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News for Friday, January 2, 1998

Have you given? The Fool Charity Fund

  • Greg Markus looks ahead to the new year in tonight's Boring recap.
  • With Seinfeld in it's last season, the networks should be taking notice. Jim Surowiecki explains in this Fool on the Hill encore performance.
  • The Fool Four stocks surge as per the ritual on the first trading day of January and AT&T gets cut off. Tom Gardner gives the scoop in the Fool Portfolio update.
  • Robert Sheard clears up some confusion on the new 1998 Foolish Four stocks in the Daily Dow report.
  • Can Sybase Turn It Around?: With the database industry slowing and missed Q4 estimates, a turnaround for Sybase seems a lot less likely. In the Evening News.
  • It's TouchStone Friday in the Drip report, Randy Befumo gives a quick run down on the week's activities.
  • In the Lunchtime News -- Sybase crashes. It's the latest in a string of database companies to be knocked down.
  • The Buckle is taking teens and investors to new heights. In today's
    Daily Double.Poor earnings visibility has caused InVision Technologies to blow up. In today's Daily Trouble.
  • Today's Fribble -- The Sob Story.

News for Thursday, January 1, 1998

  • New Year's Day Holiday

News for Wednesday, December 31, 1997

  • A new planet -- getting creepy-crawly on New Year's Eve, in the Fool Port Report.
  • Greg Markus looks back on '97 in the Boring Port Report.
  • Randy Befumo looks at Philip Morris, in the Drip Port Report.
  • In 1998, resolve to Roth -- the Roth IRA that is. Read all about this Foolish retirement plan in tonight's Evening News.
  • Fool Buying SPY: The Fool Port announces a new buy and this time it's SPY.
  • Resolutions for a Foolish '98 and tips on how to keep them. In this week's Family Fool.
  • TMF Sheard offers his final Workshop Report of the year.
  • Hocus Pocus for Scopus! Market cap disappears, in today's Daily Trouble.
  • Encore Wire gets a standing ovation from investors. In today's Daily Double.

News for Tuesday, December 30, 1997

  • Randy Befumo takes a look at PepsiCo in tonight's Drip Port Report.
  • Jeff looks at the returns of the Fool Port stocks this year, from day one, and writes about Amazon's service and AOL and Cybermeals.
  • Visit the Daily Dow report to find out what changes are going to be made in the Foolish Four Approach.
  • Boring trounces the major indexes with a nearly 3% gain. Mark Weaver writes tonight's report on the portfolio's winners.
  • In the Evening News -- Seinfeld's bombshell. Jerry's departure should be a wake-up call for the major networks.
  • It's Not Just Oil: Many found yesterday's rally in oil services confounding. Dale Wettlaufer explains why it shouldn't be in today's Lunchtime News.
  • Storage Computer investors sent out an SOS after a washout quarter.
  • Through growth and acquisitions, Analytical Surveys scans a Double.
  • In today's Fribble, George Runkle on losing your money wisely.

News for Monday, December 29, 1997

  • It's a good day for Boring as the portfolio surges 1.7%. Find outwho the big winners of the day were in tonight's Boring recap.
  • In tonight's Drip report, Jeff criticizes Randy, and then considers some initiatives that individual investors should consider taking in 1998 and beyond.
  • The market soars, but can the Fool Port keep up today? David Gardner reports.
  • It's been a typical year for the High Yield Dow Approach. Get the end-of-year statistics in the Daily Dow report.
  • Robert Sheard is back in Lexington and posts the final Foolish Workshop rankings of 1997.
  • In the Evening News, The Importance of Growth. Most of the high-flyers and nose-divers of '97 owe their big moves to valuation and growth. Today, Randy Befumo looks at growth.
  • In the Lunchtime News, won up, banks follow. Bankers Trust Investors happy to see South Korea talks.
  • Famous Dave's of America gets raked over the coals.
  • What's in a name? For Cherokee, sweet royalties.
  • In today's Fribble, resisting temptation in Sin City.