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A watch list can be a huge help in making smart investment decisions.

A Big Tobacco Bargain

With its legal woes resolved, Altria looks undervalued among its peers.

Tracking Down China

China's growing economic importance is highlighted in three separate stories.

Univision Steps Up

Changing demographics and a strong business model propel Univision into the big leagues.

The King Is. Slipping

Market share losses in a stagnant industry raise questions about Anheuser-Busch.

Market Contractions: Ouch!

Accelerating inflation and rising interest rates are prepared to wreak havoc on growth stocks.

Wal-Mart's Bum Rap

Professional extortion artists are turning up the heat on the giant retailer.

Wal-Mart: Tech King?

This company's innovative use of technology changed the face of American business.

Bring Home the Billions

A one-time corporate tax break could mean money in the bank for big multinationals.

Miller Gets Flagged

Legal wrangling and market-share losses highlight the dangers of negative advertising.

End of the Legal Tunnel

An improving legal environment makes Altria's shares look extremely undervalued.

Nokia's Back on Top

Past is prologue as Nokia ends the year 180 degrees from where it began.

Unlocking Value at Altria

Altria's decision to split the company is sweet vindication for long-suffering shareholders.

Beer Brewer Buying

Mergers and acquisitions in the beer industry have been hot this year. Expect it to get hotter.

Sirius, XM Facing Down the Giants

Despite major deals, satellite radio still faces an uphill battle against entrenched broadcast giants.