In anticipation of the release of Warren Buffett Invests Like a Girl on June 21, we're pleased to announce our "Invest Like a Girl" contest. It's simple: Follow the steps below, and you'll be entered to win one of hundreds of prizes we have to give away.

Here's how to enter our "Invest Like a Girl" contest.

  1. Download and print your "I Invest Like a Girl" speech bubble. Get it here (link opens a PDF file) or on Facebook.
  2. Take a Foolish picture including the speech bubble. Be innovative, have fun. Just like on spelling tests, submissions may be rewarded for creativity.
  3. Email your picture to

Submissions will be accepted through July 10. We'll contact all winners by email within 14 days of that date.

Contest rules here.

See examples of hilarious pictures from Fools here.