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Why Brooks Automation Shot Nearly 9% Higher Today

It's divesting its legacy business, which will obviate the need for a planned company split.

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This Yellow Flag Could Be More Important Than the Market's Sell-Off

News from a couple of companies in a key industry could point to a changing tide.

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Why DraftKings Stock Dropped 7.3% on Monday

Today's growth-stock selling hit DraftKings hard.

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Why Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Other Tech Stocks Dropped Today

Fear has returned to the global financial markets.

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Why GameStop Stock Slumped Today

The meme stock was not immune to the broad market sell-off on Monday.

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Why AstraZeneca and Surface Oncology Rose Today

The pharmaceutical giant reports encouraging results from a late-stage ES-SCLC trial of blockbuster cancer treatment Imfinzi.

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Why Shares in Taseko Mines Are Crashing Today

Speculation over China's construction sector weighs heavily on the market's view of copper right now.

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Why Rare Earth and Lithium Stocks Crashed Today

News from China is spooking investors, but don't make hasty investing decisions.


Why Li-Cycle Holdings Gained More Than 7% Today

The young lithium battery recycler caught the attention of an analyst who arguably knows what he's talking about.

A person in a mask worryingly studying a falling stock price chart on a computer screen.

Why Nucor, Cleveland-Cliffs, and Ferroglobe Shares Crashed Today

A double blow from China sent metal stocks tumbling, but you should wait before dumping your shares.

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Why Shares of Bank of America, Citigroup, JPMorgan, and Goldman Sachs Fell Today

Bank stocks struggled Monday as the yield on the 10-year U.S. Treasury bill, which is often a strong indicator of bank profits, declined as a result of the broader market sell-off.


Why Sea Limited Stock Fell Today

The company's stock took a hit as part of a broader market sell-off.

Solar and Wind Farms on Hills

Why Solar Energy Stocks Plunged on Monday

Shares of solar stocks are down across the board as fear of a big Chinese default has spread around the world.

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Why Protagonist Therapeutics Stock Plunged Today

The FDA has placed a clinical hold on testing of rusfertide.

A stressed person looking at a falling stock price chart on a computer screen.

Why Luokung Stock Sank 26% Today: It's Not Just China

Investors in the Chinese company betting on autonomous vehicles had to put up with more than one bit of bad news.


Why Cosmos, Tezos, and FTX tokens Are Experiencing Sharp Sell-offs Today

The cryptocurrency sector is experiencing a sharp correction. Should you be worried?

Child getting a jab from a medical professional

Why Moderna Stock Is Falling Today

There was positive news from a competing coronavirus vaccine earlier in the day.

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Why Verastem Stock Spiked Today

A clinical collaboration with biotech titan Amgen briefly lit a fire underneath Verastem's shares today.


Why Dogecoin, XRP, and Polygon Are Plunging Today

Dark clouds are once again gathering over the cryptocurrency sector.

Map of China under a magnifying glass

Why All the Dry Bulk Shipping Stocks Just Crashed

The dry bulk market is still booming, but big troubles loom in China.