The new trading week kicks off with Tiffany (NYSE: TIF) and Williams-Sonoma (NYSE: WSM) reporting. Both of the luxury retailers -- in jewelry and kitchen wares, respectively -- are expected to post improved profitability over the previous year's holiday quarter.

(Nasdaq: ADBE) reports on Tuesday. It's a safe bet that at least one of the questions posed by analysts will pertain to Adobe's battle with Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) over Flash. Apple's iPhone -- and now its iPad -- don't support the popular Adobe platform that is used to serve up social games on Facebook and video clips through Hulu and many of the top eye-candy sites.

Carl's Jr. parent CKE Restaurants (Nasdaq: CKR) agreed to a private-equity buyout last month, so this may very well be its final quarterly report as a public company. As a lame duck company, the financials may not move the stock unless it's a deal-altering performance. Either way, CKE's numbers will help provide a clearer picture of the fast-food industry.

Enterprise software giant Oracle (Nasdaq: ORCL) reports on Thursday. It's anyone's guess as to how many companies it will acquire between now and then. I'm kidding about that -- I hope. CEO Larry Ellison sure loves to snap up smaller software companies that are accretive to Oracle's bottom line.

The big movie opening at your local multiplex this week won't be Hot Tub Time Machine. It just can't be the top draw, despite the aggressive spending on television ads and even an in-program mention during Thursday night's 30 Rock.

No, the Friday debutante that will likely top the box office over the weekend is DreamWorks Animation's (Nasdaq: DWA) How to Train Your Dragon. It's been a year since the computer animation studio's last flick, so investors will be watching the multiplex receipts closely. If it flops, at least DreamWorks Animation has Shrek Forever After following a few months later.

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Rick Munarriz

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