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Is RH a Recession-Proof Stock?

The company is benefiting from consumers' restored focus on home improvement and renovation.

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Why Sprouts Farmers Market's Q3 Could Lead You to Greener Pastures

The company is growing sustainably and trading at a discount to industry peers.

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How Investing Can Turn Your Pocket Change Into $60,000 or More

Why not try it out for yourself?

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3 Dividend Aristocrats to Buy and Hold Forever

These companies are the ultimate buy-and-hold dividend stocks.


Tesla's Wild Valuation Is Starting to Make Sense

The electric-car maker's free cash flow in Q3, combined with Tesla's rapid growth, is starting to make a strong case for the stock's huge market capitalization.


WD-40's Valuation Defies Logic

The company is benefiting from the COVID-19 pandemic, but on a risk/reward basis the stock looks overvalued.


Visa CEO Al Kelly Just Said This About the DOJ Lawsuit

The Justice Department's lawsuit is related to the payment processing giant's planned purchase of Plaid. The CEO also discussed earnings and another new acquisition.

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3 Social Security Changes to Look Out for in 2021

Big things are coming to Social Security next year. Here's what you need to know.

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Seagate Technology Raises Its High-Yield Dividend and Increases Share Repurchase Authorization

The latest quarter was a mixed bag, but this digital memory firm remains highly profitable.

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How Wireless Carriers May Be Guaranteeing the iPhone 12's Success

The idea that tens of millions would get their first 5G smartphone at no cost seemed crazy, until the wireless industry decided to offer the iPhone 12 for free.


Trump vs Biden: How Do Elections Affect the Stock Market?

If you're making long-term investment decisions based off eight years at most, you're already thinking too small.


Netflix Is Trying to Find Another Gear to Boost Subscriber Growth

The video streaming specialist is making a bold move in a key market.


I Just Bought My First Cannabis Stock: Here's Why

This U.S. vertically integrated company does things differently.


Is Drug Pricing Backlash a Serious Risk for Big Pharma Stocks?

Amgen and Bristol Myers Squibb have both drawn heavy criticism for their pricing practices.

A field of solar panels with wind turbines in the background at dawn.

Ignore the Green New Deal -- This Renewable Energy Stock Is a Buy, Regardless

This renewable energy producer has a fully charged growth plan.


Why My Family Bought Shares of Royal Caribbean Now

A vaccine for the coronavirus is highly likely to be approved over the next few months. When that happens, the cruise ship industry should quickly recover.

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Airbus Backs a New Space Startup

Airbus makes a small bet in a crowded field -- and it may not pan out.


3 Top Software-as-a-Service Stocks to Buy Ahead of the Election

These stocks are worth buying before the election and holding onto long after the president's term is over.


1 Trick, 2 Treats: Cruise Line Stocks

Happy Halloween! Let's see why you should treat yourself with two cruise line stocks and avoid being tricked by a third.


If You Invested $5,000 in Vaxart In January, This Is How Much You Would Have Today

Your investment grew more than 15-fold. Now, can the gains continue?