From our earliest days, The Motley Fool has worked diligently as an advocate for the individual investor. A substantial part of our mission — to help the world invest ... better — is making the case that you can successfully invest on your own, that you can beat the market and the folks on Wall Street. With that in mind, we want to do everything we can to help level the playing field.

The Fool's Eye on Investing is one of our efforts to do just that.

Do you see anything in the financial world that you think needs to be fixed? Or done better? Do you have some questions about how you or a friend are being treated by a financial professional? We're here to help. Tell us the story — let us know. 

Do you have a bank pressuring you to open up eight accounts? We're sorry to hear that, but we think we can help. Let us know. Do you have some questions about what you're seeing around you in your office, or your industry? Are you a whistleblower? 

Thanks to members of the Fool community, we've already started looking into some issues, here are stories we've investigated after Fools brought them to our attention:

The Fool's Eye on Investing, through the reach of our worldwide Fool Community, is ever watching and aiming to right wrongs. We know there are more stories out there! If you see something you feel isn't quite right, send it our way at If we agree, we'll take action.