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Chuck Saletta

Chuck Saletta


Chuck Saletta is a Motley Fool contributor. His investing style has been inspired by Benjamin Graham's Value Investing strategy.

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Even in a low-interest-rate environment, there can be good reasons to pay off your mortgage ahead of schedule.

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3 Resilient Stocks to Help Solidify Your Portfolio

After the market's remarkable run, it might be worth considering some more defensive companies to add a more solid foundation.

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3 Best Ways to Invest for Retirement

Taking advantage of these specialized retirement accounts can help you build your nest egg faster.

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Have $1,000? 2 All-Weather Dividend Stocks to Buy and Hold Forever

In uncertain market times when valuations seem stretched, it makes sense to look for stocks you might be willing to hold for the long haul.

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Warren Buffett Loves These Stocks. Are They Right for You?

When the greatest living investor takes an interest in a company, who are we to argue with him?

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3 Reasons Social Security Isn't as Unreliable as You Think

Although Social Security certainly faces challenges, there are good reasons to believe the program will still be there when you need it.

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3 Dividend Stocks to Buy on Sale

When companies that pay you to own them can be purchased at a bargain price, it's certainly worth your time to consider it.

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4 Proven Ways to Double Your Money

The more times you can double your money, the larger your nest egg can wind up.

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How to Manage Your 401(k) Without Lifting a Finger

If you're looking for the ultimate in one-decision investing for your retirement, target date funds make a great choice.

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Are You on Track for a Millionaire Retirement With Only a 401(k)?

Given enough time until you retire, even a modest regular investment into your 401(k) can help you become a millionaire.

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Market Crash Concerns Keeping You Up at Night? 5 Ways to Brace Your Portfolio

Market crashes are inevitable. Being ready for them in advance can make all the difference in the world to your financial well-being.

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3 Dividend Kings That Belong in Every Retirement Portfolio

It takes a special kind of business to increase its payment to its shareholders for over five consecutive decades.

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5 Ways to Earn $1 Million Before You Retire

Not everyone's path to millionaire status will be the same. Pick a path that works best for you, and improve your chances of getting there.

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Why Is $1 Million Such an Important Milestone?

Once you reach that target, compounding can really go to work on your behalf.

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These 4 Dividend ETFs Are a Retiree's Best Friend

Dividends often provide larger income streams than bonds these days, but there are trade-offs involved.

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How to Retire With $2 Million on a Teacher's Salary

By starting early and investing consistently, teachers have a reasonable path to a potential multimillion-dollar nest egg.

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4 Investing Strategies to Navigate the Stock Market in 2021

There are ways to stay invested for the long term even if you're nervous about what the market will do in the near future.

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Here's How to 3X Your Retirement Savings

Why not make your money work harder for you?

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Investing in This ETF Right Now Could Make You a Millionaire Retiree

Making regular investments in an index-tracking fund like this one is a time-tested approach to building wealth.

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What Would Happen if You Invested $100 a Week in the Stock Market?

Given a long enough time horizon, investing just a little bit each week can add up to a substantial nest egg.