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Eric Volkman

Eric Volkman


Eric has been writing about stocks and finance since the mid-1990s, when he lived in Prague, Czech Republic. Over the course of a varied career, he has also been a radio newscaster, an investment banker, and a bass player in a selection of rock and roll bands. A native New Yorker, he currently lives in Los Angeles.

Recent articles

Person in lab gear inspecting a marijuana plant inside a grow facility

Why Canopy Growth Wilted as the Market Grew Today

Not for the first time in the company's history, an analyst cuts his price target on its stock.

Cash register with very little money inside

Why Bed Bath & Beyond Stock Flopped on Friday

A clutch of analysts cut their price targets on the struggling retailer.

100 dollar bills in mini shopping cart

Are You Missing Out on This 24% Dividend Raise?

Supported by solid fundamentals and anticipated future growth, a prominent retailer cranks its payout higher.

Person on the deck of a cruise ship looking out at sea

Why Cruise Line Stocks Were Sinking This Week

Analysts aren't very bullish on the sector these days, to put it mildly.

Furniture falling in a living room

Why Wayfair Stock Was Down by Nearly 30% This Week

You can call it "the RH effect."

Empty shopping cart in a parking lot.

Why Albertsons Was a Dog of a Stock This Week

A key executive steps down from the company.

Bitcoins depicted as if real and material currency

Why Coinbase Stock Was Plummeting This Week

As cryptocurrencies go, so goes one of their top exchange operators.

Child receiving a vaccination shot from a healthcare professional

Why Pfizer Popped While the Market Flopped Today

The popularity of the company's coronavirus vaccine is far from waning.

Person looking at laptop screen with head in hands

Why Palantir Stock Stumbled Today

The company's latest government contract is met with a shrug by an analyst who follows the stock.

Hand holding a charger plugged into an electric vehicle

Why Tesla Stock Stalled Today

Investors are squirming about the quarterly delivery figures that'll be published in the coming days.

Pile of coins being tipped by a persons finger

Why SoFi Stock Went Soft on Thursday

Two new analyses of the company don't add to the bullish case for buying it.

Bitcoins depicted as if real and material currency

Is ApeCoin the Next Bitcoin?

Perhaps the upstart token could become as prominent as the incumbent cryptocurrency someday.

Adult and child frolicking in a pool

Why Airbnb Stock Wilted on Wednesday

An analyst makes a deep cut to his price target on the home-accommodation specialist.

Medical professional working at a computer terminal

Why Evolent Health Stock Crept Higher Today

Investors had a muted, yet positive, reaction to news of the company's latest acquisition.

Young person at a desk using a PC and tablet computer simultaneously

Why Amazon Stock Rose While the Market Slept Today

Tech stocks might just be waking from their summer slumber, and an analyst pegs this one as a top pick.

Two adults and a baby touching a solar panel array

Why Investors Went Dark on Solar Stocks Today

A prominent bank has taken a bearish short- to medium-term view of the sector.

Warren Buffett by The Motley Fool

This Is Warren Buffett's Favorite REIT. Should You Buy It?

It has solid fundamentals and reliably pumps out a high-yield dividend.

Person at desk in front of laptop with hands on face

Why Avaya Holdings Plummeted by Nearly 15% Today

An analyst makes a very deep cut to his price target on the debt-burdened company's stock.

Person in a field smoking a marijuana cigarette

Why Canopy Growth Stock Couldn't Catch a Buzz Today

A top credit rating agency is taking a dimmer view of the cannabis company.

Casino table with chips falling on it

Why MGM Resorts Stock Topped the Market Today

China lightens quarantine requirements for inbound travelers.

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