Talk About the Weather

by Harry Jones

(March 25, 1999) -- The weather this month has generally been warm, and some say that means that the summer will be hot and we should plan accordingly. They seem to forget that just last year March was warm, too, and it was a cool summer anyway. Or in years past, March was bitter and cold and then summer was a scorcher -- so hot that you couldn't get enough liquid in you to keep you from going dry. You get the point. I'm not planning my season of crops and how to approach them on things like the weather in March.

Many people don't know there are many different ways to farm -- planting a week late or early can make a big difference. You water depending on how much rain comes and how much is expected. That's the one "guess" -- the amount of rain. You have to try to follow it and hope to estimate right each week as you water. Everything has some guesswork in it, of course, but it's minimal. And most things in the end are based on solid fact and work by maintaining solid practices.

The S&P rose 1.69% today.

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03/25/99 Close

Stock Change Close SPY +2 19/32 129.50
Day Month Year History HARRY +2.04% 4.81% 1.47% 1.47% S&P: +1.69% 4.17% 4.94% 4.94% NASDAQ: +2.94% 6.42% 11.04% 11.04% Rec'd # Security In At Now Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 127.63 129.50 1.47% Rec'd # Security In At Value Change 1/4/99 16 S&P Depos 2042.00 2072.00 $30.00 CASH $0.00 TOTAL $2072.00 Yesterday Today Change S&P Depos 126.91 129.50 SPY +2 19/32


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