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A person staring at graphs and charts on a computer monitor

3 Remarkable Growth Stocks That Could Lead the Market Recovery in the Second Half of 2022

The bear market is offering up unprecedented bargains that could enrich investors when the market rebounds.


Survey Defines Just What the Threshold for 'Wealthy' Is

Achieving "wealth" isn't unusual goa. Unfortunately, the act of doing so is one game in which the goal posts keep moving -- at least,...

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Basic vs. Executive: What's the Right Costco Membership Plan for You?

It pays to crunch those numbers.


SCOTUS Ruling Says EPA Must Get Permission to Regulate Power Plant Emissions

Between the January 6 hearings and a series of controversial Supreme Court decisions, Washington DC has been getting pretty heated the last two...


Hedge Funds are Shopping for BioTech Bargains Amid Market Downturn

This year, biotech is more like a biowreck. A burgeoning sector last year, biotech has taken this year's market tumble harder than even the most...

Child receiving a vaccination shot from a healthcare professional

Why Pfizer Popped While the Market Flopped Today

The popularity of the company's coronavirus vaccine is far from waning.

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Here's How to Get $60 in Free Money for Amazon Prime Day 2022

You could score $60 in free credits to shop on Amazon Prime Day. 

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Why Palantir Stock Stumbled Today

The company's latest government contract is met with a shrug by an analyst who follows the stock.

Hand holding a charger plugged into an electric vehicle

Why Tesla Stock Stalled Today

Investors are squirming about the quarterly delivery figures that'll be published in the coming days.

Person stocks 2

The Dow Fell 250 Points After This Surprising Stock Posted Poor Earnings

The Dow Jones Industrial Average had a dismal first half of the year.

Pile of coins being tipped by a persons finger

Why SoFi Stock Went Soft on Thursday

Two new analyses of the company don't add to the bullish case for buying it.

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Bitcoin Dips Below 19K. What Does This Mean for the Coin?

Bitcoin follows stock trends and the crypto market follows Bitcoin, so what's next for the leading cryptocurrency?

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Crypto Billionaire Says More Platforms Will Fail

FTX's Sam Bankman-Fried warns that some exchanges are secretly insolvent.


Why Pinterest, Roku, and Etsy Plunged Today

Worries about consumer spending continued with the latest inflation reading, sending these economically sensitive stocks down.

Crypto and NFTs

Why Coinbase, Silvergate, and Cryptocurrencies Are Down Big Today

The crypto sector meltdown continued as more risks were exposed.

Cruise Ship Near a Beach

Why Cruise Line Stocks Plunged Again Today

The market's view of these travel and leisure companies is growing more pessimistic.

BA 747-8 source BA

Why Boeing Shares Are Down Today

A government watchdog is taking a close look at Boeing's manufacturing operations.

A person sitting at a desk with multiple computer monitors writing code

The Counterintuitive Reason CrowdStrike Stock Slipped Today

The endpoint security specialist followed the broader market lower, but there was actually some good news for shareholders.

Ford F-150 Lightning towing a trailer IS Ford

Why Ford Motor Stock Sank Today

The economy's in a funk, and now Ford may start feuding with car dealers.

UAL 737 taxing source UAL

Why Airlines Are Down Today, but Spirit Is Flying in the Opposite Direction

Inflation fears continue to hit airlines hard.

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