Here we are, waist-high in a welcome summer stock rally, yet the trader isn't cooperating.

Last week, E*Trade (NYSE:ET) and Schwab (NYSE:SCH) announced that their share trading volume actually fell last month. However, for what the companies are lacking in volume, they are making up in volume. Huh? In other words, Schwab added $3.9 billion in assets last month.

Yes, a strong market will do wonders in terms of getting money to flow back into the hands of the brokerage houses. That's good news for the discount brokers that have seen their own company stock fare well this year. But things could still be better. Along with Ameritrade (NASDAQ:AMTD), E*Trade and Schwab still find their shares more than a few good trading days from hitting the teens.

July's pause? Don't sweat it. The lull in summer trading doesn't mean a lack of interest in the market -- it's just that maybe stock owners are enjoying the last few days of the season and disconnecting from the volatility that dinged Wall Street during the three previous years.

So, if you're back from that vacation and ready to start working on your bottom line instead of your tan line, maybe it's time to size up your broker. Our Broker Center is ripe with account basics, comparison tables, and -- it being our 10th anniversary and all -- do check out Ten Ways to Size Up a Broker.

Remember, you're home now. If your old broker is some baggage from the past, maybe it's time for you to unpack.

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