The coronavirus pandemic has been unlike anything investors have ever seen. The stock market has been whipsawed about and not all stocks have been treated the same. Put another way, some of the companies that have suffered the most throughout 2020 might be among the biggest winners in the years to come. Disney (DIS -1.50%) could be one such company.

On this episode of Fool Live that aired on Nov. 9, "The Wrap" host Jason Hall and contributor Danny Vena discuss the myriad ways Disney was negatively affected by the pandemic, and why the company could enjoy a robust recovery in the months and years to come.

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Jason Hall: Danny Vena, let's start what you have. I think you found a sure fire winner coming out of this.

Danny Vena: To Lou's comment about pent-up demand, particularly for leisure travel, but also for vacations. Many people have been putting off vacation, stayed at home, they haven't gotten out. Disney, I think, is one of the big winners if you look a little further out.

There are so many ways that Disney was hammered by the pandemic. Theme parks, resorts, cruise ships were all shut down. You had a lot of issues with folks not going to retail [stores], so people weren't buying their products. Then there's the movie theater thing, no Marvel blockbusters this fall. I'm just heartbroken about that. I really wanted to see my Marvel movies.

That said, the fact that Disney's revenue from, I'm going to take a look here so that I get this right, but Disney had some of its revenue, let's see here here, down 85 percent for its theme park business year-over-year in the most recent quarter, 85 percent.

I think that's the first thing that's going to pick back up is the theme park business and then I think we're going to get some blockbusters. I think Disney's business is going to be one of the biggest winners in a post-pandemic world.

Jason Hall: I'm going to to make a bold prediction here.

Danny Vena: Here it comes.

Jason Hall: The calendar fourth quarter of 2021 so one year away starting this quarter, is going to be Disney's best quarter ever.

Danny Vena: Bold move.

Jason Hall: [OVERLAPPING] But it's going to be the best quarter ever, I'm convinced of it. I think everything is going to be back and people are going to be wanting to do everything. Maybe the cruise business won't, but it's a tiny part of their business. It's small enough that they, that's OK. Maybe I'm wrong, don't invest on it. Invest because Disney is an awesome company worth owning forever. But yeah, don't bet on that.