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Virtual reality warehouse management

Study: The SaaS Industry Is Just Getting Started

In a study of decision-makers with warehouse operations, Zebra Technologies found that almost everyone will use SaaS tools in five years.


Why Stock Is Rising Today

Investors were happy with the company's first-quarter results.


Why Enthusiast Gaming Stock Rose More Than 10% Today

Viewership across the company's gaming communities pushed revenue up 57% last quarter.


5 Reasons BuzzFeed Stock Is Hitting New Lows on Tuesday

You won't believe reason No. 4.

20_04_07 A person looking through boxes at a self storage facility _GettyImages-134589133

Why Janus International Group Stock Rallied 23% at the Open Today

The company's unique product portfolio appears to be paying off, with impressive top- and bottom-line gains in the first quarter.

china e-commerce online shopping getty

Why Alibaba Stock Is Jumping Today

The Chinese e-commerce giant may not be "uninvestable" after all.


What Meta's Quarter Confirmed for Investors

Things aren't as bad as they might seem.


This Ridiculously Cheap Warren Buffett Stock Could Make You Rich

RH's stock has sold off, but patience will likely pay off.

iron ore mine

Investing in Iron Stocks

Get to know the leading providers of this essential metal.

3 cruise liner ships lined up abreast in port.

Why Cruise Line Stocks Are Full Speed Ahead Today

Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise all notched gains.


2 No-Brainer Stocks to Buy Right Now for Less than $55

These companies have low share prices and high potential.


2 Top Metaverse Stocks Ready for a Bull Run

The metaverse could give these fast-growing tech giants a big shot in the arm.


Should Opendoor Investors Fear a Housing Bear Market?

Falling home prices could be more opportunity than a threat.

Red map of China with a rising green stock arrow superimposed.

Why Nio Stock Just Rocketed by More Than 9%

Will the Chinese EV maker report earnings this week? That's just not clear yet.


Waste Management: Great Stock, Garbage Price Tag

Something about this stock stinks.


Why Sundial Growers Stock Dropped Today

Investors expected better results based on yesterday's 21% pop in Sundial's stock.


Is It Too Late to Buy AbbVie Stock?

The bears think it's time to take profits and leave. But are they right?

dutch bros drive-thru source-bros

Inflation Proves a Challenge for Dutch Bros

The drive-thru coffee shop is in the midst of a major expansion effort.

Volatility chart

Why Shares of Nu Holdings Are Volatile Today

The company reported earnings results for the first quarter of 2022.

home improvement store

Why Home Depot Stock Was Trading Higher Today

Consumers are still investing in their homes, according to the retail giant's latest earnings results.

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