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Crypto Market Crash: The Latest on Solana, Cardano, Ripple, and Terra (LUNA)

Large cap cryptocurrencies are all moving violently this weekend, though not all in the same direction.


Polkadot Plunges 11%-Time to Buy the Dip on This Top DeFi Cryptocurrency?

Polkadot's status as a DeFi play should provide strong support, despite this dip.

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Here's Why Merck Lost Nearly $40 Billion in Value During November

Merck's oral coronavirus pill may not be able to compete effectively against a rival therapy.


Elon Musk Tweet Moves Crypto Market, But He's Wrong This Time

When Elon Musk says jump, most say "how high"-but now's the time to be critical.


Crash? What Crash? This Cryptocurrency Just Replaced Dogecoin and Shiba Inu As a Top 10 Token

Investors in Terra Luna now have the honor of owning a top-10 cryptocurrency.


Bitcoin Plunges 18% In An Hour: Could Leverage Kill This Bull Market?

Bitcoin prices plunged early Saturday morning, leading to worries about leverage in the crypto markets.

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3 Questions to Ask Before Delaying a Social Security Claim

Be sure you know the answers so you can make smart decisions regarding this important income source.

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Here's Why Biotech Stocks Adaptimmune Therapeutics, Agenus, and Ocugen All Crashed in November

A mix of marketwide headwinds and company-specific events weighed on these three biotech stocks in November.

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3 Stocks These Fools Are Thankful for

Netflix, Shopify and Etsy are all on this gratitude list.

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Here's Why Upstart Still Has High Growth Potential

Upstart has been a big winner, but here's why one Fool thinks it has more room to run.


Why Alibaba Fell Another 22.7% in November

Shares of the Chinese internet leader fell again after it reported soft earnings.

Bitcoin Bubble Bursting

Why Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano Plunged Double Digits This Weekend

Saturday brought a rude awakening to crypto investors.

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Bitcoin Too Expensive? Look at These 2 Beaten-Down Cryptocurrencies Instead

There are many affordable options for cryptocurrency investors who worry about Bitcoin's prices rising too high. Here are two solid ideas.

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There's Some Great News for Retirement Savers in 2022

Saving for retirement will be a little bit easier.


3 Stocks To Buy During a Stock Market Crash

Each of these three is an excellent business loved by the markets.

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3 Smart Financial Moves I Made in 2021

I'm no stranger to financial mistakes, but here are a few things I did right in 2021.


Is Pinterest Stock a Buy Right Now?

The image-based social media app is shedding users as economies reopen.


2 Robinhood Stocks to Buy and Hold for 10 Years

These two companies are highly popular on the polarizing trading app -- and with good reason.


Here's My Top Stock to Buy in December

Forget Rivian. Ford's EV business is more compelling.

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What You Should Know About Bottom-Up Investing

Sometimes it helps to think about your investments in a new way.