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Why Shares of Dollar General Rose 22.3% This Week

The discount retailer issued strong guidance for the rest of the year.

Man about to receive a vaccine shot

Why Novavax Was Tumbling by 12% This Week

Outshined by rival coronavirus vaccine developers, the stock is hit with a downbeat analyst report from a prominent bank.


Why Investors Soured on Kraft Heinz Stock Thursday

One bank's analyst no longer finds the company's prospects to be tasty.

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Why AMD Stock Popped Today

An intriguing acquisition had investors excited.

Cloud, infrastructure, data centers

Why VMWare Stock Is Up 30% in the Last Week

If one semiconductor giant has its way, VMWare will become a subsidiary business once more.

Person in a lab looking through a microscope

Why Co-Diagnostics Trounced the Market on Thursday

The company is not monkeying around with the latest possible global health menace.

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Why Macy's Stock Jumped Today

Despite a challenging macroeconomic environment, the retail leader is growing its profits at an impressive clip.


Why Canadian Marijuana Stocks Soared Today

No prizes for guessing which country just reported a big leap in weed sales.


Why Rivian Stock Soared Higher Today

The EV maker's share price may have been buoyed by a general increase in investor optimism.

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2 Blue Chip Stocks That Missed Thursday's Big Rally

Some companies failed to join in on gains of as much as 3% for major indexes.


Michael Lewis on How to Spot the Real Expert

"If you want to find the person who actually doesn't really know what they're talking about, look for total certainty and look for people who don't admit they don't know things."


Why GameStop Shares Are Going Parabolic This Week

GameStop shares soared as much as 50% higher with its first-quarter earnings report coming next week.

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Why Airline Stocks Are Soaring Today

Mid-quarter updates show that airlines are keeping a steady hand through this latest stretch of turbulence.

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Why Insulet Stock Is Soaring This Week

The company is reportedly in discussions with Dexcom about a potential merger.


Why Liquidia Stock Rose as Much as 22% Higher Today

A major bank initiated coverage of the stock with a very bullish recommendation and price target.

Boeing CST-100 Starliner back on Earth. IS NASA.

Why Boeing Stock Rocketed 5% Today

Starliner is back on Earth, safe and sound.

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Why Chain Is Up Over 9% Today

As Chain XCN becomes accessible on more blockchains, it gives itself a place among the big players.


TJX Is a Bright Spot in Retail

And we've got some thoughts for people wondering whether they should invest now.

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Why Dave & Buster's Stock Jumped 15% Today

Encouraging quarterly reports from retailers suggest persistent strength in consumer spending.


One Little-Known Crypto That Could Benefit From a Rebound in the NFT Market

The new, less speculative phase of the NFT market will favor cryptos that provide utility to investors.

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