If you like your earnings report in slick PDF files, you know that's exactly what you'll get out of PDF-daddy Adobe Systems (NASDAQ:ADBE) on Monday. The company behind Acrobat, Photoshop, and several more publishing software platforms kicks off the new week with its fiscal third-quarter report. Analysts expect earnings to clock in 38% higher at $0.40 per share. It may seem ambitious, but Adobe has beaten Wall Street estimates in 21 of the past 22 quarters.

Best Buy
(NYSE:BBY) may not live up to its name on Tuesday. Pros expect the consumer electronics superstore chain to post a dip in second-quarter profitability. At least the chain is holding up better than some of its smaller rivals. Tune in to see if the company feels that Apple's new line of iPods will help turn things around in time for the holidays.

(NYSE:KMX) comes in for its quarterly pit stop on Wednesday. Revolutionizing the way used cars are sold (which means cleaning up nicely after the industry's hard-selling ways in the past) has been rocket fuel for CarMax. The auto retailer is looking to earn $0.29 per share this quarter, pulling up slightly ahead of last year's $0.25 per-share showing.

If you think Best Buy's softer profitability is a problem, red-shirted rival Circuit City (NYSE:CC) is expected to post a loss for the same period on Thursday. Go figure. Everyone wants flat-screen television sets and the latest electronic gadgetry, and the industry is in a rut. If you need running shoes to bail on the sector, know that Nike (NYSE:NKE) also posts on Thursday.

Capping off a week of earnings reports is Italy's Eni (NYSE:E) with its interim report for the year. I'm just wondering why an oil and gas specialist would go with a ticker symbol that's typically associated with an empty gasoline tank.

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