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Eli Lilly Pitches Alzheimer Drug to the FDA, Aiming to Leapfrog Biogen

It's an exciting if turbulent, and rather cutthroat, time in the world of Alzheimer's drug research. In June, the FDA greenlit Biogen's...


Paying the Piper

Democrats in Congress have trimmed a proposed $3.5 trillion spending proposal — one that would cover costs for education, child care, healthcare,...


100 New Houses in Texas Will Come Out of a 3-D Printer

To build the frame of a house, it usually takes four to five skilled carpenters outfitted with industrial tools and enough sarcastic banter to last...

Stock Market down - GettyImages-165999267

Why Facebook Stock Fell Today

Could this be the buying opportunity you've been waiting for?


Why Bakkt Stock Saw Wild Volatility on Tuesday

Cryptocurrency-related hype brought in the traders.

A woman looking at a set of indexes and graphs

Why Avid Bioservices Stock Surged 14% Today

The stock will be part of a well-known index.


Why 23andMe Stock Was Up More Than 9% on Tuesday

Investors may see potential in the company's proposed acquisition of telehealth company Lemonaid.

Stock Market down - GettyImages-873873202

Why Shares of Digital World Acquisition and Phunware Crashed Today

These popular Trump-related stocks reversed course after their huge gains last week.


Why Pinterest Stock Tumbled on Tuesday

The growth stock's slide continued today as a Cathie Wood ETF revealed it was selling shares of the company.

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Petition for Robinhood to List Shiba Inu Gets Over 300,000 Signatures

The Shiba Inu community is mobilizing to encourage trading on Robinhood's platform.

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3 Great Side Hustles for Busy People

Busy schedule? These side gigs might work well for you.

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This Company Is Giving 3 People Rent-Free Housing in Up to 4 Cities for a Year

You could win free housing (including utilities) and live in up to four different cities for a year. Find out more about this exciting contest.

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3 Steps to Take Before You Sell Your Home This Year

Ready to sell your home? Make sure to check these key items off your list.

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More Than 1 Million People Are on the Waitlist for Robinhood's Crypto Wallet

Why are so many people interested in signing up?

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Consumer Credit Use Grows at the Slowest Rate in 7 Months

How much did Americans borrow and what does it mean for the economy?

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Stimulus Check Update: 3 Scenarios That Could Lead to a Fourth Check in 2021

A fourth stimulus check may not necessarily be off the table.

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Current Mortgage Rates -- October 26, 2021: 30- and 20-Year Fixed Rates Rise

Should you get a mortgage? Here's how to know.

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The USPS Is Offering Check Cashing Services at a Limited Number of Locations

The USPS is testing check cashing services at some of its locations. Find out what you need to know.

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Mastercard to Allow Crypto Purchases Across Its Network

There are more and more ways you can spend your crypto, but should you use them?

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These 4 Hidden Hotel Fees Could Make Your Next Vacation More Expensive

Hotel fees can make your next hotel stay more expensive. Watch out for these hidden fees.