MIAMI, FL (Nov. 12, 1999) -- Obliterati I propose. Death to the Intelligentsia! I'm not gunning for the radical, really. Only the logical. Only the natural. Brains have been tiered for way too long. It's not as if I mind minds. Grey matter matters. But isn't it amazing how the Internet has finally given the masses carte blanche in the Information Age?

The Internet has made us all smarter. Yet, by crashing the gates of access, it has also made us all the more curious. With information now suddenly attainable, we have become addicted to the privilege rather than lay woefully content with the milestone. That is good. That is real good.

Fairer trade. You see it in how effectively priced online merchandise has become. E-merchants respect the patron and recognize that the competition is a click away. You see it in the eyes of the Wise, too. Nothing short of the Internet could have brought the great full-service brokerage houses down to their $29.95 online commission knees.

We are not all online of course. But since we have evolved from a have and have not society into a dotcom and dotcom not community, the solution to social leveling is considerably easier. Introduce access. Open up the world of possibilities.

More information. Faster delivery of that information. Many of us found out that Iomega (NYSE: IOM) hired a new President and COO just as the board made it official last night -- not in the paper this morning. Bruce Albertson came out of retirement to assume the posts, which will probably expand to the CEO title as well after the company closes out its fiscal year.

Albertson was a General Electric (NYSE: GE) executive. He knows how to bring good things to life. More than that, he is also an alumnus of my alma mater, the University of Miami. Albertson was a Hurricane. He is going to have be one again. His expertise comes in the global marketing of appliances. While a Zip serves up lousy toast, Albertson's ability to set a brand name apart from similar commoditized peers is the key here. Iomega needs a whirlwind of flair. Iomega needs a Hurricane.

This change in the corporate climate looks like a strong move for Iomega. Beleaguered investors seem to agree since the stock was treated to a 12% pop today.

Then again, with the Nasdaq closing at yet another new high -- this time a 0.7% climb -- the winners were contagious. All of our Internet-based holdings had returns that more than tripled the Nasdaq gains. The S&P 500 was also strong, ticking 1.1% higher. But, today, the Fool rose the highest -- up an impressive 3.37%.

The Fool rose the highest? Yikes, that almost sounds elitist. Am I a miscast caste basher? No. The Rule Breaker's great returns have always been available, for free, since inception. Empowering the masses. Rewarding the classes.

It's time for an eMensa Patient Proclamation. Every click makes a smarter Fool. Every clicker makes a smarter Fool community. The literati is dead. It's Zip-tossed toast. Obliterati baby. Obliterati!

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