Pity poor Chuck. He's a great investor and number-cruncher, but he's got to argue for a stock that simply doesn't have what it takes.

As for the 9% divvy growth he touts, permit me a big yawn.

I computed the full, dividend-adjusted, compound annual growth rate of an investment in Wrigley (NYSE:WWY) from 1995 until 2006. At 9.1%, it may look impressive in isolation. But over that same period, the S&P 500 index returned 9.3% on the same basis. Losing out to the index is never my goal -- nor, I imagine, would it be Chuck's. And as I explained in the front end of this duel, Wrigley is already priced for better growth than reality is likely to provide.

A final note: I hope that no one is too excited about yesterday's big management change, because it looks skin-deep to me. Bill Wrigley Jr. claims to be handing over the reins to former Johnson Wax and Nike (NYSE:NKE) exec William Perez. Yet Big W is staying on as chairman of the board, and assuming the new role of "executive chairman."

That sounds to me like "meddler-in-chief," which I think means that Perez will have his hands tied, as he did at Nike. His too-brief stint there was characterized by turf battles and lackluster returns. I see no reason to expect much different from Wrigley today.

Duel on!

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