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The Case Against Google

What's it all mean?

Hands holding a video game controller

Netflix Will Turn 'Assassin's Creed' Into Live-Action Series and More

The international best-selling video game seems tailor-made for the streaming giant's platform.


What Happened With Quibi?

How Quibi was able to raise $1.75 billion and then proceeded to light it on fire.


Why Xilinx Stock Jumped Today

The chipmaker is being acquired for a hefty $35 billion.

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Cloud Computing and Gaming Boost Microsoft Earnings Results

Azure continues to benefit from work-from-home tailwinds, while the company's diverse business continues to pay dividends.

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S&P 500 Tumbles: Tech Stocks Gain but Everything Else Falls

Tech and telecom gains couldn't offset a bad day for other sectors.

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These 2 Big Earnings Reports Led Stock Markets Lower Tuesday

Find out which two companies set a downbeat tone on Wall Street.

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Why Enphase Energy's Shares Plunged and Then Popped After Hours

The news only got better for Enphase Energy today.

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Why F5 Networks Stock Jumped 8.5% on Tuesday

The application delivery expert smashed Wall Street's estimates in the fourth quarter.

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Nasdaq Defies Downturn as AMD Buys Xilinx

The Nasdaq was the only major market to rise on Tuesday.

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SpaceX Reveals Pricing for Beta Testing Its Starlink Internet Service

The "better than nothing" beta will be limited to certain geographies and require a hefty one-time equipment fee.

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Why Energy Transfer Units Dropped as Much as 10% Today

The midstream partnership made a big change after the close of trading yesterday. Investors were not pleased.

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Why Kala Pharmaceuticals Stock Sank Today

Good news from the FDA translated to bad news for Kala's share price.

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Why AMC Entertainment Stock Went on a Wild Ride Today

AMC Entertainment's stock was up and then down, as investors tried to figure out if good news was really good or not.

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Here's Why eXp World Holdings Stock Was Soaring on Tuesday

The tech-focused real estate brokerage was one of the market's best performers.

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Why JinkoSolar Stock Just Dropped 10% Ahead of Earnings

Investors were rattled by a confusing sell rating from UBS.

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3 Takeaways From Chipotle's Q3 Earnings

Chipotle is still doing the right things to succeed in the current volatile environment for restaurants.

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Why NGL Energy Partners Units Plunged 15% Today

The midstream partnership provided investors with an update that was not well received. Here's what you need to know.

JetBlue tailfins source JBLU

Why Shares of JetBlue Are Falling Today

Earnings weren't bad, but there are no shortcuts to a faster recovery.

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Why K12 Stock Popped 5% Today

The e-learning curriculum provider just beat earnings in a big way.