When it comes to fast-growing stocks, it's best to seek out companies with consistent revenue gains over the long term. Multiple growth stocks have been hit hard in 2022 as many are key players in the tech industry. 

Companies such as Netflix (NFLX -1.51%), Alphabet (GOOG 0.10%) (GOOGL -0.02%), and Nvidia (NVDA -2.61%) have suffered significant declines in their share prices since January as inflation increases have led to reduced consumer spending and investors slowly backing away from the affected companies.

However, each of these companies continues to be a dominating presence in its respective industry and has seen substantial growth in revenue over the last three years, as can be seen in the table below. 

Company Three-Year Revenue Growth Industry
Netflix 47% Streaming entertainment
Alphabet 59% Digital advertising
Nvidia 146% Computer hardware

Data source: YCHARTS.

These three top-growing stocks have a history of growth over the years and are likely to provide significant gains for investors willing to wait. Let's have a look. 


This streaming titan has seen exponential growth since its online-video platform launched in 2007. Its annual revenue grew at an average growth rate of 28%.

However, Netflix has had a rough 2022. Its stock has dipped 62% since January on the back of losing over 1 million subscribers in its first two quarters. However, the company projects a gain of 1 million new members in Q3 2022, which could end its subscriber declines.

Moreover, Netflix will launch its ad-supported tier in November, providing a more budget-friendly subscription option that is likely to boost revenue. On Sept. 15, Evercore ISI analyst Mark Mahaney upgraded Netflix's stock to buy. He also projected the ad tier will bring in about $2 billion in incremental revenue by 2024, with another $500 million to $1 million of incremental growth generated from crackdowns on password sharing. 

With the addition of advertising revenue, restrictions on password sharing, and Netlfix's recent venture into gaming, the company is likely to continue growing for years to come. 


As one of the fastest-growing companies in the world, Alphabet has revolutionized multiple aspects of the tech industry. The company is home to potent brands such as Android, Chrome, YouTube, and Google, which each have a substantial market share in their corresponding industries. Alphabet's dominance in markets such as search engines, smartphone operating systems, online-video sharing, and internet browsers has helped it become a digital-advertising star. 

The company has retained a leading position in digital advertising since at least 2016, with a 28% share in 2022. In fact, nearly 93% of the company's $69.6 billion revenue came from ads in the second quarter of 2022, when combining Google and YouTube's advertising earnings. 

As a result, investors have grown concerned that if inflation keeps rising, companies might slash their advertising budgets, equally slashing Alphabet's revenue. However, according to market research firm Insider Intelligence, U.S. digital ad spending is expected to rise 31% from $239.89 billion in 2022 to $315.52 billion in 2025.

Additionally, companies like Netflix and Disney are increasingly turning to ads to reduce subscription fees for budget-conscious consumers. Other subscription-based businesses could turn to Alphabet's Google Network to supplement a reduced membership price with ads. 


Nvidia has been one of the hardest-hit stocks in 2022, down almost 60% year to date. The company is a leader in graphic processing units (GPUs), responsible for 95% of the market. The company's GPUs power gaming PCs around the world and played a crucial role in the crypto-mining market.

As a result, this year has been a perfect storm for Nvidia as slumps in the PC market and changes to how the cryptocurrency Ethereum is produced decreased demand for GPUs. 

Despite a rough year, the company's outlook is positive. Nvidia has made a name for itself in the gaming community, and its expansion into artificial intelligence (AI) is very promising. The company's chips are critical components in the machines responsible for handling more than 90% of all AI workloads in data centers worldwide. Furthermore, according to Grand View Research, the AI market is expected to expand at a compound annual rate of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030.

The GPU market may be down this year, but the device remains a crucial component in millions of PCs worldwide. Demand won't be down forever, with Nvidia's data center business likely to continue expanding. Its data center business was responsible for 56% of Nvidia's revenue in the latest quarter, with the segment seeing a 60% increase year over year. 

Nvidia is a fast-growing company and an excellent buy for investors in it for the long haul.