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Christy Bieber

Christy Bieber


Former college teacher. Textbook contributor. Personal finance writer. Passionate advocate of smart money moves to achieve financial success.

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The 3 Best and 2 Worst Reasons to Claim Social Security at 62

Before you make your early claim, consider the pros and cons.

retiree reviewing finances

Retirees Are Poised to See the Biggest Social Security Change in 41 Years

A big change is almost certain to come to Social Security next year.

Couple with financial advisor

This Is the Only Reason I'd Ever Claim Social Security at 62

In this case, starting checks at 62 would be the best financial choice.

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This Move Can Help Retirees Boost Social Security Income by Over $10,000 Annually

An extra $10,000 or more per year could make a huge difference in your later years.


This Warren Buffett Favorite Could Make You a Millionaire on $500 a Month

It's a safe investment and could have a big payoff.

Adults looking at financial paperwork.

If You Don't Know These 3 Things, You Aren't Ready to Claim Social Security

Rushing into a Social Security claim without all the facts could have serious financial consequences.

Real estate purchase family in new home

Don't Fall for This Alarming Real Estate Myth

Many people believe a primary home is always a good investment -- but that's not necessarily the case.

Person reviewing financial paperwork

Can You Invest in Real Estate on a Teacher's Salary?

If you are a teacher or earn a similar income, there are plenty of ways you can invest in real estate.

Real estate two people painting new home

Is Owning a Rental Property a Nightmare Dressed Like a Daydream?

Owning a rental property has some benefits, but could you come to regret it?

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3 Social Security Secrets for Even Bigger Checks

Understanding the inner workings of Social Security can make all the difference.

Adults looking at financial paperwork.

Surging Prices in 2022 Show One Big Problem With How Social Security Calculates Raises

With record-high inflation, retirees are sadly losing ground.

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Will Your Social Security Check Be Bigger Than the $4,194 Max Benefit?

The 2022 maximum Social Security benefit is $4,194 -- but is it possible you could actually receive more than that amount?

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Your Complete Guide to Juicing the Most From Your 401(k)

Getting the most value from your 401(k) is essential for a secure retirement.

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The Most Important Social Security Table You'll Ever See

If you don't know the information in this table, it won't be possible to determine when to claim Social Security.

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Married? Here Are 3 Social Security Rules You Need to Know

Married couples are subject to special rules about Social Security.

Couple Looking at financial papers.

3 Unexpected Ways to Claim More in Social Security

More Social Security benefits could be within reach if you follow these steps.

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3 Ways to Score a Higher Social Security Paycheck

Want more retirement income? Here are a few ways you can get it.

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3 Reasons Claiming Social Security at 62 Could Be the Best Choice

A Social Security claim at 62 will reduce your monthly benefits, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad decision.

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How to All But Clinch a Millionaire Retirement

Four simple steps can make you a millionaire retiree.

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The Must-Read Mitch McConnell Quote on Social Security

Mitch McConnell could become the Senate majority leader after the next election, and he's made it clear Social Security won't be at risk.

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