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Rule Maker Port

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11 Steps:
 1. Philosophy
 2. Mastering Finances
 3. Allocating Savings
 4. Finding Ideas
 5. Information
 6. Criteria
 7. QuaVa
 8. Ownership
 9. Putting It Together
10. Retirement
11. Getting Answers

Read about the Rule Makers that are shaping the Net in The Motley Fool's Internet Report.

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Why the Name Change?

The Cash-King Portfolio Becomes
the Rule Maker Portfolio

In December of 1998, the Cash-King Portfolio's name was changed to the Rule Maker Portfolio. This new name best reflects this portfolio's investment strategy, which is fully explained in the Rule Maker Principles.

Nothing else has changed. Just the name. To learn more about the Rule Maker's investment strategy, please read the Rule Maker Principles. And for much more about Rule Maker investing (to gain the best understanding of the Rule Maker Portfolio), consider David and Tom Gardner's new book, Rule Breakers, Rule Makers. This Simon & Schuster beauty doesn't arrive until January, but you can reserve your copy today.


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