High inflation and general economic woes may have been preoccupying you for a while -- and now, fears of a recession look even more likely to become a reality. The Federal Reserve recently predicted that the United States is heading for a mild one later this year.

The good news is the Fed expects the recovery from that recession to start next year. So, these difficult times may not last long. Meanwhile, you can invest in companies whose growth isn't tied to the macroeconomic situation. You can find plenty of them in the world of healthcare. That's because people need their medical treatments no matter what the economy is doing. Here are two resilient healthcare stocks to buy now.

1. Pfizer

These days, Pfizer (PFE -1.24%) is best known for its coronavirus vaccine and treatment. But the company boasts a large portfolio of drugs that treat a broad array of conditions. And right now, Pfizer is in the middle of a particularly exciting period.

Over the 18-month span that began in January, the big pharma company expects to have as many as 19 new products on the market and new indications for previously approved treatments. Four of these will come from business development deals it announced recently.

All of this should result in at least about $45 billion in revenue in 2030. That would more than compensate for about $17 billion in lost revenue the company expects as some of its older blockbusters lose exclusivity later this decade.

Meanwhile, its coronavirus programs are far from done producing revenue. Yes, demand is declining. But the coronavirus vaccine market should eventually become much like the flu vaccine market. Pfizer predicts its coronavirus products will continue to bring in billions of dollars in annual sales.

Pfizer also is boosting its research and development spending, and prioritizing across its pipeline to advance the candidates that promise breakthroughs and the highest returns.

Today, you'll pay about 11 times forward earnings estimates for Pfizer shares. That seems dirt cheap for a solid pharma giant with a clear pathway to growth.

2. McKesson

McKesson (MCK 0.49%) shares beat the bear market last year -- and for good reason. The company continued to perform well even as the economy faltered. McKesson distributes medical products -- and it also offers various services to pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and medical practices. All of these services provide strong revenue streams during any economic situation.

As a result, McKesson has grown revenue over time -- and generated high levels of free cash flow.

MCK Revenue (Annual) Chart

MCK Revenue (Annual) data by YCharts.

And the company may be about to get even better. McKesson is exiting its European businesses -- it has quickly managed to divest all but one of those already -- to better focus on higher-growth areas. These areas of big opportunity are biopharma services and oncology.

And McKesson has already built up a significant presence in both. For example, for the past three years, the company has invested $100 million annually into biopharma services. As for oncology, McKesson offers practice management support to doctors through the U.S. Oncology Network -- and this network continues to expand.

McKesson was encouraged enough by its performance that in early February, when it delivered its fiscal Q3 report, it increased its guidance for the fiscal year. For the year that ended March 31, it forecast adjusted earnings per diluted share in the range of $25.75 to $26.15, up from an earlier guidance range of $24.45 to $24.95.

Even with a possible recession around the corner, McKesson's earnings are likely to hold up. And its focus on areas of opportunity should bring McKesson -- and those who buy and hold its shares -- growth over time.