PE Celera Genomics Corp.
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**This trade is being made under the regular portfolio policy, namely, once The Fool announces an intention to trade, that trade will be made within the next five trading days. For more detail, please read the New Trades section of the Rule Breaker Portfolio.**

At some point in the next five market days, the Rule Breaker Portfolio is BUYING approximately $50,000 (about 5.7% of the RB portfolio's current value) of:

PE Celera Genomics Corp. (NYSE: CRA)
761 Main Avenue
Norwalk, CT 06859
Phone: (203) 762-1000
Fax: (203) 762-6000

Closing Price (12/16/99): $76 3/16
Average daily volume: 276,000 shares
Daily dollar volume: $19.87 million

Market Cap: $1.86 billion
12 Month Sales: $10 million
Price-to-Sales ratio: 186

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