Shopify (SHOP -3.29%) has a solid brand, a great position in the market, and the stock is at an over 50% discount right now. In this Motley Fool Live segment from "Ask Us Anything," recorded on April 12, contributors Nicholas Rossolillo, Jose Najarro, and Demitri Kalogeropoulos are in agreement that this makes Shopify a better buy than Amazon (AMZN -1.43%) hands down. 

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Nicholas Rossolillo: I'll go first. I like Shopify, hands-down. I don't own Amazon stock individually, but I love Shopify, I can't get enough of it. I think their business model aligns so that they succeed when their user base succeeds. I want that.

Jose Najarro: I would have to agree with Nick there. I just believe the whole toolbox mentality is super great, and that's a company that has created a tool box for its users and it continues to put tools within there. Right now, if you're trying to open up a e-commerce store and you YouTube it, the top results are not how to open up a Amazon store right now. It's how to open up a store using Shopify, so I think that just shows where even the consumers are at with the product.

Demitri Kalogeropoulos: Yes, I'd agree there. I actually own both those stocks. Just to put the cherry on top about, I think we'll all three agree here. I would say Shopify too, even I like both of those companies. But look at the share price of Shopify, it's down 55 percent so far this year, which I think is crazy. I mean, Amazon is down nine percent, which is beating the 13 percent drop in the Nasdaq, but I think given what Nick and Jose both said about the excitement around Shopify's business. All these smaller businesses moving online and bigger businesses moving online, that digital transformation is exciting. Shopify has the brand and has a great position in the market and the stock is at an over 50 percent discount. It's like what else could we want?