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Top 10 Lithium Stocks in LIT, the World's First Lithium ETF

The Lithium & Battery Tech ETF's two largest holdings are miner Albemarle and Tesla, while a Warren Buffet-owned stock ranks No. 6.

A Shiba Inu using a computer.

Why Shiba Inu Is Sinking Today

After posting record-setting gains last year, SHIB is now down roughly 14% in 2022.


2 Stocks Investors Are Bullish About for 2022

The future looks bright for these companies.

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Walmart Appears Poised to Join the Metaverse With Launch of Its Own Crypto and NFTs

Walmart filed several applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office in December that suggest its strong metaverse aspirations.

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Down 40% From Its High, Is CrowdStrike Stock a Smart Buy?

This cybersecurity company has been hit by the recent wave of market volatility.

Young family with children huddled together on the couch watching TV

835 Reasons to Invest in Netflix Stock Right Now

The streaming pioneer is releasing new content at a frantic pace.

peloton app workout

Buy, Sell, or Hold Peloton Stock at $31 a Share?

It's time to reconsider this former market beater.

jet plane taking off

This 1 Chart Illustrates Why Boeing Is Going to Be Fine

The headlines might not suggest it, but orders and deliveries of new jets are on the mend.

A person with a laptop, calculator, and documents in front of them_GettyImages-1276837818

3 Reasons Why You Should Refinance Your Mortgage Right Now

Real estate investors with mortgages can benefit from refinancing now -- but that may not be the case later this year.

thinking investor looks at data on computer

If This One Thing Happens in 2022, I'll Buy More Lemonade Stock in a Heartbeat

There are good reasons to have a position in this high-growth company, but a fundamental part of the business needs to get better before I'll buy more.

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Why Is Credit Card Debt Considered 'Bad' Debt?

Credit card debt is among the worst types to have. Here's why.

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“Squawk Box” Co-Anchor Becky Quick Talks About How She Got Where She Is

"The good thing is we just have fun on set..."


Thinking About Dogecoin? 4 Safer Ways To Make Some Real Passive Income

Crypto can make you rich. That is if it doesn't make you worse off than before. There are safer ways to make money. Hello real estate investing.


My Best Metaverse Stock for 2022

This cheap tech stock could help build the metaverse.

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Is Bitcoin Poised to Surge After Hitting Recent Lows?

Bitcoin could still fall further, but it's the longer term that matters.

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Here's What You Need to Know About Affirm Holdings in 2022

The story's moving forward at a brisk pace now, for better and for worse.


Why Boston Beer Stock Lost Some of Its Buzz

Boston Beer might have lost stock value but it still shows promise for innovation.

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Stimulus Update: File Your Taxes Early if You're Due Stimulus Funds

You can claim missing stimulus money on your taxes, but you'll want to do so as soon as possible.

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2 Best COVID-19 Growth Stocks to Own in 2022

The endemic phase of the outbreak should be a boon for these two biotech stocks.

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Holiday Returns Will Cost Retailers 59% More Than a Year Ago

That's a blow many simply can't afford.