Through our discussion boards, we're connecting a community of Fools. Many Fools want to share stock ideas and deepen their knowledge about the stocks in his portfolio. Yet we also have boards that speak to broader interests such as paying off credit card debt or living below your means. We're a diverse group of Fools with varying interests, and we want to harness our individual expertise to develop as investors and people.

We're delighted that you're participating in our boards. We believe that learning together is more fun -- and more powerful -- than going it alone. And to make sure your visit to our discussion boards is insightful, we've created a Motley Fool Community Team.

The Community Team
This team is made up of Fools from our community who embody the Foolish spirit of learning together and share our vision of building the world's greatest investment community. We've broken the team into different roles, as you'll see below. Overall you'll see our community team do the following:

  • Facilitate both asking and answering of questions
  • Promote cooperation and respectful communication
  • Share knowledge and insights on investing, especially within our universe of stocks

The Illuminating Team is a group of discussion board members who have demonstrated profound knowledge and expertise about stocks in a premium service portfolio. Within the Illuminating Team, you'll encounter our Ticker Guides and Coverage Fools around the premium discussion boards to help our members become more knowledgeable about their stocks.

Ticker Guides, as designated by the Ticker Guide  icon, strive to keep the conversations going on a particular company's discussion board. They provide insightful coverage of a stock on a specific discussion board. This coverage includes posting about earnings or news-related events, as well as leading larger discussions that provide value to all members.

Coverage Fools, as designated by the Coverage Fool icon, expand beyond the role of a Ticker Guide by taking ownership of up to five recommended stocks in a service. Coverage Fools use their analytical expertise to consistently provide valuable insights that go beyond press releases to create well-informed board posts. In addition to valuable insights, this team distills key data from financial statements and supports a premium analyst team.

The Onboarding Team is a group of discussion board members who help grow and offer assistance to our community while embodying a Foolish spirit. Within the Onboarding Team, you'll encounter our Welcome Greeters and Home Fools around the discussion boards to help our members have a great experience on our boards.

Welcome Greeters, as designated by the  Welcome Greeter  icon, help all Fools feel welcome across our discussion boards, especially when they first join. They serve as a resource for other Fools that may have questions about navigating the website or premium service and help build relationships within the community.

Home Fools, as designated by the  Home Fool  icon, expand beyond the role of Welcome Guides by engaging and enriching the discussions. These Home Fools encourage high quality discussions; help maintain a welcome environment for all posters, and post interesting content.


Want to join the team?
Any Fool in Fooldom has the opportunity to become more involved in our community and services, so if you would like to be considered for our Community Team, please drop us a line at