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Why are you the best person for this job?

You should be delighted to hear this question in an interview. You've already given them your skills and experiences, now it's time to really sell yourself to prove you are the best choice.

Your interviewer wants to know why they should hire you and no one else. They want to hear something they can't find for themselves on your resume or cover letter. 

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When answering Why are you the best person for this job, remember these things:

Highlight your relevant skills

Think back to the necessary technical skills listed on the job description and remind the interviewer of your expertise. Add in some soft skills that haven't been mentioned yet, such as your ability to problem solve or your dependability. But keep in mind you'll need to provide some proof (more on that next). 

Provide evidence

Don't just say: "I have great people skills." Give concrete examples of your achievements and use numbers where you can. For example: "My ability to network has landed my agency five new clients in the past year and nearly doubled our revenue."

Emphasize how you will use your skills for the company

Show them you understand how your skills translate to the position and that you have a plan to use them.

Keep it short and to the point

Enough said.

But don't...


You should certainly think about how to answer this particular question in advance. (Obviously you know that, you're here.) But don't rehearse it to the point where it sounds like you're reading off a teleprompter. 

Overpromise results

Find the line between showing your worth and telling the interviewer you will increase revenue by 200% in your first month. 

Undermine yourself

On the flip side, don't undersell yourself or your qualifications by beginning your answer with, "Another candidate may have more experience or skills, but..." Be confident.

Example 1: I am passionate about the company's mission

Interviewers like to know that you're interested in the position and company for reasons beyond benefits and a paycheck. Use your answer to explain why you are particularly passionate and drawn to the work the organization is doing, and how that drive sets you apart from other candidates.

As a 10-year vegan, I have extensive knowledge of the importance of providing natural food, and have always advocated for environmental improvements. By promoting eco-friendly practices across channels as part of my company's Go Green initiative, my team was able to introduce organic lunch options into 50 high schools across the state. 

The company's mission aligns with my own, and my experience would help me drive results in Crystal Foods' sales manager position.  

Example 2: I have unique abilities that set me apart

Chances are, other candidates have similar credentials as your own. Stand out with a rare combination of experiences or advanced expertise in a certain area. 

Throughout the past couple of years as an IT Consultant, I have also juggled several freelance graphic design projects. My knowledge of computer systems, resolving technical problems, and identifying security issues has been coupled with client collaboration and creation of brand design assets. This broad skill set is what makes me a perfect candidate for the agency's web developer role.

Example 3: I will make valuable contributions to the company

Prove yourself by showing you've already visualized your role in the company and have thought of solutions to existing problems. It's also a big plus to point out your ability to contribute from day one. Since training can be a prolonged pain point, this could be just what you need to gain a competitive edge over other interviewees.

I have learned the company has struggled to establish efficient workflows between departments. With my managerial and project management skills, I implemented solutions to my previous company that eliminated nonvalue work and wasted time. 

Your company's processes can be improved with automated emails and document-processing systems. I have experience setting up and maintaining both of these systems, and I would be a valuable asset to the team.