Investing for Yield

By Harry Jones

(January 19, 1999) -- Money was never the focus in our lives. We worked in order to achieve maximum yields on our crops, and we hoped that the year left us with enough to live, to buy the latest machines (usually from John Deere), and to reinvest in next year's crops.

On particularly good years we would have extra money left over, and then we would buy treats for the boys or sometimes for ourselves. We have lived comfortably enough, sure, in our modest way. But the years when we really treat ourselves have been rare. One of them we took a vacation to Yellowstone National Park with all the boys. Now we're beginning to save more and invest in something other than farm equipment. We have the future to think about.

Well, that's enough money-thought for one day.

HELLO, IRV HERE NOW: Harry doesn't know it, but the S&P rose today and his portfolio with it.

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01/19/99 Close

Stock Change Close SPY + 13/16 125.19
Day Month Year History Annualized HARRY +0.65% -1.91% -1.91% -1.91% -0.43% S&P: +0.70% 1.85% 1.85% 1.85% 0.41% NASDAQ: +2.55% 9.83% 9.83% 9.83% 2.13% Rec'd # Security In At Now Change Yesterday 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 127.63 125.19 -1.91% 124.38 Rec'd # Security In At Value Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 2042.00 2003.00 -$39.00 CASH $0.00 TOTAL $2003.00 Yesterday Today Change S&P Depos 124.38 125.19 SPY + 13/16


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