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Though Apple only launched its brand new credit card in the U.S. last week, the company has been gearing up for a move into finance for more than five years.

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Life as a public company has so far been a rocky one for the audio streaming platform. Since directly listing on the NYSE in April 2018 at $165.90 a share, the stock has had its ups and downs, and is now sitting more than 10% below its opening price.

5 Companies Still Run by Families

In a world of large, faceless corporations, it can sometimes be nice to think of family values in business. What are the biggest family-owned businesses around?

iHealth: The Future of Mass Health Data

Big tech and big health want to team up for an unprecedented project that will bring a customer's entire health record to one accessible place, but what can technology companies bring to the table?

The Power of Nike's Marketing Department

Some have called the sportswear giant's recent contract with NBA star Zion Williamson its biggest deal since it partnered with LeBron James in 2015.

2 High-Growth AI Stocks

As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, these two companies are poised to take advantage.