Everbridge (EVBG) is a software company that helps everyone from governments to private companies manage emergency communications situations.

In this segment of Backstage Pass, recorded on Nov. 22, Fool contributors Rachel Warren and Brian Withers discuss what investors need to know about the company's core business model and operations. 

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Rachel Warren: This is another new company to me, very interesting business, although it has a shaky history of profitability, some of which, like the company Brian was talking about has been a result of the COVID pandemic. Everbridge, it provides critical event management platform solutions for a range of emergency situations. Everbridge was founded in 2002, not that long after 9/11, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts.

According to Everbridge, the company is the world's most trusted national public warning solution, helping to protect more than 800 million people across all five continents and more than 20 countries. It's critical event management platform provides solutions for all kinds of situations. Whether it be severe weather, earthquake, medical emergency, an act of terror, cyberattacks.

Everbridge it's a global software company which has tools help improve organizations' response to emergencies. The company's critical event management platform lets users assess threat data, find individuals or parts of the business that might be at risk, and then convey those messages to the intended recipients.

The company deals with millions of events a year across hundreds of different countries, and its platform offers a really wide range of solutions and services. For example, the Everbridge Mass Notification side of its platform "enables customers to connect and inform their entire organization in an emergency, facilitate two-way communication and mobilize their response team."

The Everbridge crisis management solution, "provides a single solution for business continuity, disaster recovery, and emergency communication". They have a feature called safety connection, so if let's say a company is leveraging that solution anytime one of their employees log onto their network or swipes an access badge, it's captured by safety connection. The company has another solution called Visual Command Center. This allows -- 

Brian Withers: On that one Rachel, I just want to explain why that is important.

Rachel Warren: Sure.

Brian Withers: I went through, as part of the last company I worked with at corporate Allergan, we were going through business continuity event and putting together a team, and one of the things that's important is if some event happens, like say there's a fire at your facility or there's a tornado and it takes that part of the building, you would want to know as a management team who is on-site, and you really want to get a headcount of are all those people still there, have they left, did they leave for lunch or did they come back.

I listen to these things that you're explaining and it may be a bunch of buzzwords for people, but these are real tools that help companies in an emergency situation that you would have to buy before they happen. [laughs]

Part of 90% to 95% of dealing with the disaster is what you do to prep, and so this software helps you walk through. It gives you a bunch of communication tools. I remember Superstorm Sandy and we were in New York and you couldn't depend on getting a hold of people via a cellphone or that people had power to run their laptops.

Rachel Warren: Right. That's awesome. The thing is the safety connection feature for example, it can help a company pinpoint the last location of their employees so they can send out those morning messages and keep up to date and make sure everyone is safe. I think that it's really important. They have another solution called their Visual Command Center, and that can help do everything from keeping employee safe and secure in case of an emergency, to helping manage supply chain disruptions.

These critical events can be actual like real-world emergencies. They can be IT concerns or threats. They can be something that's very specific to the business itself. Whatever emergency or critical event might arise in the context of a company doing business. Or a government. The company has clients that include a lot of corporations, but also state and local governments all over the world.

The company says, for example, but some of their clients include nine of the 10 top U.S. investment banks, nine of the 10 largest U.S. healthcare providers, and they have partners that range from Honeywell to Google to Microsoft, so pretty impressive stuff there.