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Pentagon from the air source getty

6 Top Defense ETFs to Watch

The lowdown on some of the top options for investors seeking exposure to the defense industry.

ssys stock ssys earnings stratasys q1 earnings stock earnings 3d printing stocks ddd stock 3d ddd earnings 3d systems

Stratasys Stock Jumps 13% on Earnings and Revenue Beats

In Q1, 3D printer sales grew a robust 37% year over year.


Home Depot Beats Expectations Despite Fewer Customers

During the pandemic, Home Depot became the King of the DIY fixers. On Tuesday, it added a new jewel to its crown for toppling those who doubted it...


JPMorgan Shareholders Deny Jamie Dimon's Special Payout

Getting rejected always hurts. Getting rejected, and losing out on tens of millions of dollars in the process, hurts even more. Just ask Jamie...


Mastercard Allows Customers to Pay at Checkout With a Wave of the Hand

As if biometric payments weren't controversial enough, this one wants you to work up the gall to wave at the checkout. On Tuesday, Mastercard...


Why Charlotte's Web Got High and Then Fell on Tuesday

The CBD specialist's latest research is reassuring, but the same can't be said for its financials.

Streaming stocks - GettyImages-1351092316

Why Paramount Global Stock Surged Today

A legendary investor's holding company built a sizable stake in the entertainment leader.


Why On Holding Stock Shot as Much as 16% Higher Today

The company's running shoes are a hot item among consumers, as revealed by its first-quarter results.


Why Stock Got a Slap From the Market Today

An analyst shaved $40 off his share price target for the customer relationship management leader.

Featured Image

Forget XRP: These 3 Cryptos Could Beat It This Summer

These 3 cryptos may outperform XRP.

Person entering credit card info into a smartphone with a package sitting nearby

Why Pinduoduo, Baozun, and Didi Stocks Rallied Tuesday

A broad relief rally, courtesy of a surprising source, buoyed many Chinese companies.

Loan online 2022 GettyImages-1220595235

Why Upstart Holdings and Global-e Online Soared on Tuesday

Markets got a nice boost as well.

An aerial view of a running nuclear power plant station with two nuclear reactors.

Why These 3 Uranium Stocks Jumped More Than 10% Today

New reports came out recently of utilities signing contracts to buy uranium at high prices.


Why Nerdy Stock Took a Hit on Tuesday

Nerdy's expectation for decelerating growth spooked some investors. But management has a good excuse.

Glowing semiconductor chip.

Why Nvidia Stock Shot Higher on Tuesday

And why not all the news is good.

Featured Image

Why Maker (MKR) Is Up 6% Today

MKR sees gains in the defeat of LUNA and UST. Is the rivalry over?


Why Shares of Adaptimmune Therapeutics Rose 13.4% on Tuesday

The clinical-stage biotech saw its shares rise after releasing preclinical data on two of its therapies.

mercadolibre shopping

Why MercadoLibre Stock Climbed Today

On a big day for the Nasdaq, MercadoLibre got swept up in the tailwinds.

Grocery stocks - GettyImages-1371981344

Why Walmart Stock Plunged Today

Inflation is taking a toll.

3D Printing a Part

Why Stratasys Stock Popped 14.9% on Tuesday

Growth is back at Stratasys.

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