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Stocks 2007 — The investor's guide to the year ahead.

Act now for Stocks 2007 — The Motley Fool's annual guide to the year ahead. Your electronic edition is available for immediate access!

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The Motley Fool is excited to offer you the definitive annual resource for the individual investor…

Stocks 2007: The Investor’s Guide to the Year Ahead

Since 1998, investors like you have used these annual reports from The Motley Fool to break ahead of the market… make more money than the herd… and even clobber the returns of many of Wall Street’s fat cat money managers.

Take a look at the remarkable success of this annual series…

Get ahead of the market — and stay ahead!

With stocks like:

  • American Eagle Outfitters in Stocks 2006 – up 87%
  • BioMarin in Stocks 2005 - up 270%
  • UnitedHealth Group in Stocks 2004 - up 105%
  • Quality Systems in Stocks 2003 - up 606%
  • ValueClick in Stocks 2002 - up 669%

Building wealth is about finding the best way to beat the market over the long haul. In other words, finding a resource that outperforms the alternatives…

While we can't predict the future, and not every single one of our picks are winners, recent history is our best guide. Here's how our previous Stocks selections have fared:

Fools beating the market

This chart shows that by simply investing $1,000 in each of the stocks featured in our annual Stocks editions since 2002, you could've have grown your money into $72,165.

That's $11,165 more than if you'd thrown the same amounts, on the very same days, into an S&P index fund. Enough to pay for your Stocks 2007 edition many times over.

What makes this kind of stunning performance possible? Well, it begins with…

The Motley Fool's top rated analysts picking stocks for you

David Gardner co-founded The Motley Fool more than a decade ago. He's a proven stock analyst with an extraordinary career track record. Like his Activision pick, which David recommended in Stocks 2003 for 206% gains!

You can find out what David is recommending for new money now by getting Stocks 2007.

You'll also get top picks — supported by detailed analysis, presented in a comprehensive analyst report — from each member of a team, handpicked from The Motley Fool's very best equity analysts, including:

With 12 stock picks, 1 fund selection and 1 bonus stock pick – 14 picks in all! – Stocks 2007 offers something for every investor, regardless of investing style, risk tolerance, or level of expertise.

Timely profit opportunities

Stocks 2007 gives you 12 rock-solid stock picks, PLUS 1 mutual fund pick PLUS 1 bonus stock pick straight from the Motley Fool's very best editors, writers, and analysts. Here's a glimpse at just a few…