There are hundreds of electric vehicle (EV) stocks you can invest in, but which are the most likely to produce 10 times returns? In this Fool Live video clip, recorded on April 28, contributors Matt Frankel, CFP, and Jason Hall, along with Chief Growth Officer Anand Chokkavelu, discuss some of the stocks they think have a high probability of doing just that. 

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Anand Chokkavelu: Most likely to 10X.

Matt Frankel: Who wants to go first? Me?

Jason Hall: I'll go first with QuantumScape (QS 0.84%).

Frankel: Okay. Most likely? All right. I'll give my most likely to 10X, probably Proterra (ACTC), very small company. I think it's much easier to 10X a $1.6 billion company with revenue than it is to 10X a much bigger company that doesn't have revenue yet. I'd say that's the most likely to 10X. I don't necessarily think it as the most upside potential of the group, but I think that's the most likely out of the group to 10X over time.

Chokkavelu: Those two were the ones that really stood out to me probably because of their market caps. Proterra being $1.6 billion and then QuantumScape was $14 billion or something like that. Rivian was interesting, but if it comes to market at $50 billion, it would have to be a $500 billion company, maybe but it's not going to be my pick.

Frankel: What auto metro has ever done that?.

Chokkavelu: Right. This one might be a ten-way tie but I'll ask it, most likely to 0X.

Frankel: I would put it between the three companies that don't have revenue yet because right now they are just concepts. Out of them, I would say my most likely to 0X is QuantumScape, which is why, Jason's answer surprised me so much for the last question.

Hall: Yeah, it's my answer for both of these actually.

Chokkavelu: Right.

Frankel: Fair enough.

Hall: Yeah, I think it's a very, very binary outcome company.

Frankel: Like Anand just said there, I could point to seven companies on this list and make the case that they're going to 0X. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) is not one of them. I'm not in the Tesla-Q, I'm not in that group. They're too big.

Hall: They're not all going to make it.

Frankel: But Tesla is an established business at this point, they're not going to fail. They've managed their finances really well. These aren't all going to fail. I see this playing out like the dot-com bubble in about half of the new players will fail, but then there are some big winners that are yet to be uncovered. In the dot-com bubble, how many tech companies went bankrupt? But what has Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) done since then? You're going to see a similar thing play out over the next two decades or so in the EV space.

Hall: Back to, Allan, 71 top companies article, 50 of those are going to not exist in five years or 10 years, is what I think. Of the ones that come out of it, there's going to be some consolidation and there's going to be a couple of huge winners. That's what's going to happen.

Chokkavelu: You could convince me of any one of these, except for GM (GM 1.89%), VW (VWAGY -0.77%), Tesla, and BYD (BYDD.F 0.20%), I think.

Frankel: Interesting. I think GM has a non-zero profitability of 10Xing. If it 10X, that would be the size of Tesla today and if Cruise is what they think it could be. I could definitely see that happening. Especially because there's so many of its rivals are backing cruise as well. I could see that really being a 10X driver.

Chokkavelu: Sorry, I meant to 0X.

Frankel: Oh, OK.

Chokkavelu: I was giving them the credit, but yeah, no, I agree with you, it's possible.

Frankel: On the other side, GM has 0X before.