The new trading week kicks off with Charles Ergen's two companies -- EchoStar (NASDAQ:SATS) and satellite television giant DISH Network (NASDAQ:DISH) -- reporting their fourth-quarter results. Rest assured that EchoStar will be asked about its failed bid to acquire a sizeable stake in Sirius XM Radio (NASDAQ:SIRI) earlier this month. 

Does it still want a piece of the satellite radio company? Will it keep buying Sirius XM's maturing debt? There may be no clarity on Ergen's stance come Monday, but you know the questions will be asked.

If it's Tuesday, it must be bond insurer time. MBIA (NYSE:MBI) steps up this week, and the world's largest bond insurer is expected to post a loss for its latest quarter. Why not? It has posted a deficit in three of the four previous periods. Investors will still want to tune in for the company's take on credit risk.

Mindray Medical
(NYSE:MR) comes in for a checkup on Wednesday. The Chinese maker of medical gear like ultrasound equipment is expected to post a profit of $0.28 a share for the quarter, an almost 50% improvement over last year's showing. Yes, there are still plenty of quality growth stocks out there actually growing.

There's room at Home Inns & Hotels (NASDAQ:HMIN). The fast-growing hospitality chain in China reports on Thursday. Analysts see profits doubling for the period, but the real test will be the company's outlook for China's travel industry in 2009.

The week closes quietly, as it often does. It’s typically international companies that step up to the earnings stage on Fridays. This time we have a biggie in Petrobras (NYSE:PBR), the Brazilian petroleum giant. How badly has it been stung by the recent downturn in prices and demand? Hopefully we'll find out.

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