Maurie Backman

Maurie Backman


Maurie Backman is a personal finance writer who's passionate about educating others. Her goal is to make financial topics interesting (because they often aren't) and she believes that a healthy dose of sarcasm never hurt anyone. In her somewhat limited spare time, she enjoys playing in nature, watching hockey, and curling up with a good book.

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Are You Forgetting About This Powerful Retirement Savings Tool?

It never hurts to go into retirement with extra savings, and this tool can help you do just that.

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Collecting Unemployment? Take Note of This Important Change That Could Affect Your Benefits

Collecting benefits won't be as easy for some people anymore.

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3 Reasons Not to Invest During Our Current Recession

Investing during a recession is a move that can pay off -- but not for everyone.

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COVID-19 Is Changing the Way Americans Use Their Tax Refunds

This year, more people are using their refunds for basic expenses. It's sobering, but not surprising.

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Owe the IRS Money This Year? Here’s Your Game Plan

Here's what to do -- and what not to do -- if you're stuck with a tax bill for 2019.

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Why Didn't More Small Businesses Apply for PPP Loans?

PPP loans have been a lifetime for so many companies -- but why didn't more small businesses take advantage of them?

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Here's How a COVID-19 Surge Could Kill Seniors' Chance of a Social Security Raise in 2021

An uptick in COVID-19 cases could cause a decline that makes a 2021 COLA extremely unlikely.

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3 Reasons to Invest in Dividend-Paying Stocks for Retirement

An income-investing strategy makes a lot of sense for seniors.

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Americans Think They'll Need 8.5 Months to Feel Financially Comfortable After COVID-19. Here's How to Get There Sooner

If you're feeling financially insecure, a few moves could change your outlook for the better.

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Why Claiming Social Security at 65 Is a Smart Bet

You have an eight-year window to sign up for benefits, but here's why you may want to land on 65.

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8 Tax-Filing Mistakes You Can't Afford to Make This Year

This year looks a little different from a tax perspective. Here's what you need to know if you haven't yet completed your 2019 return.

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COVID-19 Has Proved That All Businesses Need a Backup Plan. Here's How to Put Yours in Place

Avoid getting caught off-guard a second time.

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Turning 60 This Year? Here's How It Could Result in Lower Social Security Benefits

Social Security's benefit formula puts this year's 60-year-olds at a major disadvantage.

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There May Be a $1 Trillion Stimulus Package in the Works

Lawmakers have been debating the need for additional relief for months, but now, a top White House aide says they may have landed on an actual number.

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Less Than Half of Older Americans Can Work From Home: Here's Why That's a Problem

The inability to do their jobs remotely could have serious financial and health implications for the demographic of workers most at risk from COVID-19.

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What to Do if You Can't Use Your Entire PPP Loan

Many small businesses have depleted their PPP loans. But what if you're in the opposite boat and can't use yours in full?

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8 Smart Things to Do With This Year's Tax Refund

Getting money back from the IRS this year? Here are a number of ways to put that cash to great use.

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5 Arguments in Favor of Boosted Unemployment Though the End of the Year

Lawmakers haven't settled on a deal to extend boosted unemployment. Here's why they should.

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4 Investing Tips From Someone Who Was Once Afraid to Invest

Nervous to get started investing? Here's how to get past your fears.

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Self-Employed? You May Be Eligible for a $1,000 Grant During COVID-19

At a time like this, extra money could be a lifeline.