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Microsoft Is Crushing BlackBerry

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Two and a half years ago, Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT  ) set out on a goal. The software giant knew that it needed to revamp its mobile offerings, and to that end it shifted its focus away from its Windows Mobile platform in favor of Windows Phone. The company wanted to become the No. 3 operating system platform, which in no uncertain terms meant overtaking BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY  ) .

On a worldwide basis, Microsoft accomplished exactly that in the first quarter. IDC's estimates pegged Microsoft's global market share a hair above BlackBerry's for the first time ever. Most of Windows Phone's gains are attributable directly to Nokia and its Lumia lineup, which now comprises four out of every five Windows Phones sold throughout the world.

Well, Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has just released its latest digits on the important U.S. smartphone market, and the estimates show that Microsoft is now crushing BlackBerry.

U.S. Smartphone Share

3 Months Ending April 2012

3 Months Ending April 2013







Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech.

Over the course of a year, Microsoft has grown its domestic market share respectably while BlackBerry continues to slide, now claiming less than 1%. These figures are particularly notable since they include the U.S. launch of the Z10, which occurred in late March, albeit the Z10 wasn't on sale for the entire quarter in question.

BlackBerry modestly increased its position at No. 2 carrier AT&T, but lost a lot of traction at the No. 1 carrier Verizon Wireless. Verizon is giving Windows Phone another shot, as Big Red likes to root for the underdogs in the hopes that the ensuing competition brings down subsidy costs.

The next quarter's figures will be more telling of which direction BlackBerry is headed, as it will include a full quarter's worth of Z10 sales. The Q10 is also about to launch, which may tap into the niche segment of hardware keyboard enthusiasts.

Can Microsoft cement itself as the No. 3 contender, or will BlackBerry retake the bronze?

It's been a frustrating path for Microsoft investors, who've watched the company fail to capitalize on the incredible growth in mobile over the past decade. However, with the release of its own tablet, along with the widely anticipated Windows 8 operating system, the company is looking to make a splash in this booming market. In a new premium report on Microsoft, a Motley Fool analyst explains that while the opportunity is huge, so are the challenges. The report includes regular updates as key events occur, so make sure to claim a copy of this report now by clicking here.

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Comments from our Foolish Readers

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  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 8:08 PM, techy46 wrote:

    Microsoft should buy Nokia after Nokia spins off it's portion of NSN. MS is crazy to rely on any of the other phone device makers that are using Android.

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 8:42 PM, gettmoney wrote:

    another fool for thought...long bbry

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 8:46 PM, NotAfoolHere wrote:

    Perhaps you should tell the truth.

    Enough of the false leaders and stories for the purpose of manlipulation.

    People, take some time and do some research about what they state and the facts will become evident, Nokia is a dying breed, Microsoft is not even worth being recorded within the Statitics of the top ten phone systems world wide and far for the from exceeding Blackberry within North America. In fact Microsoft/Nokia is less that 1/2 the market share of Blackberry.

    Honesty is the best policy but this story is not even close.

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 9:00 PM, TIMNPAWC wrote:

    Okay, let me get this straight. Nokia / Microsoft are in the 8th quarter since joining together.

    BlackBerry is in the 1st full quarter since releasing Bb10.

    The dynamic duo are killing BlackBerry in the USA in April? When BlackBerry started rolling out the first of six devices in the USA.

    Then you go on to say BlackBerry could possibly retake it's place in third as early as this quarter.

    Why did you write this article again?

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 9:01 PM, samdungnogood wrote:

    Don't tell me....Another Channel Checker.

    The only thing that is beating Blackberry is the Media, short sellers and wannabe journalist. Microsoft first needs to repair Windows 7&8 before they can even complete with BB10

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 9:18 PM, Waynene wrote:

    Crushing? Haaa! Need to rephrase some words! It's a singe digit lead!!! BBRY will be back at it in NO time!

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 10:01 PM, HelpIsHere wrote:

    That was a terrible article wasn't it? Windows makes terrible products.

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 10:06 PM, Irapete wrote:

    I think this article is smart.



    Omaha, Nebraska

    5 years old

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 10:29 PM, Oril wrote:

    Here is a news flash for you Evan, the Q10 is not about to launch, it has already launched some time ago and is doing quite well.

    If Microsoft is going to crush anything it will be Apple, with Blackberry's help of course.

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 10:41 PM, Oril wrote:

    You fools must have all taken the same course in BS writing. As only a fool would do you of course link to another BS article written by you of course on May 16 saying essentially the same thing.

  • Report this Comment On June 07, 2013, at 11:11 PM, Chippy55 wrote:

    Last numbers I saw were there will be 160 million phones sold in the 2013, worldwide there will be many times that number, Some countries where Blackberry is getting a foothold/ramping up only have 5 phones per hundred citizens. There;s money to be made all over the globe. Blackberry is the favorite phone in South Africa and they have just opened their 3rd Apps Center in Brazil where they are busy learning and eating new apps, and two more will follow. I like Blackberry's chances simply because of the QWERTY keyboard which it's also been reported that 55% of all new users have come from other platforms.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 12:16 AM, slapshot74 wrote:

    I agree with all you guys above. Just who buys this garbage! And as far as kantar goes they never have anything good or accurate to say about blackberry come June 28th you fools are going to look real stupid. "Microsoft crushing blackberry" please! What a joke! You guys make me laugh.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 1:38 AM, k1moops wrote:

    Go ahead laugh it up. Microsoft will be selling black current jam this fall from freshly crushed Blackberrys.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 2:11 AM, MPF94025 wrote:

    Another clearly biased article against BBRY.

    Whether one likes or dislikes BBRY, its products, or its chances for market success, at least speak honestly.

    Stating the Microsoft is "crushing" Blackberry is the equivalent of a sports team "crushing" the other time by scoring points during a time-out.

    The real story is that MSFT/Lumia have failed to dominate a company that basically rolled out no new products in 3 years. Whatever gains they have made will be short lived as MSFT has shot itself in the foot again with the release of a weak desktop OS that has no appeal, foolish TV ads, and a tablet that was reduced in price because it could not sell. While some are adopting the Windows phone, and Nokia has made progress, it will be short lived.

    Had MSFT come out with a truly compelling OS people would be lining up in droves to buy the phone, as is happening with the Apple ecosystem.

    Another example of thinly veiled attempt to knock BBRY. While it is difficult to tell where BBRY is going, it has far more promise that a MSFT/Nokia/Lumia device.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 10:46 AM, WilsoniaGoldens wrote:

    This article is nonsense from GlobasStats:

    From June the 1st to the 7th:

    Mobile operating systems:

    Microsoft global share: 1.38%

    Blackberry 3.41%

    Today June the eight

    Microsoft 1.29%

    Blackberry 3.53 %

    As Q10 emerges this will swing even more in Blackberry's favour.

    As Q5 starts to sell the gap will widen more and with the introduction of A10 say good buy to Microsoft phones.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 10:50 AM, WilsoniaGoldens wrote:

    The lack of sales in the US is because of people waiting for Q10 release.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 1:12 PM, misledbyfools wrote:

    The data quote from this article is old and seems suspect as there are many others that paint a different picture. Either the stats are not accurate or someone is pushing an agenda. I don't think the carriers would even stock a BBRY phone if the sales trends were as this article suggests. Use some common sense readers and label this one as skeptical at best. Next quarter sales report in September 2013 will put an end to this speculation. All the research from these firms will get a report card from me then. Patience people, the manipulators will be revealed.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 1:50 PM, misledbyfools wrote:

    Here is some other research as quoted above.

    for worldwide and below for US only

    So windows and blackberry have been neck and neck in the US.

    In the world including the US, (although some think that the US is the world) ......BB is 2.5 X more than windows.

    The data is similar for the out of data time period of the research referenced in this article, so chew on that.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 2:01 PM, misledbyfools wrote:

    Article headline should read.....


    followed by.......


    Anyway, whatever data this Kanatar Worldpanel had for April 2013, it is outdated and well behind the curve to be useful regarding the stock. Keep in mind that the out of date data they release for free to the public serves their paying customers only and they received the data months ago. Do not let this data from Kanatar influence your stock decisions now.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 2:24 PM, misledbyfools wrote:

    Another point to keep in mind is that The Motley Fool is a trading firm. ALL trading firms make trades by taking a position and then PROMOTING their positions. How much do you trust their articles now???

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 3:25 PM, k1moops wrote:

    I know in depth how you feel about the Blackberrys, but you have to see in first hand how well established the Windows platforms are, in business, in personal life everywhere. There are currently more than 3 billion Windows licenses running in the world, but they are all in desktop mode. What Windows is doing is expanding this desktop mode into the tile oriented Metro interface, while keeping the desktop within it. The success in expanding Windows this way is similar to Microsoft's expanding its old DOS interface into Windows, in time, Windows will succeed. 3 billion users is a lot of users, and it does seem that Windows is succeeding very well, and the result is simply mind boggling. Stay tuned with the expanded Windows, I have every faith that this expanded Windows will have humongous success, it could be too bad for Blackberry, but that is a fact of life like anything else.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 3:38 PM, Mjpbfool wrote:

    I don't understand the back-and-forth between people who are long NOK and long BBRY. Is there not room for both? Blackberry has a couple areas with nice moats - the smartphones with keyboards and ability to provide high-security enterprise phones. Nokia looks to me like the next iteration of Samsung - killer smartphones at every price point: cheaper Asha phones for emerging markets, the 521 as a great mid-market phone, and the high-end Lumias for developed markets. There's room for both of these companies to be great, especially with smart management.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 3:44 PM, Chippy55 wrote:

    You people at the Fool are despicable in your biased, one sided, slanted, narrow-minded reporting of Blackberry. Hows that for use of synonyms to describe yinz, yeah I have a Thesaurus too. Seems we can't go one day without reading the same Blackberry bashing nonsense across the web, it's only the adjectives that change in theone-sided, prejudiced, unfair, and distorted articles.

    Might as well add the Fool to the list of playas who have an agenda: Credit Suisse, DeutscheBank, ITG, Cannacord Genuity and James Faucette at Pacific Crest and lastly Detwiler Fenton which is the "noted" (lol) penny stock selling for all of 10 cents per share (sometime trading as many as seventy (70) shares per day (lol). just saw an article that Blackberry's lawyers are busy going after "analysts" like Detwiler Fenton which for those who aren't paying attention put out a factually incorrect and untrue web article which caused BBRY stock to fall 8%. Once the Judge and Jury hear the evidence, how much is it going to cost Detwiler Fenton, hmm?

    We haven't even seen the numbers for 2 or 3 quarters of worldwide sales which any astute investor will tell you is one of the cornerstones for determining how worthy a company is for investing in.

    For those who are unaware, QNX software runs in high speed trains in Germany and France and in ALL the MRI machines in hospitals, you know, places where it's critical to have a stable operating system because lives depend on it. It's also utilized in the aerospace and defense industries where a Country's security is at risk and the Department of Defense has decided to give approval for the approximately 470,000 Blackberry devices out of 600,000 smartphones in use at the DoD. In other words BlackBerry is still the standard bearer for DoD.

    QNX will also see increased use in automobiles, because it's not simply a phone to play Angry Birds, it's a mobile computing platform and is currently utilized in GMs, Toyotas, Hondas, Bentleys and Jeeps. Eventually your infotainemnt and GPS system in your car will have QNX software running it, you can see it being installed in a Jeep on the QNX software web site.

    We will see new numbers on June 11th which is the next Nasdaq Dissemination Date and I'm certain the number of shorted shares will have increased from the last reported figure of 170 million to around 180 million, and you know what that means folks. ALL those shares HAVE to be bought back. It's like a rubber band being stretched in one direction, once you let it go it's going to shoot up in the opposite direction.

    One other item to watch is the "window dressing" that brokers and institutions engage in. Even if they've missed out on the run up from $6.50 to the high earlier this year of $18.32, there are still long term investors who will want to see it added to their Mutual Fund's portfolio.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 5:00 PM, cnbc123 wrote:

    bb is done. I'm not a critic who against bb but i feel it wont last due to the lack of consumers wanting it as its centered around just business anyways which explains no apps or developers and really no one cares or for cheapos out there who hate ios and android and make up dumb excuses to get by. also this article doesn't lie windows phone will dominate as it has more apps and only needs more to really outtake bury. i have owned numerous bbrys for work and really dont like bb10 at all. and dont start commenting on how much i hate bbry but take in consideration as i had 5yrs of them for work and really feel the need to use it anymore, as feel businesses pushed bbrys on people becase of secureness and that about it. competition has caught up and 3x's as better as bbry will be and the stock sucks right now as you should sell. and im not writing this because i got payed to write a bias opinion but realize most people only use them for business not personal as it was 80% of the time forced on them. also their apps are sub par and really lag behind almost 3yrs compared to wp8 android and iPhone. i would rather buy a linux phone over this. i also used the z10 for 3 months and really dont want it anymore as lack of support on both consumers and business starting to switch i feel bring your own device might come into effect next year as business who relied on bbry in the past are making the switch to iPhone android and wp8. one example is our government as of recent. the only thing i liked was bbm and bbry travel and traffic apps as they were very helpful. but i feel they should stop making phones and should start porting there apps over to other platforms like bbm which launching to ios and android june 27. i also feel this will help them get noticed and people can use their secure software on phones instead. end of rant, but finally i feel in a year or so we will know if bbry survives or not.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 6:16 PM, infektu wrote:


    let me get this straight, it took you 3 months to realize you don't like the Z10 ?!

    it usually takes 3 days... so this sounds fishy to me

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 6:44 PM, Jowza wrote:

    Rimm is dying. Losing market shaare everywhere. I enjoy the Rimm fans and their constant barrage on messeage boards, sipping the Tim Hortons up iin Waterloo. There is no room for rimm, its outdated and of course boring phones are duds with consumers. When DOD pulls the plug and switches to APPLE it will be over.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 8:53 PM, k1moops wrote:

    I really feel for cnbc123 and Jowza, no one wants to be forced into buying things, the constant barrage of Blackberry's ranting and propaganda are really turning people off. You never see anyone forced into using Windows, iOS, or Android. By all accounts, Blackberry were first forced upon the office workers for years, and now Blackberry is trying to force its way upon people and organizations, this is really neither democratic, not even civilized.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 8:58 PM, eidsonb wrote:

    You mean an Apple Core after the DoD strips it of Functionality....BB10 will be just fine...

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 9:06 PM, cnbc123 wrote:

    @infektu i wanted to give it a shot so i figured the longer the better 3 days dont give me enough time to get it a chance so idk where that comment came from. I traded it in for a note 2 and never looking back. in the near future i plan on getting a windows phone as they said it will increase marketshare over the next 3-4 unlike bb right now. the government is slowly switching over to apple products as they confirmed its secure enough for them to use ios 6 on their networks. the dod is one of the biggest supporters for bb, so it will be intresting once apple steps in there and steals the spotlight from bb as a more corporate phone. also, they said in 2015 BYOD- Bring-Your-Own-Device might take affect to, as companies might cut down on costs and one way of doing it is making their own employees either upgrade their old phone ex: flip phone to more like a smartphone or check their current phone smartphone as they might only support certain os's on their services and wifi. so things will be interesting when it comes to bb future right now.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 9:14 PM, cnbc123 wrote:

    the phone to look at right now for ios and android switchers is the lumia 920 and 928 as i tested them recently and could stop using it in verizon. i also asked if they were selling alot of bb z10's and the sales rep. said that they weren't selling alot mainly because people didn't know and people really are hooked on android and ios right now. he thinks the same as i mentioned before and its pretty interesting to see if the q10 or a10-the future phone they are launching towards the holiday this year which is a higher end bigger bb with all touch. also, next year they might release a budget phone called the q5. so if this is true then the z10 will drop in price and so will the q10 by the holidays as two more bb's will be on the way. the keyboard q10 will determine whether rim or bb will be around. because right now its about the consumer-lack of apps view more than the business people-only need email and browsing and very little apps view point.

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 9:44 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    Evan Niu and all the rest of you intellects! you are all children of the corn and have no idea of what BB is. DOD getting rid of BB for Apple? that comment belongs in a mental institute, the person that sais that has a mind of a 5 yr old! why not get rid of bb in the office space I have no problem s with that it will guarantee myself work for the next 20 yrs easy, but the people that bring that garbage into their networks and infect will lose there are a bunch of idiot_s

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 9:47 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    cnbc123 you are deranged! you have no clue what you are talking about IT phones in a corporate environment. Stop talking and go back to work pumping your gas at shell you super star

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 9:52 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    Jowza when will the DoD pull the plug on BB you sub have to idea what you are saying you twit...BB is the only allocated MDM for the DoD...there is no one else? you actually think apple ever thought passed selling angree birds to children like yourself? Knox will never be allowed in the DoD EVERYONE wake up and mell the coffee stop saying theis BULL Crap

  • Report this Comment On June 08, 2013, at 9:54 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    cnbc123 where are you getting your information from you mentally challenged child! stop wearing your mothers underwear it is clouding you mind.

  • Report this Comment On June 09, 2013, at 3:00 AM, jayintheatl wrote:

    "You never see anyone forced into using Windows, iOS, or Android." - k1moops

    This isn't true. I bet there are some major corporations that enforced Windows Mobile and now enforce Windows Phone. (A medium-sized company in my area is enforcing WP8.) And I know for a FACT that multiple Fortune 500 companies enforce the use of iGarbage, and will not allow the BYOD model of infinitely more user friendly and enterprise-ready Windows Phone or new Android devices.

    That being said, some of the $BBRY fans need to relax. You think YOU are unfairly judged by some Fools, then try being a Microsoft stockholder. $MSFT has an infinitely broader market scope and does a ton of things right, its financials are damn decent, \its stock is up-and-coming, and Hell, it's devices are even gaining ground with millennials, but you wouldn't know that from the constant hatred and ridicule.

    Look, $BBRY made a couple very nice new phones. And if we're being completely honest, at least one of the best features is Windows Phone-ish (the live pinnable apps that continue to display information). Personally, though I think the Z10 is a magnificent device, and one of only three smartphones on the market I'd like to own, I don't see it gaining enough ground to fight the tide.

    Meanwhile, this article is correct that WP is gaining market share AND gaining corporate interest. I wish $BBRY and its stockholders and fans luck, but it's a lock that Microsoft's ecosystem -- Windows 8 + Windows Phone + Xbox One -- is going to be making inroads without the need for a lot of serious corporate enforcement to put those devices in consumer hands. Frankly, BB is a hard sell to the consumer and even to existing BB corporate customers.

    Now, if $MSFT happens to acquire $BBRY, I'd love to see the Microsoft-branded flagship devices eventually produced from that marriage. A win-win...for everyone except Nokia. :)

  • Report this Comment On June 09, 2013, at 10:54 AM, cnbc123 wrote:

    @jayintheat i totally agree, that what was trying to explain to these ignorant bb fanboys as they are just hooked on their phones and totally deranged fools who think their phone is superior. just wait, until you have no choice in 2yrs and you be made to use something. BTW Screw you @bb104ever you undenying bb lover ahole get a life bb's wont last for ever you know!!

  • Report this Comment On June 09, 2013, at 7:32 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    @ cnbc123 you know zip go and flip burgers at Roy Rogers. Actually are you one of Jerry's kids?

  • Report this Comment On June 09, 2013, at 7:35 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    btw jayintheatl I have owned MSFT before. Unfairly judged, msft will never again be worth more then 50$ there float is about 8.5 Billion shares.that is insane.

  • Report this Comment On June 09, 2013, at 7:39 PM, BB104ever wrote:

    @ cnbc123 I hope you get hit by a truck you shorting MF..member since June 8 what a low life you are I hope you get brain cancer

  • Report this Comment On June 10, 2013, at 8:02 AM, cnbc123 wrote:

    @bb104ever hope the same for you right back at you only more 3x's then your current statement what goes around comes right back around pr**k!!

  • Report this Comment On June 10, 2013, at 10:40 AM, GusgusMadrona wrote:

    Well, if I've learned one thing over the years its this; the more rabid and acidic the fanbois get for a product or company, the more dire the situation for that product or company. Fanbois hate that feeling when their ship is sinking and everyone knows it, so they start swinging harder and shouting louder, and dropping the moron word more often. Based on that litmus test, and the comment sections I've read following anything with even a passing note on BB's lack of recent success, I'd say BB is long past dead...

  • Report this Comment On June 10, 2013, at 10:57 AM, eidsonb wrote:

    Saying that the Active Frames in BB10 is anything like the Tiles is WP9 is a HUGE jump. No comparison to the real time mulitasking in BB10....nice try but WP8 is a dog that wont hunt

  • Report this Comment On June 10, 2013, at 10:57 AM, eidsonb wrote:

    sorry WP8

  • Report this Comment On June 10, 2013, at 7:09 PM, NotAfoolHere wrote:

    When people discuss the windows phone I am always reminded of the full piece p j's that were popular in comics when I was a child.

    The p j's always had a buttoned up back door over your bottom

    Windows phone has the same.

    Beleive what windows tells you while you use your windows phone for "Deliverance" in privacy.

  • Report this Comment On June 16, 2013, at 4:41 PM, Quarterbeck wrote:

    Where are the Microsoft phones? US only?

    BESTBUY in Vancouver BC has given Blackberry a full table to display their phones. Microsoft phones are hard to find: two phones on separate tables. I asked the salesman why. "Microsoft phones are not selling. Blackberry is number two after Samsung"he said.. Photos of displays on request:

    BB is just peeking through the door in the US but in Canada it's hot. Check out Bestbuy, Rogers, Telus and Bell (the big 3 media/phone companies)on the Canadian web sites.

  • Report this Comment On June 18, 2013, at 8:49 PM, EmersonMark wrote:

    Mssr GusgusMadrona:

    Your comment has the 'ring' of truth, and yet I challenge it.

    With all due respect, shall we meet back here in 10 days for an on the spot road test to see if all your past experience and gut feeling translates into the correct and infallible outcome you prescribe? You certainly 'sound' convincing...

    And positive or negative,perhaps another spot check further on down the road on 9-28, and 1-28...If you are so sure that the (admittedly somewhat manic) defense lined up against equally if not more rabid offense agin BB, always equals failure of the co. in question, I will relish/love to see if your equation thesis has statistical integrity in this sample of one you have volunteered to have throw your name on in this forum.. I dissent.

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