When David Einhorn speaks, the market listens. Although his fund, Greenlight Capital, holds more stocks long than short, Einhorn's aggressive and public short sales are what have attracted so much attention and built his reputation as one of the greatest stock-pickers of his generation.


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The following presentation looks at five of Einhorn's most controversial short sales. Some of them, including Allied Capital and Lehman Brothers, have worked out spectacularly for Einhorn, while short bets onĀ Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE:CMG) and Keurig Green Mountain (NASDAQ:GMCR) haven't fared so well. Herbalife (NYSE:HLF) is among his more interesting shorts; although Einhorn never publicly disparaged the controversial company, expectations that he would prompted investors to sell the stock aggressively in the months following an exchange between Einhorn and Herbalife's management, affirming the persuasiveness of his track record.

Einhorn Even Has the Gall to Question Warren Buffett
When he's not going after firms, Einhorn hasn't been afraid to target other investors, including Warren Buffett, whose stance on gold Einhorn has lambasted. Still, although Einhorn has a great track record, Buffett has been at it for longer. You can tap into the best of Warren Buffett's wisdom in a new special report from The Motley Fool. Click here now for a free copy of this invaluable report.

Einhorn Short Sales from The Motley Fool.

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