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AEGON, N.V. (ADR) Preferred Stock – $1.5B Redemptions May Create Opportunity for Remaining Issues

Dutch insurer AEGON, N.V., operating in the U.S. under the Transamerica brand, just redeemed two preferred stocks for $1.5 billion using cash on hand. AED, one of four AEGON preferreds that remains trading, may be worth consideration by those looking for a double-investment grade income security with little default risk. AED, while redeemable at any time, is offering cumulative dividends with a current yield of 6.44 percent.

Were HSBC Preferred Stock Shareholders Cheated?

The U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, has become the first investigating body to name HSBC, the UK's largest bank by both market capitalization and assets, and with 15 other banks in the two-year LIBOR rate manipulation probe. If the March 14, 2014 charges stick, HSBC will join several other international banks which had been issuing new variable-rate preferred stocks while they were manipulating the rate that those half-billion shares paid to shareholders.

Alexandria Real Estate Equities Inc Preferred Stock Is a Buy Today

Alexandria Realty's common stock has increased by 15 percent in two months. There's no way that pace is sustainable. But for those looking to share in the company's success, the series E preferred stock may be worth consideration as a lower risk alternative.

Investment-Grade Preferred Stocks Available for Less Than $25

Now that the market prices of high quality preferred stocks have returned to their pre-QE2 levels and dividend yields are back to their 7% long-term average, preferred stock investors have many more choices to pick from.

Selecting the Highest-Quality Preferred Stocks

Income investors are too often told that preferred stocks are complicated or require too much work to understand. But applying three simple criteria makes them look much more safe and simple.