Several businesses have implemented remote-friendly policies to attract and retain workers. In this video clip from "Ask Us Anything" on Motley Fool Live, recorded on July 1, contributor Rachel Warren discusses three companies that adapted during the pandemic and continue to embrace remote working environments. 

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Rachel Warren: I think what's interesting about these trends that we've seen is there's a lot of different ways to invest in the future of remote work. It could be companies that provide the software that are facilitating remote work. For example, like Zoom (ZM -1.29%), which we're on right now talking, but it could also be a more indirect way to play I think these remote working trends.

For example, one stock and we can dive into this a little bit more in a minute as well, that I've thought of is Chewy (CHWY -1.79%). This is an interesting company because they had seen a real surge in customer growth, revenue, because there were so many people working at home earlier in the pandemic.

They've continued to see even though it slowed a little bit from those earlier days because one of those indirect effects of more people working at home, more people having the flexibility with perhaps their hours and location as people have more time to think about their pets.

Then another thing that I think is interesting as well, you look at companies that might be adopting more remote-friendly policies. That can also speak a lot to a way a brand or business might be adapting to the current workplace dynamics that we're seeing.

I think it's been very clear the study I'm about to talk about is going to I think just emphasize that workers are looking for flexibility. I think often they're looking for at least partially remote jobs. When you think of companies that are trying to implement policies that are going to attract and retain workers in this type of environment, I think that's really key.

One company I know we've talked about that's not only just pure travel play, but it's also implementing policies that are really friendly to workers has been Airbnb (ABNB -2.86%) and that has been a really impressive example to me of a company that's looking at the current landscape and saying, well, you know our business model is really well suited to that kind of an environment.