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Why Coin Is Getting Pummeled Today

By Chris MacDonald – Jan 5, 2022 at 4:29PM

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Great marketing or not, Coin is getting hit hard today.

What happened

Today, popular cryptocurrency Coin (CRO 1.04%) is getting hammered by the market. As of 3:45 p.m. ET, Coin has dropped 8.5% in the last 24 hours, sinking to around $0.50 per token.

At its peak just over a month ago, Coin had shot to nearly $1 per token.

That said, Coin is still up more than 550% this past year, as a result of impressive growth for the crypto trading platform and some impressive marketing. 

Today, investors appear to be looking past a number of 2021 catalysts, selling off tokens that may be viewed as higher-risk in nature.

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So what

It's a new year, and with that, investors appear to be reassessing their views on particular cryptocurrencies.

For many, Coin, which saw a tripling in the space of approximately one month during the fourth quarter of last year, is a token that's simply risen too fast. Other concerns about the quality of the catalysts underpinning this token's rise appear to be materializing today.

Notably, Coin inked a deal in Q4 that saw the Staples Center become the Arena. A high-powered marketing campaign fueled by Matt Damon advertisements, and a Coinbase Global listing rounded out a series of euphoric catalysts for investors.

However, the headline news for this token has slowed. Sure, Coin has some serious cachet behind it now. It's a token powering a popular crypto trading platform that has gained international recognition. That said, the extent to which investors will continue to buy this token on this notoriety remains to be seen.

Now what

Looking across various asset classes, it appears investors are intent on rotating into more defensive assets. Whether it be stocks or cryptocurrencies, there's far less appetite today for sentiment-driven rallies and momentum tokens. 

That's not to say future rallies won't take place. However, taking the temperature of the market right now, many investors appear to feel much safer banking profits and waiting for the next rally to materialize. 

For Coin, the next month or two will be interesting to watch. This token has come a long way since Q4 of last year; let's see if this token can hold its own, or if it will potentially give up more ground. In either case, this is a token on my watch list right now.

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