Veeva Systems (VEEV 0.59%) has proven how valuable software can be in organizing clinical trial data. Schrodinger's (SDGR -0.90%) solution is even more vital, in my opinion, as it's helping drug companies navigate drug discovery. Schrodinger helps big pharma find the right molecule for the right target, and it helps them do it a lot quicker than normal human research.

In this clip from Fool Live, Corinne Cardina, the bureau chief of healthcare and cannabis at, and Motley Fool writer Taylor Carmichael discuss why Schrodinger is his favorite biotech stock right now. This segment was recorded on June 18.

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Corinne Cardina: Taylor, we have two more minutes so let me give you this space to do a quick elevator pitch on your favorite healthcare stock to buy right now. What is it?

Taylor Carmichael: My favorite one right now is Schrodinger. See if I can get their ticker right from my memory, SDGR, Schrodinger. Schrodinger's a tech stock, but they're a tech stock for the healthcare industry. So it's very similar in that regard to Veeva Systems, which has been a terrific stock for Foolish investors. Veeva Systems has a $47 billion market cap. Veeva specializes in organizing all that data in clinical trials. Well, Schrodinger is way before that process. Schrodinger's technology helps pharmaceutical companies find the best molecule, find the best drug at the research stage before you have to trial it in human beings. Their computers -- and its AI combined with computational physics -- their computers can run through millions of potential targets, millions of potential molecules, and just run, run, run through that data super quickly and get the best possible molecule for pharmaceutical companies. Twenty of the top 20 big pharma all use Schrodinger's solution. Bill Gates owns 11% of the company. It's a $5 billion company. I think -- I'm looking at Veeva saying, "Well, they can be at least as big as Veeva," -- so a nine-bagger. They're also eating their own cooking. They are creating their own molecules, they own the rights to, and they're going to start clinical trials. It's a 2-in-1 stock, you get the tech side, you also get a promising biotech company. Very excited about Schrodinger.

Cardina: If you like Veeva, you'll probably like Schrodinger. I love it. I own one share of Veeva. I think I would like to extend my AI and healthcare play by adding Schrodinger in the near term. I'm one share of everything, I'm very diversified. [laughs]