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These 2 Blue-Chip Stocks Could Send Markets Lower Wednesday Morning

Investors are responding negatively to most earnings reports.

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Why Apple Stock Is Sliding After Hours Today

Investors apparently expected more from the company's Q3 than monster top- and bottom-line beats.

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Here's Why Appian Stock Sank Today

Appian stock is now down roughly 29% year to date.

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Why Teladoc Health Stock Is Diving in After-Hours Trading Today

The company's latest earnings report sure features a lot of red ink.

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Why Chinese Tech Stocks Were Slipping Again Today

Shares of Alibaba,, and Full Truck Alliance were all sliding this morning.

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Here's Why Lamb Weston Stock Sank Today

The food products company's share price is now down roughly 16.4% year to date.


Why Nvidia, Facebook, Amazon, and Pinduoduo Fell Today

These tech companies suffered from broader market weakness, earnings reports from peers, and uncertainty around China-based stocks.


Why Carnival Stock Fell Today Despite Its Good News

The company takes on lots of debt yet again.

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Why UPS Stock's Tuesday Crash Makes No Sense

Record revenue and cash flows, a stronger balance sheet, solid outlook -- what else do you want from UPS?

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Dow Jones Falls Below 35,000 on Boeing and Tech Stock Sell-Offs, Delta Variant Worries

One day after reaching a record, the Dow is retreating ahead of earnings from three key components this afternoon.


Why Lucid, Faraday Future, Lordstown Motors, and Other Electric-Vehicle Stocks Are Down Today

COVID-19 worries and Tesla's mixed-bag earnings have investors in a selling mood.

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Why Virgin Galactic Stock Sank Today

Jeff Bezos and Blue Origin might be stealing a march on Virgin Galactic.

Bitcoin Bubble Bursting

Why Crypto Stocks Plunged Today

News from Amazon has cratered Bitcoin today.

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These Growth Stocks Are Bargains Because of 1 Unreasonable Fear

Don't let a single day's market movements make you lose your long-term mindset.

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Why Hexo, Canopy Growth, and Aurora Cannabis Investors Are Scared

A marijuana legalization bill comes to Congress -- and it may legalize more than just cannabis.

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Why Natural Gas Stock GasLog Partners Crashed Today After a Recent Rally

GasLog Partners signed new charter agreements last quarter, but falling revenue and income are worrying investors.


Why Tilray, Sundial Growers, and Other Cannabis Stocks Dropped Today

Even after a month of declines, these stocks are much higher year to date.

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4 Reasons to Avoid the Robinhood IPO

The popular brokerage app has major risks investors need to consider before investing their hard-earned money in the stock.

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Why AMC Entertainment Is Falling Today

What goes up must come down.

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Why Activision Blizzard Is Tumbling Today

The video game maker's response to a discrimination lawsuit did nothing to help the situation.