in 2011 bought my second zx14. Traveled 5 hours to pick it up. none of the local shops would budge on the price. I have bought over 70K$ worth of mc since 2003. Not that I spent that. sold each bike. Only once did I have 2 at a time. I thought dealers love repeat business. they all saw me come in looking to purchase knowing each time I had a different bike.

    What is it with dealers today.

  • Report this Comment On April 01, 2015, at 2:22 PM, Cxpeter wrote:

    Harley's marketing department is the best in the world. They could sell ice to an Eskimo. I am over the image thing, I want to ride a bike that Suits me not me having to suit the bike.

  • Report this Comment On April 25, 2015, at 9:56 PM, 09HDStretbob wrote:

    3 words.. Harley Damn Davidson

  • Report this Comment On May 25, 2015, at 7:57 PM, RacquetHead wrote:

    I've ridden for 50 years and owned 8 bikes, all metric, 4 Hondas that never missed a lick. I recently decided to upgrade from my VTX1300. Since Honda quit making a traditional cruiser/touring style bike I began looking around and finally decided on a Harley Road King. The only other bike I considered was a Yamaha VStar but at nearly $17 K, it just made sense to spend a little more and get an HD as the RK had more features, and they hold their value better than anything else.

    When I test drove the RK I really loved it. I found the distinct Harley rumble invigorating but not annoying. The ride was very strong but comfortable. The bike was well balanced and very light in curves, no noticable vibration accept at idle due to the rubber motor mounts. It definitely pasted the looks test with a 10+. No way I was leaving the dealership without it.

    The buying experience was fantastic. The bike needed minor tweaking and a backrest installed. I brought it back on Sunday and they took care of it in less than an hour. The entire staff at the dealership bent over backwards to please me. So far I've been overwhelmed by the Harley Experience.

    I'm not smug, nor a snob and I certainly don't look down on metric bike owners since I was one for 50 years, but Harleys do provide you with a strong pride of ownership that's virtually unmatched. Maintenance wise so far it's runs like a top - no issues to report. Just an awesome bike.

  • Report this Comment On May 30, 2015, at 11:41 PM, HondaJim wrote:

    Currently I have a 1300 VTX and a Wing. I've owned other bikes but frankly because of dependability Honda is the bike for me. I ride with several Hardly owners who call my bikes rice burners (I've never told them the X was built in Ohio and the Wing is SC but it would make any difference. Believe it or not they will argue the fact between 30-40 % of their Hardly electronics are made in China. They talk about their American made frame but don't mention it's made of Chinese steel. In reality the Wing until about 2 years ago were more American made than the Hardly. However what is important is they are happy with their Hardly and that is all that is really important. Frankly when I'm sitting at a red light behind one (never happens on the open highway) I take a trip back in time too. Remember when your family took a trip and stayed at a cheap motel? You could put 25 cents in the bed and it would shake exactly like a Hardly does, no wonder women like them. To be honest I have no problem with their engines my lawnmowers have air cooled engines too. There's a rumor Hardly and Briggs Stratton are merging next year to either make a better lawn mower or to upgrade the Hardly engine. In the end ride what you like. I'm a dependability freak. If I wanted to be like everyone else I'd be a Hardly freak. Just remember the masses voted for our current president. That alone should be enough said about that kind of thinking.

  • Report this Comment On August 28, 2015, at 3:44 AM, imabucfan wrote:

    I really want to like Harley. I want to support American workers and engineering, but the truth is that Japan owns the automotive market and it only makes sense (and it shows on the automotive market AND the motorcycle market) they make a longer lasting machine, they don't cost a mortgage payment when you bring them in for maintenance, and besides a chopper, they make every kind of motorcycle you would want. I'll back that up with experience. I have bought Japanese cars and gotten over 200k on every one. I have bought Japanese motorcycles and only taken them in for one or two maintenance checks and changed the oil myself and they ran as long as I needed them to. I usually sold them before they ever got close to breaking down. I know you Harley hard heads will say "just change the oil and any machine will last" but I say B.S., there is a difference in the quality right out of the gate. I own a Harley right now after 40 years of Japanese engineering and I have had my first wreck because of a recall that wasn't put out until after my wreck and I ended up in the trauma center. Project Rushmore touring bikes are dangerous and have the worst balance I have ever experienced. All that nav and music up front with a high rear compartment is a wreck waiting to happen. And if you have a passenger your legs hit the passenger pegs after taking barely a half stride. I could go on, but I could take on any one of the Harley salesmen or wrenchers and have them steaming in their pants in no time. America needs to start caring about quality and safety with their vehicles and not muscle and profit. If China ever learns to build like the Japanese America will be screwed.

Add your comment.

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