Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) wants Android in everything.  Will Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) respond with iOS-powered scarves? Who stands to profit more from the release of the highly anticipated Xbox One game, Titanfall? And does Lady Sif's ratings-boosting appearance on Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. mean we'll see more Asgardians soon? Ellen Bowman, Nathan Alderman, and Tim Beyers have these stories and more in this week's episode of 1-Up on Wall Street!

Three superhero stocks you can profit from right now
You're fans like us, so you probably knew that Disney was getting a steal when it purchased Marvel for $4 billion in 2009. Do you know what you'd be sitting on now if you'd have acted on that knowledge? Triple your money.

The best part about the stock market is that there are always new opportunities to cash in on what you know. Take cable. You know viewers are unplugging in favor of on-demand options. What you might not realize is that the shift has opened up a $2.2 trillion opportunity, and three companies are poised to benefit most. Click here for their names. Hint: They're not Netflix, Google, and Apple. 

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