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3 Stocks Smart Investors Are Buying Right Now

A Buffett stock pick and two from a star hedge fund manager make up a strong list of stock candidates.

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This Big-Time Passive-Income Producer Has the Wind at Its Back

The company continues to grow its passive income streams, giving it the power to increase its dividend.

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Got $10,000? Buy These 3 Dividend Stocks Yielding More Than 4%

These are safe stocks that you can buy and hold for years.

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Investing $100,000 in These Top Dividend Stocks Could Generate $3,300 in Passive Income

These companies will be paying dividends for a long time.

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2 Reasons to Buy Nvidia and 1 Reason to Sell

What should investors be doing following Nvidia's big stock price drop in 2022?

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These 2 Real Estate Stocks Pay for Themselves

Looking for REITs with reliable dividends? Look no further than this high-yield duo.

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The Best Stocks Check These 3 Boxes on the Balance Sheet

The balance sheet is like an MRI of a company's financial health. It's not necessarily fun to review, but if you don't you could be investing in an unhealthy business.

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This Stock Just Hiked Its Dividend 25%. Should You Buy?

It's new to the dividend scene, but it's already establishing a record of raising its payout.

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Pinterest Is Shooting Itself in the Foot With Its CEO Change

The social media stock is putting a key element of its appeal at risk.

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2 Easy Ways to Set Retirement Savings Goals

Which one is right for you?

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Tech Sell-Off: 2 Growth Stocks to Buy and 1 to Sell

It's important to be selective when hunting for opportunities in a beaten-down market.

Warren Buffett by The Motley Fool

This Is Warren Buffett's Favorite REIT. Should You Buy It?

It has solid fundamentals and reliably pumps out a high-yield dividend.

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Residents of This State Can Buy School Supplies Tax-Free

It's a small dose of relief.

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Buying These 2 Stocks Is a Good Way to Hedge Against a Market Crash

No one knows when or even if the market will fall, but being prepared is always a good defensive strategy.


If You Invested $10,000 in Robinhood in 2021, This Is How Much You Would Have Today

The online brokerage burned a lot of investors over the past year.


3 Top Stocks to Buy During the Sell-Off

These three companies provide investors buffers to lean on during tumultuous times.

polestar stock psny stock tsla stock tesla best ev stocks to buy 2022 polestar ipo spac volvo geely

Should Tesla Be Concerned About Polestar?

The newly public electric vehicle maker has several competitive advantages over others in its industry.

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2 Great Stocks to Own Heading Into a Recession

These stocks are projected to be able to turn a profit under difficult economic conditions.

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Snowflake Looks Like a Great Buy in This Stock Market Blizzard

Despite cratering over 50% this year, the stock looks attractive for long-term investors.

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Dave Ramsey Recommends You Put Your Retirement Money in These 2 Accounts

Are you investing your retirement money the right way? 

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