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Reichstag in Berlin Germany

Insurance Reimbursements for Medical Pot in Germany Rise 67% in 2019

These were fueled by a 44% rise in the number of prescriptions.


Are Gaming Stocks Safe Bets in the Coronavirus Sell-Off?

The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting lockdown could drive shares of gaming companies such as Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts higher this year.

GettyImages-streaming on a tablet

Coronavirus Will Lead to 47 Million Additional Streaming Video Subscriptions This Year

These companies stand to benefit most from the increased demand.


GE's Biopharma Sale Is Coming at Exactly the Right Time

The COVID-19 pandemic will disrupt parts of GE's business this year, but a $20 billion asset sale set to close a few days from now will give General Electric ample flexibility to manage through the headwinds.

Oil pumps, a natural gas well, and solar panels with the sun setting in the background.

3 Energy Stocks I Bought During the Coronavirus Market Meltdown

High-quality companies at unbelievable prices.


Disney World and Disneyland Finally Admit Things Will Never Be the Same

The media giant's theme parks are now closed indefinitely, with hourly hires to be paid for at least another three weeks.


3 Top Stocks You've Probably Never Heard Of

With the coronavirus pandemic on everyone's mind, these three promising stocks have stayed under the radar.


FDA Approves New 5 Minute Test to Accelerate U.S. Coronavirus Response

The FDA has approved a COVID-19 test that can provide results while patients wait.

excited investor

Should You Buy These 3 Stocks at Their 52-Week-Lows?

Are they bargains or busts?

garment factory workers getty

As Retailers Cancel Factory Orders, a Potential Windfall for Discounters Grows

Inventory is building up at vendors as retailers can't afford to take shipments now.


Domino's Pizza: A Lockdown Winner Any Way You Slice It

The restaurant chain is a tech leader within the food services industry and weathering the COVID-19 crisis well.

Arrows pointing down with one pointing up

The 3 Most Resilient Stocks in the Bear Market Today

These stocks have soared while the overall market tanked. But are they buys?

NKE women store

How Nike Plans to Leave Coronavirus in the Dust

The athletic giant sees itself as a long-term winner despite the pandemic.

A field of solar panels with wind turbines in the background at dawn.

3 Top Renewable Energy Stocks to Buy Right Now

These companies offer low-risk ways to invest in renewable energy.

apparel retail

Why the Coronavirus Outbreak Could Devastate the Apparel Industry

The crisis could put a number of chains out of business, but one stock looks poised to be a winner.


3 Appealing Chinese Tech Stocks

While the S&P 500 is down substantially from record highs, shares of, Alibaba, and Baozun have managed to outperform the indexes in 2020.

JCPenney in Brooklyn 2

More Than 15,000 Stores Could Close Permanently in 2020

That's dramatically more than last year's record high -- but don't be so quick to blame coronavirus.

streaming video getty

TV Viewership Is Surging During the Pandemic: Here's What People Are Watching

The list of winners is surprising -- as is the biggest loser.

smart investor

Here's How Uber's CEO Sees a Coronavirus Recovery Playing Out

Check out these insights from the ridesharing giant.

Cloud on blur computer data center background

4 Ways the Coronavirus Pandemic Could Impact IBM

The tech giant is facing the coronavirus situation just after it increased its debt load in a significant way to finalize its largest acquisition ever.