Over 20,000 employees. Over 2 billion users. Facebook (META -5.61%) is one of the most impactful companies on the planet, and it is now the No. 1 Best Place to Work in the U.S. according to Glassdoor's 10th annual Employees' Choice Awards.

"We are thrilled with this award because it comes from real employees' reviews and authentic feedback," Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, told Glassdoor CEO Robert Hohman in an exclusive interview. "The most important thing is the people who work at Facebook. We all believe in what we're doing. We believe that we are stronger for our relationships with other people."

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Facebook's people are responsible for the social media powerhouse being named first on the list this year with a 4.6 company rating. Facebook has now topped the list three times (201820132011) and has made the list for eight consecutive years over the past decade. In reviews, employees celebrate some of the best reasons to work for Facebook, including the opportunity to solve global challenges, the mission and the amazing perks.

"We believe that the 21st century needs 21st-century workplace policies. And, that we have a responsibility to do that," said Sandberg. "Everything from maternity and paternity leave to really being there for people when times are hardest and offering bereavement leave. We've also worked hard at helping to encourage other companies to do the same."

VP of People Lori Goler agrees. "We really believe that people shouldn't have to choose between being a good worker, and being a good family member. We really want to be sure that we have all the infrastructure in place for families to be able to take care of each other, no matter how you define family."

So what does it take to work alongside Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg? Surprisingly, experience isn't the most important factor.

"We believe that skills are more important than experience," said Sandberg. "When we talk to people, certainly there are jobs we are hiring for where we love having experience, but my life experience has told me that people with great skills can do most things well. Skills are more important than experience. So, I would rather take a total superstar in another area and move them into a new job, than take someone who hasn't performed as well but has the right experience."

When hiring and when managing employees internally, Facebook is looking to identify people's strengths. Sandberg insists that focusing on strengths is a far better way to hire and retain top talent, than just looking for someone to complete a job.

"Some companies spend an awful lot of time, especially in review processes, telling people what they're not good at, and trying to make them better," she said. "We try to shift the focus onto strengths and spend more of our time identifying what people are good at, and finding jobs for them that play to their strengths."

This article originally appeared on Glassdoor.com.