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Welcome to the beginning of The Motley Fool's single biggest and most important investment event of 2016 — our Motley Fool ONE festivities start right NOW!

After 23 years in business, we've amassed a truly incredible amount of investment knowledge and expertise here at The Motley Fool — yet the great majority of our members barely ever scratch the surface of what we have to offer them.

Many turn to services like Stock Advisor or Rule Breakers when they have a little extra cash lying around and need a solid investment idea.

Others get a little more serious and choose to follow along with premium real-money portfolio services like Supernova, MDP, or Motley Fool PRO — but again, seldom get past the stock picks those services provide.

Of course, that's completely fine with us!

After all, our goal here at The Motley Fool has always been to meet all kinds of different investors on their own terms — regardless of how old they are… how much experience they have… or how much time, money, or interest they have to commit to their portfolio.

But we also firmly believe that sometimes, in order to give yourself the absolute best shot at meeting your financial goals, you should take a more holistic approach to your investments…

And we believe that one of the best ways to do that is to take full advantage of ALL of the investment products, tools, and services we've worked so hard to develop over the past two-plus decades.

(In our minds, it's a little bit like the difference between joining a full-service gym and using only the treadmill… or taking advantage of ALL of the various weights, machines, and personal trainers available to you.)

That's why we've gone to such great lengths across our organization to put together our comprehensive yet easy-to-follow "7 Steps to Everlasting Wealth Challenge" — which truly draws on all of our various areas of expertise and showcases all of the different ways we can help you meet your financial goals.

It's also why at the conclusion of this multiweek event, we'll be re-opening our premier, all-access Motley Fool ONE service to new members for the first time since September 2015.

In fact, this will actually be the first and only time we'll be able to open Motley Fool ONE in all of 2016, and we'll only be able to accept a maximum of 1,000 new members when we do.

So you can see why we're calling this the single biggest and most important investing event of the entire year at The Motley Fool.

But the good news is that as a reward for taking the time to see everything we have to offer you, we'll not only give you the chance to be among the first in line to claim one of our limited number of spots, but we'll also give you a $1,000 credit you can put toward the cost of joining Motley Fool ONE.

Before we get to any of that though, I invite you to first sit back and enjoy the more than $800 worth of custom-made complimentary content we'll be putting together for you between now and September 14!

Starting with Step 1 of our "7 Steps to Everlasting Wealth Challenge" — a free financial health quiz that will help determine whether your portfolio and finances are currently setting you up for a leisurely and carefree retirement (or setting you up to leave the legacy your family deserves, if you're already retired).

So what are you waiting for? Just enter the email address associated with your Motley Fool account into the box below to take this quick 10-question quiz now, and see where you stand!

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