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Few things can be as stressful in life as worrying about money. From medical bills to insurance and debts, no doubt it's something on many people's minds. Creditcards.com recently conducted a survey to better understand what money matters are keeping Americans up at night.

In the video segment below, The Motley Fool analysts Nathan Hamilton and Michael Douglass talk about one specific money problem that's keeping some people awake at night.

Michael Douglass: Americans are stressed about a lot of different things and whether it's ... There was this great survey done by creditcards.com looking at these different things and a lot of big numbers there. You have 38% are stressed about healthcare insurance bills, 37% about saving for retirement, 26% about their mortgages, and 22% about credit card debt.

Nathan Hamilton: Yeah, we've been talking a lot about credit cards in the past month and so forth, and I actually thought this number would be higher.

Douglass: Yeah.

Hamilton: It kind of surprised me if you place it in context of the other ones there, which it seems 38%, that is the highest-rated factor of what Americans are losing sleep over and 22% of Americans are losing sleep over death, which is essentially one in five of us.

Douglass: Yeah. Although, to be fair, healthcare and insurance bills can sort of head in that direction pretty quickly if things don't go well, so I would say I think the overall debt number is pretty high even if the credit card piece of it, official credit card piece of it, is relatively low.

Hamilton: Yeah, so if you look at it as well, just kind of diving into some other numbers, the average American household carries about $16,000 worth of debt, and we've run through some various calculations before, but if you pay the minimum payment on that, you're going to take about 20 years to pay off that sort of balance.

Douglass: Yeah. So I can understand why some people are losing sleep over it and it is something important to point to, because some people look at credit cards and say, "Okay, absolutely stay away from them, black plague, not even going to get near them." Other people that are managing their debts better or are looking to get out of debt quicker with balance transfer cards or any sort of offers on the market, look at the value of a credit card and say, "Okay, I can earn rewards. I can get a 0% interest rate for a certain period," and there is a certain value to those people there. Really looking at it, some people may be losing sleep over it because they're in debt. Some people on the other end of it are just worried about their medical bills.

Hamilton: Right, absolutely. And frankly, whether it's credit card debt or other debt, if you're lying awake at night and you're worried about it, come over to fool.com/creditcards because we've got a lot of information there about debt management, about saving money, and also about innovative ways to get rid of your debt. And, if you're in the market for a credit card, we've also got a lot of information about that, too, including balance transfer cards, which you mentioned. There's a lot of information about how to make those work for you and how to use those to avoid paying interest charges while you're paying off your debt faster. A lot of good information there. Again that's fool.com/creditcards and we'll look forward to seeing you there. Thanks again.

Douglass: Thank you.

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