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New Report Shows No Difference in Small Business Hiring After States Ended Boosted Unemployment

States pulled the plug on boosted jobless benefits to get people back into the labor force. But that didn't happen.


3 Top Tech Stocks Under $20 Per Share

Don't ignore these stocks just because they trade at lower prices.

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How Inflation Is Killing Social Security Quicker

Return rates that seriously trail inflation are putting even more pressure on Social Security's already challenged trust funds.

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Will There Be Another Stimulus Check? Only if These 3 Things Happen

Many people are holding out for a fourth stimulus check. But a series of devastating events will most likely need to happen for a follow-up round to get approved.

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Inflation Has Forced U.S. Workers Into a 2% Pay Cut

Consumer goods are costing so much more that workers have effectively lost pay.

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1 Social Security Move Absolutely Everyone Should Make Every Year

Have you checked it off your list?

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Mortgage Borrowers Coming Out of Forbearance Get More Options

Have a loan that's about to exit forbearance? Here's what you need to know.

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This Pot Stock Just Delivered a Monster Surprise for Investors

It's safe to say that few expected a blowout third quarter from this relatively low-key New Brunswick operator.

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Could You Achieve an 'Excellent' Credit Score in 2021?

It's an ambitious goal, but it could be doable with a few credit-healthy habits.

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Here's Suze Orman's Advice for Making the Most of Your Child Tax Credit

You can use your Child Tax Credit to improve your financial situation.


Snap Stock: Headed to $110?

Analysts are more bullish than ever on Snap stock.


2 Stocks to Help You Build Retirement Wealth

These two companies have put themselves in good positions to keep growing.


Disney World's Top Rival Is Profitable Again, But Will It Last?

Comcast's Universal Orlando surprises the market with its first profit in more than a year, but things may get "lumpy" even by the media giant's own admission.

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The 3 Safest Energy Dividends Right Now

These big-time payouts are on rock-solid ground.

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How 6 Homeowners Saved for Their Down Payments

When the challenge of homeownership is saving for a down payment, these Reddit users had suggestions.

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3 Dividend Stocks to Buy Before Their August Payout Raise

What's not to love about rising cash payments?

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Shrinkflation Is Here: How to Combat It

Here's how to eke out more savings on consumer goods at a time when that's hard to come by.

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3 Energy Stocks We're Watching Closely This Earnings Season

We're keeping a close eye on what these energy stocks have to say.

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Is Now a Good Time to Open a CD?

Should you lock up your cash in a CD, or put it elsewhere? Here's how to know.

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Should You Really Be Investing in the Stock Market Right Now?

If a stock market crash is coming soon, is now the right time to be investing?