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Jason Hall

Jason Hall


Born and raised in the Deep South of Georgia, Jason now calls Southern California home. A Fool since 2006, he began contributing to in 2012. Trying to invest better? Like learning about companies with great (or really bad) stories? Jason can usually be found there, cutting through the noise and trying to get to the heart of the story.

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Checking In on Lemonade, Spotify, and Etsy

Do these stocks make sense for your portfolio?

Man looking at smartphone with trading screens in the background

Caterpillar, Home Depot, and Walgreens Lift Dow Jones to Record Even as Visa Stock Falls

A hot economy and high inflation have almost every Dow Jones stock gaining today, pushing the index to a new all-time high.

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The Best Dow Jones Stocks of 2021 Can't Keep It at Record Highs Today

Goldman Sachs shares are up today, but the Dow Jones is falling on continued delta variant worries.

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My Top Energy Stock to Buy in August

There are lower-risk energy stocks near the top of the list, but this risk/reward opportunity should not be ignored.

oil pumpjack and wind turbines energy

3 Top Energy Stocks to Buy in August

Three top stocks that are timely buys right now.

Online banking

This Number Helped These 3 Stocks Push the Dow Jones to Record Levels Friday

Financial services stocks surged on today's jobs report, which was full of positives.

Hydrogen co2

This May Be Chevron's Biggest Move in Years, and Nobody's Talking About It

The global oil and gas giant looks like its taking the low-carbon future of energy seriously.

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2 Updates That Sent the Dow Jones Surging 195 Points Higher Are Great for Disney, Salesforce, and Walmart

Historically speaking, these two data points wouldn't be considered good, but right now they're positive signs.

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Why Phillips 66, Genesis Energy, and W&T Offshore Stocks are Getting Crushed Today

A combination of falling oil prices, worries about the delta coronavirus variant, and reactions to earnings is sending most oil stocks down on Wednesday.

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Dow Jones Jumps Back Above 35,000 -- This Could Push It Back to Record Levels Soon

The Dow Jones is knocking on record levels again, and positive earnings from some of its most popular components could be the catalyst to get it there.

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5 Top Stocks For August

Looking to make the most of your investing dollars this month? Here are five top stock ideas from Motley Fool experts.

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The Huge News That Sent Tellurian Stock Surging Today

The LNG start-up has now secured enough business to justify building its first export facility.

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Healthcare Stock Sell-Off Keeps the Dow Jones From Reaching Record Levels

A handful of healthcare giants are some of the few Dow stocks in the red so far today, as federal data underpins the prospects of a continued economic recovery.


Cryptocurrency, Housing, Inflation, and More

NPR’s Jacob Goldstein sits down to talk.

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Why the Dow Jones Is Falling Today Despite Great Earnings From Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, Visa

A great report for Boeing has its shares soaring, but worries about future growth from the tech giants has most of the Dow Jones stocks -- and many other U.S. issues -- falling.

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Dow Jones Falls Below 35,000 on Boeing and Tech Stock Sell-Offs, Delta Variant Worries

One day after reaching a record, the Dow is retreating ahead of earnings from three key components this afternoon.

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Dow Jones Breaks 35,100 With Apple, Visa, Microsoft Earnings Coming

A third of the Dow Jones Industrial's companies are set to report earnings this week, including two tech heavyweights and a global payments giant.

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Worried A Stock Market Crash Is Coming? 3 No-Brainer Dividend Stocks You Don't Need to Wait to Buy

A future market crash is no reason to hold off on buying these great companies today.

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Better Dividend Stock: ExxonMobil vs. Clearway Energy

The future is renewables, but fossil fuels remain the dominant source of energy. Should dividend investors focus on the future, or the present?

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Dow Jones Up 195 Points, in Record Territory Despite Intel Worries

Shares of semiconductor giant Intel fell sharply after the company reported earnings, but a better report from American Express and a positive day for most stocks has the index set to close at record levels.