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Scott Levine

Scott Levine


A member of The Motley Fool since 2006, Scott began contributing content in 2013. His focus includes renewable energy, gold, and water utilities. Follow him on Twitter. . .

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A space rocket drawing on a blackboard.

Here's Why Bloom Energy, FuelCell Energy, and Plug Power Rocketed Up as Much as 86% in January

These fuel cell businesses gave investors fresh reasons to bid their shares higher, even after major rallies in 2020.

A silver bar beside a pile of silver grains.

Why Shares of First Majestic Silver Soared 35% Higher in January

This silver producer shimmered brightly in investors' eyes last month.

A truck driving on a highway at sunset.

Amazon Clicks Buy, Orders Over 1,000 Natural Gas Trucks for Its Fleet

The Everything Store just took another step toward its 2040 goal of achieving carbon neutrality across its businesses.

Aerial view of offshore wind turbines.

Why Shares of TPI Composites Jumped 14% in January

With the wind in its sails, this wind blade manufacturer benefited from a bullish beginning to 2021.

a woman looks up at a drawing of gears beside an illustration of a brain.

Forget Blink Charging Stock, Here's a Better Way to Invest in Electric Vehicles

Power your portfolio with a conservative approach to EVs.

A man holds fanned out one hundred dollar bills.

Why Plug Power's Stock Is So Expensive

It doesn't stem from Reddit, but this stock has soared into the stratosphere recently.

In front of a blackboard, an apple and cup of pencils sit on a stack of books.

4 Things You Didn't Know About Canoo

No, it's not a boat; it's one of the latest EV companies to go public recently. And investors are plenty charged up about it.

Looking at two signposts, a man stands at a crossroads.

One Renewable Energy Stock to Buy and One to Avoid

Of these two green energy options, it's the lesser-known name that can electrify investors' returns.

Solar panels and wind turbines in a field at sunrise.

Why Shares of Brookfield Renewable Soared 74% in 2020

Investors were charged up about this renewable energy leader in 2020.

A businessman marks an uptrending line of a digital financial chart.

Why Shares of Niu Technologies Raced 229% Higher in 2020

This e-scooter stock scooted significantly higher last year.

A hydrogen fueling pump.

Why FuelCell Energy Powered 345% Higher in 2020

Shares of the fuel cell stock were supercharged last year.

A worker installs a solar panel on a rooftop.

Why Shares of SolarEdge Technologies Rose 15% in December

The days may have gotten shorter, but this solar stock stayed bright in investors' eyes.

A man holds a stylus over a financial chart displayed on a tablet.

Why Shares of Bloom Energy Bounced 17% Higher in December

This fuel cell specialist ended the year on a high note.

Holding a pen and smartphone, a man looks at a digital projection of a financial chart.

Why Shares of Plug Power Jumped 29% in December

Investors' hunger for this hydrogen stock remained strong in the last month of 2020.

2021 balances on a red question mark

Plug Power Stock Has Surged 1,000% so Far in 2020, Is It a Buy for 2021?

This stock was supercharged last year, but should investors expect a repeat performance?

A toy forklift holds the letter block d to complete word avoid.

2 Stocks I'd Avoid at All Costs

I'm searching for new holdings in 2021, but these won't make the cut anytime soon.

A man holds hand drawn question marks

5 Things You Didn't Know About QuantumScape

Familiar with the fact that shares have soared more than 420% over the past few weeks? Well, the time has come to get to know this EV superstar a little better.

In front of buildings, a traffic light shows red

Nikola Hits the Brakes on Deal With Republic Services

A promising collaboration has come to the end of the road.

financial chart finger

Why Shares of Li Auto Jumped 78% in November

Investors were charged up about this EV manufacturer last month.


Why Shares of Barrick Gold Plunged 13% in November

With the market turning away from the yellow stuff, it's little surprise this gold mining company's stock suffered.