Books, backrubs, and blockbusters will color in the week that lies ahead.

We'll kick off the new trading week with playful things. Hasbro (NYSE:HAS) is looking to earn $0.07 a share in this seasonally soft quarter. As you can imagine, toy companies make most of their money in the second half of the year.

Hasbro has been giving analysts fits. Over the past seven quarters, Hasbro has alternated between missing and beating Wall Street profit targets in perfect zig-zag fashion. The good news? It missed last time out, so if the trend over the past two years is any indication, the company should earn more than those seven pennies per share. The bad news? How dare you consider the ebb and flow of Hasbro's slalom skiing through quarterly reports anything more than a coincidence? That's one game that Hasbro probably doesn't care much for playing.

If it's Tuesday, it must be (NASDAQ:AMZN). The leading e-tailer, which like Hasbro is a Motley Fool Stock Advisor newsletter recommendation, is hoping to bag a solid quarter as intently as it's now bent on bagging groceries.

Amazon is a squarely profitable company these days. Sure, the holiday-spiked fourth quarter will always be its big report, but the company's expansion into different categories and its growing role as a year-round landlord to virtual tenants has helped smoothen out the seasonal bumps along the way.

Derek Zoolander once spent a week at a day spa, but investors probably wouldn't mind spending a few quarters at spa specialist Steiner Leisure (NASDAQ:STNR). The company that runs the floating spas on most major cruise ships reports on Wednesday, and it's got a pretty good batting average over the past four years. Steiner has topped analyst estimates in 15 of the 16 previous quarters. We're not talking about that Hasbro zig-zag here; this company is methodically delivering more than it seems to be promising. That has helped it become one of the top-performing picks in the Rule Breakers growth stock newsletter.

You may or may not want to make it a Blockbuster (NYSE:BBI) night on Thursday. That's when the country's leading DVD rental chain reports. Its profitability has been spotty in the past, and its creditors are getting antsy. Analysts expect a small loss for the period. That shouldn't be too bad, especially if Blockbuster has an upbeat outlook for its struggling industry or any attractive strategic shifts.

If any of the companies get trashed during the week, it's good to know that Waste Management (NYSE:WMI) will be there to sweep up on Friday. The market expects the garbage-hauling giant to grow its quarterly profit from $0.38 a share to $0.43 a share, a respectable jump. If it hits the mark, no pooper scooper will be required.

Until next week, I remain,

Rick Munarriz

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