Solar system technology company Enphase Energy (NASDAQ:ENPH) announced today that it is partnering with Florida solar energy company SunCool Energy to provide South Florida residents with Enphase solar systems that will include its new Encharge storage product. 

Enphase started shipping its Encharge energy storage systems to North American customers in July. Enphase solar systems use microinverters that convert DC power at the solar panel into the AC power used in homes. The systems include a full suite of energy management technology, including monitoring and storage.

solar panel installer on top of panel grid

Image source: Getty Images.

Florida is an attractive market for energy storage technology. SunCool owner Greg Gearhart said in a statement, "The active hurricane season has many of our customers calling us about adding home energy backup." He added that solar system owners are happy to find that the Encharge storage system can be easily added to existing solar panel systems. 

The Enphase system integrates with any utility power grid. The microinverter system backs up utility power supply, allowing homes to keep power on when grids are down, and is used to cut residential power bills even when the grid is operating normally. 

Enphase offers its Encharge 10 or Encharge 3 systems, which provide battery storage capacities of 10 kilowatt hours (kWh) or 3 kWh, respectively. The system uses what it calls Power Start technology to handle initial power spikes from appliances such as air-conditioners.

The entire system is controlled by Enphase's Enlighten energy management platform. This gives homeowners the ability to monitor the panels individually for efficiency or to troubleshoot problems with a particular panel. It also provides data to track output. 

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