Maidenform Brands' (NYSE:MFB) quarterly earnings rose a solid 15%, to $0.45 a share. This excludes a $0.06-per-share charge related to refinancing its credit facility. The stock is down more than 1% today, but the shares are starting to look attractive.

The wholesale segment, which sells to department stores and mass merchants such as Costco (NASDAQ:COST), accounts for 88% of the top line. Although sales rose only 2.5%, they came in as expected, as the company transitions to sell more branded apparel. Sales to the department stores and national chain stores increased 14.4%, to $68.2 million, thanks to strength in the Lilyette brand and new products such as The Smooth Bra Collection and Control It. Retailers are realizing that the average woman is a size 12, and these new brands cater to that larger size. My wife uses these products to smooth things out and hide lines -- as a man, I really don't get it, but there you go.

The less important retail segment, accounting for just 12% of sales, reported a 4.8% drop in the top line, with same-store sales declining 6.1%. The company has therefore lowered its sales growth expectations for the year to 5%-7%, from 6%-7%. Should macroeconomic factors such as high gas prices abate, there could be a pleasant surprise on this front, but for now, management says it wants to take a more cautious approach to the overall retail environment.

The company also met another key goal -- expanding gross margins by 220 basis points, to 39.9% -- by way of offering more favorable products and sourcing initiatives that lowered costs.

Maidenform has advantages over competitor Victoria's Secret, owned by Limited Brands (NYSE:LTD). The company has a better selection of products for full-figured women, and it's available at many different retail stores. So all things considered, patient investors may well be rewarded. With its trailing price-to-earnings ratio of just 13, the merchandise is not the only item selling inexpensively.

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