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Why Freshworks Stock Plummeted 29.9% in November

The SaaS stock is now down roughly 40% from market close on the day it went public.

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Why Digital World Acquisition Plummeted 38.9% in November

Despite recent sell-offs, the Trump-connected SPAC company's share price has still posted huge gains.


Spotify Pulls Hundreds of Comedians Who Say They're Getting Stiffed on Royalties

When it comes to famous jokesters like John Mulaney, Tiffany Haddish, and Kevin Hart, Spotify isn't laughing. The world's largest audio...


Biotechs are Getting Routed to Close the Year

The rapid development and production of Covid vaccines sent biotech stocks to new heights last year, especially with shares in BioNTech and Moderna...


Infrastructure Bill Aims To Cut Vehicle-Animal Collisions With $350 Million For Wildlife Bridges

America's roads are about to become a whole lot safer. Not from reckless or speeding drivers, but rather deer, elk, moose, and all other sorts of...

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Why CRISPR Therapeutics Stock Sank 12.5% in November

The gene-editing specialist's share price is now down roughly 54% in 2021.

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The Must-Read Biden Quote on Social Security

What has our president said about retirement benefits?

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How Ford Will Benefit When the Chip Shortage Ends

Ford has been squeezed by the semiconductor shortage.

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Why Appian Stock Sank 25.2% in November

The low-code software stock is now down roughly 57% across 2021 trading.


Here's Why Lucid Stock Rocketed Higher in November

Some investors think Lucid has the right pedigree to become the next big EV stock.

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Why Longeveron Stock Skyrockted 661.2% in November

The biotech stock is now up 171.5% year to date.

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Why Bakkt Holdings Stock Plummeted 63.3% in November

The cryptocurrency trading company's stock has plummeted after its initial post-SPAC merger pop.

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Why Digital Turbine Stock Plummeted 38.3% in November

After volatile swings, the stock is now down roughly 13.6% this year.

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3 Things to Watch in the Stock Market This Week

Costco is one of several widely followed stocks set to announce earnings results over the next few days.

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Here's Exactly How To Optimize for Social Security's Monthly Max Benefit

Can you set yourself up to get the maximum benefit from the Social Security Administration?

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5 Ways to Handle a Crypto Crash

Cryptocurrency crashes can be extremely stressful. Here's how to weather the storm.

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Collins Dictionary Declares NFTs Word of the Year. But What Exactly Are They?

If you're not sure what a non-fungible token is, read on.

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3 Budget Changes I'm Making for 2022

Some of these changes are out of my control, and I'll do my best to work around them.

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3 Signs You're Ready to Open a Brokerage Account

Make sure you don't regret your choice to start investing.

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5 Ways Inflation Can Hurt Stocks

As people and companies are forced to adjust to inflation, it can change their behaviors -- and where they put their money.