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In 2015, Foolish investing is going to become easier and less time-consuming than you ever thought possible...

In fact, it all kicks off on Thursday, Jan. 29 — when we'll be inviting a small group of Fools to join us in our premier, all-access Motley Fool ONE service and begin taking advantage of a groundbreaking "auto-pilot" investment solution offered by our friends at Motley Fool Wealth Management.

You see, whereas The Motley Fool is a publishing company and therefore cannot offer personalized investment advice or make trades for any of our members, Motley Fool Wealth Management (MFWM) is actually a Registered Investment Adviser...

Meaning not only can they offer you individualized advice based on your personal financial situation, goals, needs, and risk tolerance... but they can actually manage money on your behalf.

What's more, thanks to the Separately Managed Account (SMA) feature they are about to roll out exclusively to our ONE members, they can actually custom-build you a portfolio composed of a precise blend of investment strategies modeled after many of the Fool services you know and trust — including Motley Fool PRO, Supernova, and Million Dollar Portfolio, among others.

In other words, you can continue to reap all of the many benefits of our Foolish approach to investing without having to spend any more time or effort than you want to reading up on our recommendations... making trades... or managing your portfolio.

So you can probably see why our co-founder and CEO, Tom Gardner, calls this, "the most game-changing investment solution we've ever offered our members access to" — and why everyone here is so excited.

If you're as excited as we are — or even just curious to learn more — simply enter your email address in the box below and then please fill out the brief, no-obligation Motley Fool ONE "early acceptance" application that follows.

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This will allow us to determine if membership in Motley Fool ONE is right for you — and see whether you qualify for the "auto-pilot" investment solution we've been discussing today.

And as a "thank-you" for taking the time to apply, we'll give you complimentary access to our Motley Fool ONE member lobby, where you can:

  • Watch a special "SMA strategy session" Tom Gardner just recorded with his brother and fellow Motley Fool co-founder, David Gardner, which explores how the Supernova SMA strategy makes use of the investment approach David and his team have developed in Motley Fool Supernova...
  • View all six of the other "SMA strategy sessions" Tom recorded with longtime Fool favorite investors like Bill Mann, Tim Hanson, Ron Gross, and Jeff Fischer — where they explore each of the strategies that MFWM can put to work for you, including International... US Small- and Mid-Cap Equity... PRO... Fixed Income... and Million Dollar Portfolio.
  • Get the full details on exactly how SMAs work from MFWM's Director of Member Experience, Jill Ralph, and then ask her and her team any follow-up questions you might have.
  • Explore all of the other unique and valuable benefits that membership in Motley Fool ONE has to offer... including unlimited access to a dedicated team of financial planners who can advise you on everything from retirement planning to tax strategies — all at no additional cost to you.
  • Download the eye-opening new exposé, "What You Don't Know CAN Hurt You: 3 Crucial Questions Every Investor Needs to Ask Their Financial Advisor Today" from Motley Fool ONE team member and nationally syndicated Wall Street Journal contributor Morgan Housel — as well as a number of other free special reports and bonus gifts.

Applying only takes a moment, costs nothing, and carries no obligation whatsoever. But our application window is only open for a short time. So please don't delay!

Simply enter the email address associated with your Motley Fool membership below to get stared on your application now.

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Not all applicants will qualify. Account minimums for Separately Managed Accounts will apply. Motley Fool ONE Members will need to acknowledge receipt of Form ADV Part 2 and enter into an Investment Advisory Agreement before using any of the services offered by Motley Fool Wealth Management, including Touchstone, Separately Managed Accounts, the Separately Managed Account Allocation feature and Financial Planning Services.

Content and tools provided by Motley Fool ONE will not be individually tailored as The Motley Fool, LLC is not a registered investment advisor and does not provide personalized investment advice.

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