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Should You Buy DocuSign Stock Now?

Now that it's more than 80% below its peak, this agreement service provider could be a bargain.

Warren Buffett

S&P 500 Bear Market: Warren Buffett's 2008 Advice Still Holds True

Here's what history can teach us about the current market downturn.


Do All These Stock Splits Mean a Market Correction Was Imminent?

A stock split usually is a positive sign for a company and its investors.

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5 Dow Stocks Billionaire Money Managers Can't Stop Buying

Successful fund managers have been piling into five well-known companies.

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Only 16% of Retirement Savers Made This Essential Move in 2021

Did you miss the boat too?

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Nasdaq Bear Market: 3 High-Yield Dividend Stocks You Won't Regret Buying

These income stocks, with yields ranging from 4.5% to 12.5%, are ripe for the picking with the Nasdaq plunging up to 34%.

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Why the $4,194 Max Social Security Benefit Is a Fantasy

The maximum Social Security benefit is $4,194 but almost everyone falls short.


OPEC is Whiffing on Oil Production Targets

Tired of sky-high prices at the pump. Don't hold your breath waiting for a reprieve. On Wednesday, members of OPEC+, which includes 13 core OPEC...


Bed Bath & Beyond Ousts CEO After "Dumpster Fire" Results

The aisles at Bed Bath & Beyond may be stocked with pillows, but in the boardroom there are no soft landings. On Wednesday, the embattled home...


Coupons are Vanishing and With Them a Bargain Hunter Artform

The steepest cost of living increase in a generation sure seems like it should be high time for coupon-clipping bargain hunters. But the latest...

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Why Airbnb Stock Wilted on Wednesday

An analyst makes a deep cut to his price target on the home-accommodation specialist.

Medical professional working at a computer terminal

Why Evolent Health Stock Crept Higher Today

Investors had a muted, yet positive, reaction to news of the company's latest acquisition.

Crocs, shoes, sandals

Why Crocs Stock Fell Nearly 4% Today

Sagging consumer confidence is bringing down this shoe company.

Young person at a desk using a PC and tablet computer simultaneously

Why Amazon Stock Rose While the Market Slept Today

Tech stocks might just be waking from their summer slumber, and an analyst pegs this one as a top pick.

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Dow Jones Reclaims 82 Points Thanks to This Defensive Consumer Stock

Investors tried to keep the market rally going today.


Investor Insight: "This Isn't Like 2008."

Investors sense opportunity, but without a crystal ball, they are hesitant.

Two adults and a baby touching a solar panel array

Why Investors Went Dark on Solar Stocks Today

A prominent bank has taken a bearish short- to medium-term view of the sector.

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TerraClassicUSD (USTC) Climbs 800% in 1 Week -- What’s Going On?

LUNA Classic will now be accepted as payment in the StarShip ecosystem, giving it value for the first time in a bit.


What to Do With Office Space in This COVID World

How investors can get in on the trend.


Why Occidental Petroleum, Devon Energy, and Phillips 66 Plunged Today

The price of oil fell as recession fears mounted. But Warren Buffett isn't buying it.

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